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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Tornado Twins and their sidekicks -- Rain and Wind

So what did we do today? take a look and see... also not pictured would be the dark pink fingernail polish party. That's right 2 & 3 yr olds with nail polish. EmmaLece sneaked the polish right from under Shantel's nose and invited the boys to the Party under the bed (I'm scared to even look there!). I found her hiding her hands in the bathroom looking very suspicious (I think she was after the remover.) I discovered the painted hands and dress. Then in walks Kyle and he has also been painted. Uh Oh where is Riley? Shantel found him under the bed with the empty bottle (which had been full!) Poor Riley was painted up his arm, across the face, and even in his hair. She is exploring her artistic side, yes?! I couldn't snap a picture, cause I was trying to get he boys cleaned off BEFORE their moms arrived to get them. It didn't happen, though. I swear that things get 10x worse when the older kids arrive home from school and the chaos doubles. You would think it would give me that many more watchful eyes and helpful hands, but NOPE! Actually, I'm trying to get he older kids to get their chores done and I'm trying to get dinner at least started and that's when it all breaks loose!

So, the front room mess was Shantel's, the kitchen mess was Robby's and I got the bedroom mess.... yeah me! Em was tired from her good days work that she fell asleep while the table was being cleared.


Keeley said...

Oh my goodness! =D You have a beautiful houseful. The picture of Emmalece is so sweet. At least she wasn't face down in a plate of spaghetti... =D =D

carrie & troy keiser said...

Keeley- Thanks. Well not this time! We have had the face in food sleep... but that is usually Scott. When Cody was a toddler, he would fall asleep while eating lunch .. you could clean up everything and then he would "eat" in his sleep, it was SO funny!
Thanks for stopping by.