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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Foto Story Friday #94 Twins

It's my experience that twins are a funny breed. These two have been so fun to watch grow and change. They love to be with one another. They can finish what the other is thinking and they laugh for no reason. Twins just have a different connection than other siblings. This week, they attempted to do what so many twins have done before, switch places! That's right they wanted to trade places.... never mind that I have have boy/girl twins, the desire to trick everyone is still there! Scott dressed up in several different girl outfits and Em tried many of Scott's clothes on. They would come rushing down the stairs and announce that they were their twin. It was hilarious! :D I only captured them in these outfits, complete with shoes or boots as the case may be.
and kisses
and silly poses!
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I'm just not sure they could pull it off in the real world..... someone's hair is a little too short or the other's hair is a little too long!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Foto Story Friday #93 Engagement Photos

The engagement shoot:
(click to enlarge)
It was fun to try my hand at this. We spent about 4 hours driving around town looking for the perfect places ( I had some in mind). I grabbed a few of my props and we went to work having fun. I took over 200 pictures, of course not all of them looked super fab! I think we got quite a few that turned out quite nice!
Thanks for all the words of encouragement.
PhotoStory Friday
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Foto Story Friday #92-- To Prop

When you take or see photos, there are always props. Because I would love to really do this, I'm getting a little stash of my own props. At our local 2nd hand store, The Attic, I found this suitcase.... for a buck! Yup one dollar! Who could pass that up? Not me!
Now to try it out, I roped Savanna into having a seat and putting up with me. I liked this one because, you can see the case and her pose says waiting ... waiting for her mom to set her free!
Then a few days later I went back and found some hats and scarves. I went to another place called Good Buy and found the other smaller case.
Suitcases full of props.
At our antique store, I found a few more hats. Now for a couple of local models:
Robby- "Mr. Cool"
Em-- "Little Miss 'Tude"
At Good Buy I saw this chair, but I waited to see if I could find a cheaper one, cause I'm a cheapskate, but that was not to be.
I wasn't in love with the colors and the layers of paint but after a few applications of remover,
I'm liking the chair a lot more.
pssst, I'm going to be taking engagement pictures this Saturday and I'm a little nervous and a quite a bit excited as well. I plan to use a prop or two from my bag and to use a few ideas I've scoured the net for.... wish me luck!

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Foto Story Friday #91--Snow fun

Finally it got warm enough to go play in the snow. We drove out to the off road vehicle area to play. We tied a rope to the sled and the other end to a 4-wheeler.
Can you see the excitement in her face? She was having a blast.
Grandpa got in on the action and took the kids for a ride.
We did some good old fashion sledding and tubing as well. That snow was seriously deep! Can you see how Scott's legs are sunk in the snow? That was a rough climb back up the hill.
The lure of the trail called to Troy..... only he didn't realize just how deep it was until he got stuck!
After laughing at him and watching him struggle, we sent Cody down to lend a hand. They made it a little way, but kept sinking back in. I went down to help, we got it half way up the hill, but it just wasn't working we had to get the tow rope and the truck! Good times good times!! :)
Robby was having so much fun!
Even Troy took a turn. It was a blast when you put the sled on the tube and held on to the rope for the ride of your life!

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