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Friday, January 28, 2011

I've moved .... for while at least

Hey peeps (ya know that's me thinking people actually :) come here to see what's up)  well I'm kinda out of photo storage here on blogger so you can find me over here!  Please come by for a visit and leave a comment.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Foto Story Friday #135 -- sledding MT style!

Last Tuesday we took the kids, the 4-wheelers and the sleds/tube out to the OHV (off highway vehicle) park for a little winter fun.  Cody was the first victim!  He had a blast..... who wouldn't sliding behind the 4-wheeler with snow flying into your face?!  :)  It is tons of fun!  Although there are no pictures to prove it, I did take my turn on the tube and the sled!
 Then Robby took a turn....
 But they had little bit of trouble....
 And had to untangle the tow rope.
 Then Emmy was up.  She had a blast as well.
 Scott was to follow Em.  Look at that grip!  He had fun, but when he took a turn on the sled behind the 4-wheeler, he flew off and was less than thrilled with that ride.  To me the fling off is part of the fun! :)
Savanna was having a bunch of fun too... can you see the smile?
Now I had tons more photos I wanted to share, but Google tells me my free picture storage is all used up?! :(
Have a series of Cody getting suck and rescued by his dad.  Have a bunch of the kids flying down a huge hill on the sled. Some fun ones of Cody acting as a horse and pulling Scott behind him.
Go here to see the rest of the photos, thanks.

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