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"Standing tall is a very admirable thing. There are very few stories in history of heroes who slouched to the rescue. Likewise, most individuals don't look up to people who are drooped over."
from Leven Thumps and the Wrath of Ezra by Obert Skye

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Friday, September 28, 2007

The Hulk has been here....

Robby came home and said: "I stretched my arms and my shirt ripped."

Yeah right! he is SKINNY and he wears a size 8 shirt, this one was a 10/12 and stretching rips usually occur on the seam and as you can see from the pictures, this rip is not on the seam. So I guess the Hulk has been here!

Around the Dinner Table

It doesn't take kids long to figure out which parent is more tolerable of manners or the lack thereof. Recently as we sit to dine and Dad is not home yet, Scott has taken to eating with his face, no fork or spoon just diving right in, like a puppy.
M: "Scott, please use your fork. Only puppy dogs eat like that. You're not a puppy."
S: "U-huh, I'm a Scotty dog!"
We all encourage him to eat like a human and use his fork, but to no avail. Then when dinner is over..
S: "I'm just Scott now!"
Troy really stresses about table manners and they are often the normal discussion around our dinner table. I like my kids to use manners and I encourage them to do so, but I think he will eventually want to eat with his utensils, right?! Well, we have been told on the few occasions that we've had the courage to take them out in public, that they are well-behaved. So that is encouraging. I do worry that my photo happiness will encourage bad behavior, though. I really do want to have those funny priceless moments captured for the future ... like when they are parents calling and complaining about their kids not wanting to use a fork. SO right, wrong or indifferent, I present to you our 'Scotty Dog' having dinner!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Good morning!

For breakfast, Scott had cereal (nothing new abt that) and he soaked up him milk with the wash rag and then he flung the soggy rag all over the house! I washed it all up and rinsed the rag several times (to make sure all the milk was out) and gave it to him to wash his hands and face. He came up to me and washed his tongue and then ...... he licked my arm! yuk :P I think he is getting to like the camera... I told him I would really like it if he didn't do that again and he said "Take a picture of me!" So for your viewing, we have Scott getting his daily salt intake .......

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Potty Training Woes...

So, can anyone tell me why potty training can be such a traumatic experience? Or why some kids can only remember to go when in the car or at the store?
All of my girls have just up and decided one day they were "ready to go on the big potty". This was wonderful.... until EmmaLece. She followed suit and last Nov. told us she was a big girl and she was nearly trained over night. We were SO excited and not worried about Scott as it has been our experience that boys are slower. Well, last Nov. was also when my Grandma passed away (the day after Thanksgiving), so I had to head off to WA state for the funeral (thanks to my in-laws and my sister -- babysitting and plane tickets/ arrangements). This same day, Troy had to fly to Vegas to pick up a truck for work and was to be gone 3-4 days. He needed to visit with his Grandpa who was sick ( he passed away in Dec.). So we left all the kids with Grandma and Grandpa. They have stayed with them before and no problems, but this time EmmaLece had some serious issues...... like she forgot how to use the toilet! When we finally made it back (spent an extra day because of the weather and the planes weren't flying and Troy got stuck because they closed the freeway in ID) she had developed a stuttering problem. It took a few months for her to get over the stuttering. We are still working on the whole potty thing. The thing that drives me the most batty abt the potty is: she can hold it across the entire state of MT! only going when we stop for gas about 3 times. MT is the 4th largest state and therefor to drive across it, is abt 700 miles! In Feb we went to Spokane for my sister's wedding and she was great IN THE CAR and as soon as we arrived anywhere, she forgot to use the potty! We had made great strides, I thought, when we went to ID for a family get-together in Aug., once again she was good in the car and then again forgot to use it. We have this issue daily at home, she has no idea where the potty is ... right there in the hall where it has ALWAYS been! But she chooses to go in her panties and then remember where the bathroom is and go change her panties! Aaaaarrrrgh! (She always remembers where the potty is if she needs to do #2!)
Scott, on the other hand decided a few months back that he was ready to be a big boy and (knock on wood) has had very few accidents, he even sleeps through the night and wakes up dry! Lately he NEEDS me to take him to the potty where before he was taking himself. Such is our daily potty struggle!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yummy Dinner

We tried a recipe from Linda that was simply delish. It is a chicken pot pie. Click her name to get the recipe and see a picture. I mean like ALL my kids eat it and had seconds good.

Dancing Studio?

Well, I was under the impression these were for doing homework, but according to EmmaLece, they are a dance studio.I asked Savanna why she was not doing her homework at her desk and she said "because Emmy would just be jumping and twirling across my books and THAT would make me mad!"
Savanna says "That doesn't look good! That doesn't! My picture."
On another note, I wanted to try the video post so I put it here.

Alter Egos

So, I read this one on a few other blogs and thought... why not....

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet name & current car)
This-Big Suburban
2.YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (fave ice cream flavor, favorite cookie)
Chocolate Almond Fudge Pumpkin Chocolate Chip
3. YOUR “FLY Guy/Girl” NAME: (first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name)
4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal)
Purple Horse
5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born)
Lucile Missoula
6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first)
7. SUPERHERO NAME: (”The” + 2nd favorite color, favorite drink)
The Teal Orange Julius
8. NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers)
Samuel Willard
9. STRIPPER NAME: ( the name of your favorite perfume/cologne/scent, favorite candy)
Navy Dark Chocolate
10.WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother’s & father’s middle names )
Marcellita Henry
11. TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME: (Your 5th grade teacher’s last name, a major city that starts with the same letter)
Eustance Eugene
12. SPY NAME/BOND GIRL: (your favorite season/holiday, flower)
Halloween Iris
13. CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing right now + “ie” or “y”)
Peach Jeany
14. HIPPY NAME: (What you ate for breakfast, your favorite tree)
Chex Weeping Willow
15. YOUR ROCKSTAR TOUR NAME: (”The” + Your fave hobby/craft, fave weather element + “Tour”)
The Scrapbooking Lightening Tour

Monday, September 24, 2007

A walk in the leaves

I was at Brooke's blog and she was requesting someone walk through the leaves for her. So, if you live where fall doesn't really happen and you need a walk with the leaves ... here it is Robby and Cody were happy to take a walk for you.

Oh, Quiet Time!

Quiet as we all know is a good thing IF you know exactly what the kids are up to ......
That is the sugar, that was on the counter with the lid on .. but, then EmmaLece decided that she should take it upstairs to Scott. Scott opened the lid and dumped it out. He wants to know, "Mom, are you so happy to me?" "Oh yeah I'm SO happy to you that I could just scream! I love to run the vac, it's my favorite past time, thanks, Scott for giving me something to do!"

"We like it. It tastes good, Mom."

Wall Art

I have been cleaning up this blog. Since I've finally figured out how to link a word (thanks to Wendi). I have removed the wall art pictures that show what each child's room looks like they can now be viewed here. They were cloggin' up the space and I'm pretty sure no one was scrolling down to see all the HUGE pictures. ( maybe you were, but I don't know and well, this blogging is new to me and I've learned something new and I have to try it out!) :P

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Free Spirit

Troy has to head off to church early for meetings, so before he leaves he kisses me and says see ya at church this morning's conversation went as follows:
T: "Hey, did ya see EmmaLece?"
C: "No, I didn't have my glasses on and I wasn't looking."
T: "Well, She's under the bed and it looks like she bare butt necked."
C: "What! Oh no! I sure hope not."
I drift off and he come back for the kiss..
T: "Yup she's bare butt necked!"
Kiss and he leaves. I am not so thrilled about this because she doesn't wake up dry very often. I don't want to get up and I don't want to have to run the carpet cleaner before church, like I have time to do that! But then I thought it just might make for a funny picture... so here ya'll go. Look closely and you can see her discarded PJs and her pull-up! What a silly free spirit! So, I sneak down to the computer before anyone else is up and get the event documented before the rest of the crew is up and going... now the race to get to church on time begins -- today is the Primary program in Sacrament and we still have to write Shantel's testimony on the Atonement.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Clean Hands

I had just finished up reading some of the blogs I visit (Mom to the Fey and Manic Mom-- I'm not as savvy as you two and have yet to figure out how to a make a link out of your names .. so ya have to refer to my side bar) and then headed to the shower, as I looked down at my hands I had two thoughts 1) I really need to get these clean before tomorrow or the people at church will think I NEVER shower and 2) I should get a picture of these 'clean' hands for my blog. (Since my kids were all home and downstairs, I didn't want to traumatize them for life by running down the stairs in my birthday suit after the camera) I decided if they were still acceptable (make a good picture) I would just get the picture after, So here ya have it my clean freshly scrubbed hands! This is what happens when you make 2 batches of applesauce without wearing protective hand coverings! and if you have really liny dry hands that absorb anything except soap:
When I stepped into the bathroom, and it was nice and quiet, they were all watching a Zak & Cody marathon on Disney..... When I stepped out of the shower, it sounded as though they had invited a herd of elephants over for play! Oh the sounds of motherhood!

Some fun shots of the kids... well the little ones

So, I finally got brave enough to get under the bed and ... yup, here is the pin nail polish! I had to do some other cleaning and moved the bed... oh the joy of nail color! sorta wish I had tried earlier and maybe it would have come out......
Em can use the vac too... she is cleaning up the pretzels that she chewed up and then spit on the floor!
More extreme fridge sports: Water pour yes it is an extreme sport if you're only 3!
And the grumpy pirate .. he's mad cause EmmaLece stole the cowboy hat!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Getting to know ME

So, I go to other blogs and tell people how cool I think it is that I can get to know them through their postings. I read about how they met their spouse and where they've lived and yet, I haven't shared that info.... hummmm. (warning, this might be long and boring) Well, here goes ... Let's see where to start...... at the beginning? ....

I was born in Missoula, Mt the 5th child of Daren & Myrna (they would go on to have a total of 8 children). We lived in Missoula until I was 5 when my parents purchased a double-wide and 5 acres abt 7 miles outside of town. (pictured here is the place I grew up.)

I attended school and church (born and raised in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) in Frenchtown, MT. When I was 16 I met my husband. He was serving a mission for the church. He had already served in the Chandler AZ mission and had been in a Mexico mission (I can't spell the city .. sorry) he got sick in Mexico and was sent stateside and when asked where he would like to go said he didn't care if he couldn't return to Mexico... so they sent him to Billings, MT in Dec! His first area was Missoula. He was there for nearly 10 months (long time I know.) I met him the end of my sophomore year ... we had sister missionaries who were always out of miles and in need of rides, so I drove them around a lot and went to appointments, it was kinda like a mini mission, where I got to come home every night. Anyway, that is how I met him, with the sisters... something about a prank and the zone leaders that involved water, powdered sugar and Limburger cheese....
So I wrote to Troy that summer while I was in SLC nannying for my sister. I was writing a journal at the time (not so good at that anymore humm wonder why?) and I wrote that I would marry Keiser or someone just like him.... My parents decided that we were moving that fall and we moved to a house my great grandpa and his son built in 1947 in Ephrata, WA.

(this ia a side shot and that is my baby brother) So I lived here from 17 yr old to almost 19 years old. I finished high school here (and can I just tell ya that it really sucks to move when you're a junior and you've been going to school since kindergarten with all the same kids ... I hope I don't have to move when my kids are in high school. My dad was a long haul trucker, so it didn't really matter where we lived. And my mom really wanted the house to stay in the family - my brother and his family live there now.) I continued to write to Troy and to his family (whom I'd never met.) I didn't miss out on any of the dances though, I went to Homecoming and Prom with a friend and sent Troy the pictures!) The next summer I went back to SLC and Troy came home from his mission. I flew from SLC to Las Vegas the day he came home for a week long visit. We went to his best friend's wedding (well Troy went to the wedding @ the temple and I stayed home with his sisters and read a book) reception. And we went to Disneyland.
To tell ya truth, I really wasn't sure how I felt about him by the end of the visit. I knew I liked him, but well, he thought I should dress and act like his sisters (NOT gonna happen). After a bit of prayer and stuff I knew I should marry him someday. I still had a year of school left. So in Dec., I went to Vegas for Christmas and got engaged. (love the big glasses, huh?)
Well, I finished High School and Troy went to school (UTI for auto/deisel mechanics) in Phoenix. For Easter break, Troy came up to Ephrata and met my parents. We got married June 25th 1993 in the Seattle Temple. This is @ our reception. Ok so then we went to Phoenix and stayed til he finished school in March 94 and I was pregnant with our 1st. We moved to Vegas and stayed with his parents til end of May. We got a brand-new apt. Cody was born there and Troy lost his job. He went out and got a job right away, but I didn't want to stick around so we decided to move to Ephrata. I flew up and a few weeks later Troy came up w/ a u-haul. We lived with my parents for way too long and then got a new single wide to rent. Troy had several different jobs here. We learned how hard it is to get a job right out school. Shantel was born here and we lived here til she was 7 months. We moved to Helena, MT and worked in an adult foster care home. We moved in 6 months ... Troy went back to the Vegas area and I went back to Ephrata. As soon as Troy had enough saved up to rent us a place we joined him. We lived in Indian Springs, NV and he had a good job working in his field. My mom rode down with me and we dropped my sister off at the MTC (Missionary Training Center). We bought our first house in Vegas and had another baby. Troy's sister had a baby in 2000 and we got him when he was 3 months old. (long story)We lived in Vegas for about 3 years and then decided to move back to MT and work on a farm for a family Troy met on his mission. We did the farm thing in Lindsay for 9 (long) months and then moved into town when Troy got a job working for the prision/county jail. We have lived here for nearly 6 years. We had a miscarriage in 2002 and Troy swore he wouldn't go through that again (I think I was the one who went through it, but I guess it was stressful for him too.) Then we had twins in 2004.

By now I'm sure you are bored... and I'm tired of typing, so there you have it STUFF about us.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I can do it all by myself!

So the story behind this is:

The kids were all sitting at the table for a snack of (yes, you guessed it) apples. Sliced cored and plated with peanut butter. The older kids had just gotten home so they helped with the snack. I ran upstairs for a much needed potty break and came back to Scott having spit out all of his chewed-up peels onto the floor! AARRGGH!! So, I got out the vac and attempted to clean up, when he insisted that he was big enough to do it. And he did! Who says 3 yr old can't do chores? ! :-)

Free Time?!

Free time! I know, I know, WHAT is this? Well, my in-laws called and asked if they could take the twins to lunch @ McDonald's. That was a no-brainer! Umm, yeah, sure you can take them off my hands... I mean out for lunch. So, that left Riley, and he had lunch and reluctantly went down for his nap. So, I had some very rare free time...... What did I do with my time alone? I would love to say I took a nap or read a book, but I peeled apples (refer to the harvest post to see why I would choose to do this) for my first-ever applesauce. It can't be that hard, right? On Friday when our friends came over for dinner, David made some it appeared to be easy (of course in the middle of all this cooking us wives ran to go get some forgotten things and when we returned, it was pretty much done, so I admit I didn't really watch to see how it was done!). So, I've got the apples peeled and some sugar and some cinnamon and cloves in the pressure cooker (which I borrowed from my in-laws) with the lid on it's turned on.... so we'll see how this cooks up...... Will post a picture of this yummy (I'm sure it will be) applesauce, when it gets done.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wonder Woman Award

Thanks to Dancin Queen (Wendi) for the Wonder Woman Award. I agree with her that we as women are a wonder! We do SO much all the time regardless of our family size. So, here are a few of the women I think are Wonder Women:

My Family: Ryanne, Colleen, Megan (sisters), Myrna (my mom), Mary (my mother-in-law), China, Dawn, Monica, Glenda (sisters-in-law)
My Friends: Wendy Price, BJ, Doniece, Heather Steffen, Heather Swanson, Vicki, Tina, Jessica, Laura
My Blog Friends: Candace, Wendi, Kate, Cecily, Dawn, Melissa, G. Parker, Sherri, Linda, Andrea, Crystal, Heather, Anne, Keeley, Holly, Tristi, Manic Mom, Sam, Lauren, Aleta, Amy, Steph, Debra, Darla, Tan, Cynthia ...
I know the list could go on and on, so if you're listed here, copy the picture to your blog and tell us who you think is a Wonder Woman!

pencil rendition of our front room

Cody is learning about vanishing points in art and so he drew a corner of our front room. Not bad for a first attempt.

Monday, September 17, 2007

things abt me

So, I've seen these on other blogs and decided that I would do it... 10 random things about me:
1) I'm #5 in a line of 8 children 4 boys and 4 girls
2) I have 6 kids 3 boys and 3 girls and somedays I'd have another one, just cause I love babies
3) I love to read about others' lives and see their pictures on their blogs
4) I HATE to fold laundry!
5) I LOVE to read and would spend the whole day reading if I didn't have a house full of children to care for
6) From the 2nd grade I let my hair grow until I my second child was 5 months old
7) I love to scrapbook with my friends and share ideas and a few kid-free moments
8) I've been married for 14 years to a wonderful man (there are days that he drives me batty and I'm sure I do the same to him)
9)I've lived in 3 states in 7 different locations in my life... only moved once as a kid the rest has been since I have been married. The longest time I have lived since getting married is 6 years and it is our current location.
10) I hate trying to get the chores done... but I'm not gonna do them... I did my share before the kids were old enough to do them, it's their turn!

It Is My Duty

This is a story I wanted to share on 9/11, but I couldn't find my copy and had to have my mom snail mail it to me. My sister wrote it while serving in Guantanamo Bay (see my 9/11 post to find out the other places she served).

It Is MY Duty

Someone came up to me the other day, this is what he said:
"I can see by your uniform, and the honor in your step, that you are a soldier. Tell me soldier, do you ever wish you were a civilian? Do you ever want to quit and say, 'let someone else take my place'? And soldier, do you ever feel frustrated and confused about the job you are asked to do? Do you ever let the anger, towards those you are meant to guard, interfere with your job?"
As this stranger questioned me, I couldn't help but feel hurt and unappreciated. So, when the stranger gave me time to answer, this was my reply:
"Well, stranger, you are correct in assuming that I am a soldier, here to defend your freedom, as well as mine. I am not going to lie to you, there has been a time or two when I've had my doubts. Sure, I have wanted to back out and let another fill my space. But, each time a thought like this crosses my mind, another quickly takes its place. I remember the hard work and dedication it took to get me here. I think of my family, home and country and remember that my duty to them is ever important. For if it weren't for my fellow soldiers and I, all would be lost and none would enjoy the simple pleasures in life. To your question of anger and confusion toward my duty, these things are unimportant and hardly cross my mind. Because it is a soldier's duty, we do a job many would refuse. So, stranger, I want to let you know that, yes I am a soldier, proud of my job, and ever ready to defend freedom, for all."
The stranger stood there and looked at me for awhile, then turned as if to walk away. But before he took a step, he paused and bowed his head for a moment. Then turned again to me, with a tear soaked face and said:
"Thank you soldier, for I lost my brother to enemy hands. He too was a soldier. I have been trying to find an answer to help me cope with my loss. Until this day, I have found no solace, but your words have comforted me. I now know his death was not in vain. So, I leave you with this prayer, "that you may be safe and always remember that your country cares for all its soldiers." The stranger then saluted me and carried on his way. As I watched him walk away, I shed a tear, knowing the pain of his loss and feeling the pride of his words. I will never forget that day or that single grateful American who I was honored to help. So, next time you see a soldier, stop and say 'thank you', for they defend your freedom and the American Way.
SPC Megan Flynn
16th Jan 2003, GTMO, Cuba

Saturday, September 15, 2007

See, I do to pratice!

Cody is caught actually pratcing his trumpet! yeah!

Illegal DayCare?! What?!

So, yesterday, after 5 o'clock, my charges' mom's come to get them and Kyle's mom (who works for Child and Family) let me know that her co-worker said I was being investigated for running an illegal day care! I was fuming! She also told me that she informed him: "She has 6 kids of her own. 4 of which are at school all day and two are 3 yr old twins and she can babysit up to 2 that are not her own, so she is NOT running an illegal daycare!" Sheesh, I guess you can't even let your kids out to play without someone trying to mind your business! OK, thanks, I feel a little better now that I've gotten it off my chest!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Is it 5 o'clock yet?!

It has been quite a day ... these guys and one gal are making me CRAZY today! Fights every time I turn around someone is hitting, spitting, kicking, pulling hair or pushing! Is it 5 o'clock yet? Are their mom's coming yet?! Mine will need 2 days to wind down.... so, it looks like they might be presentable on Sunday (yeah right!) :P I'm running (in the suburban) to the store as soon as he gets home and he'll be lucky IF I come home! OK, so, I'll come home -- we're having friends over to share dinner with us and maybe a game of cards.... I just need a little escape... Is it 5 o'clock yet?!


Candace Salima has a great YouTube video/song posted on her page http://candacesalima.blogspot.com that everyone should check out. Made me laugh SO hard!


Scott: "Mom, Riley is poopie."
Mom: Riley, are you nasty?"
Riley: Yup."
Mom: "Go lay down so we came get that nasty changed." Riley goes to the changing area and then shows me his fingers.... "YUK! That's NASTY, Ri! That is why we keep our fingers out of our diaper!"
Now I have to go in search of his "fingerpainting"... uuuggh! Thankfully the twins never did this, but it was only a matter of time with Riley as he is always diaper digging. I spend the day saying "Ri, get our hands out of there!" Oh the joys of diapers!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


We have two apple trees and they were full this year, I have no idea what kind they are ... taste a little like granny smiths but they do turn red.

We planted pumpkins again this year, but not the giant ones and I'm not as happy. We had the biggest pumpkin last year and this year we have 11 of the tiniest things... it is silly. We will get different seeds next spring. This first pic is of last years pumpkin. It weighed about 75 lbs my dad guessed (as he's the one who hauled it in for us). I finally cooked it up after the new year (yup, it was still good) and I got around 55 cups of cooked pumpkin to freeze (and I didn't scrape all the meat out either probably could have gotten 5 more cups. (Someone's blog had a bunch of pumpkin recipes on it... got to remember who and go back....)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Tornado Twins and their sidekicks -- Rain and Wind

So what did we do today? take a look and see... also not pictured would be the dark pink fingernail polish party. That's right 2 & 3 yr olds with nail polish. EmmaLece sneaked the polish right from under Shantel's nose and invited the boys to the Party under the bed (I'm scared to even look there!). I found her hiding her hands in the bathroom looking very suspicious (I think she was after the remover.) I discovered the painted hands and dress. Then in walks Kyle and he has also been painted. Uh Oh where is Riley? Shantel found him under the bed with the empty bottle (which had been full!) Poor Riley was painted up his arm, across the face, and even in his hair. She is exploring her artistic side, yes?! I couldn't snap a picture, cause I was trying to get he boys cleaned off BEFORE their moms arrived to get them. It didn't happen, though. I swear that things get 10x worse when the older kids arrive home from school and the chaos doubles. You would think it would give me that many more watchful eyes and helpful hands, but NOPE! Actually, I'm trying to get he older kids to get their chores done and I'm trying to get dinner at least started and that's when it all breaks loose!

So, the front room mess was Shantel's, the kitchen mess was Robby's and I got the bedroom mess.... yeah me! Em was tired from her good days work that she fell asleep while the table was being cleared.

Where is Scott?

The kids were playing and I noticed that Scott was missing. So, I asked, "Where is Scott?" Em replied,"He's upstairs in my bedroom." Guess what? Yup, he was there.... under the bed taking a nap! What a good boy!

9/11 -- and Our brave Military men and women

I don't want people thinking that after I read their posts that I wanted to "me too" them. I had the rare opportunity (thanks to my wonderful Father-in-law, whose birthday it is today) to spend 2 hours driving by myself. (Where I live it becomes necessary to drive upwards of 3 hours one way when visiting a specialist.... I broke my foot at a church activity doing a round-off. Hey I'll have you know that there were women older [50-80 yr olds] than me doing cartwheels, splits and other cheerleader tricks, and me being the youngest [I'm only 33] of the acrobats was the one to break something.....so, I had to drive an hour to the dr and an hour back to get my foot x-rayed ... it is healing fine, in case you're interested....) Anyway while riding in the car, I heard "Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning?" by Alan Jackson and bawled my eyes out. I had just listened to a state wide talk show on the 9/11 subject and so my feeling were already tender. That morning, I was at home with my then 1 yr old and 3 yr old the 2 older ones were across the yard at school. We lived in a very rural area, we had no tv reception and the radio came in sorta. The teacher called over to let me know what was transpiring. Friends from Vegas where we had recently moved from called and taped hours of the live footage for us. It was a surreal event. I learned later that a good friend from high school's brother had been working at the pentagon that morning (he was fine). My sister was home on leave with the Army-MP (stationed in Korea) and had to report immediately to the nearest base.
The military is close to our hearts as I've had two brothers serve and a sister. My oldest brother has served in the Coast Guard and is currently serving in the Air National Guard. My brother just older than me served in the Air Force and served in Saudi Arabia in the early 90s. And my baby sister the youngest of 8 served as an MP in the Army for 6 years. She served in Korea, Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan and Iraq. She is currently in the Guard and has also just recently become a mommy. I hate the thought of them calling her up to serve again in any of those areas and Shaylee possibly growing up without her Mommy, but I know she would go and serve with all her might for this country we love. It is So very important that we support our military and let them know they are loved and supported. Go to the link (thanks to Andrea http://momtothefey.blogspot.com/ for letting me re-visit it) and send an email to a solider. RCT-6letterfromh@gcenmf-wiraq.usmc.mil

Monday, September 10, 2007

Exactly WHAT are you doing up there?

I heard a crash ... never a good sound and went to investigate, this is what I found:

Overheard Conversation...

EmmaLece: "Scott say 'please'."
Scott: "Please"
EmmaLece: "No, say it with your tummy."
(We taught the twins sign language to help us all understand each other before they could talk. We learned this with Robby and have had far less flying cups and hitting of people.)
Scott: "My tummy doesn't have a hand."
EmmaLece: "Sure it does." So, EmmaLece proceeds to take his hand and sign the word please for him....
Scott: "I can do it my self" As he removes her hand from his and signs it himself.

A few mins later Scott brings me his empty cuppy and informs me that, "Emmy drinked it all up down her drain and I need more, please (sign).
Wish I had the camera, but my hand was full of a peanut-butter sandwich. It was cute.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

New Extreme Sports and Hair Cuts

It's quiet at my house ... a rare thing, yes! Troy and Cody went to the Bump N Run with Grandma and Grandpa, Shantel is at a friend's, Robby and Savanna are playing nicely together (for once) and the twins are sleeping. I'm supposed to be studying for the lesson I'm teaching tomorrow, but I'm sitting here reading blogs and posting to mine.......

Introducing the new extreme sport of: Loaded Lazyboy Spinning. Riley was having a blast spinning Cody covered with: Scott, EmmaLece and Kyle. Laughs all around!

The extreme sport of: Fridge Climbing..... went upstairs after someone (I'm sure) and came back down to this! When asked what she was doing INSIDE the fridge, she said, "I am thirsty!" Notice the cup? It has milk in it!

Cody and Scott get hair cuts ... aren't they cute?! I was not sure Scott would go for this kind of cut since it involves the clippers, Cody convinced him that he wanted it cut just like his. Well, we got 'bout half way into the cut and he started telling me he didn't like those clippers and were we done yet? I painstakingly convinced him I would be finished with his hair "soon". He survived and it looks cute.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Have You Ever Had THIS Conversation?

Ok, first off, am I the only mom who NEVER gets the chance to take herself to the potty? So, it's 4 pm and the last time I got to use the resting room it was 6:30 am... and the conversation goes like this:
Mom "Are you done, Scott?"
Scott " No, I want to try and do a poo poo."
Mom "Well, could you let Mommy go and then try?"
Scott "No, I want to try NOW."
Mom " Scotty, Mommy really needs to go, please get off."
Scott "Do you need the stool?"
Mom "No, I think I can reach without it thanks... now get off PLEASE!"
Scott "Do you need the potty seat?"
Mom "No, my bum is way to big for that... please Scott get OFF!"
Scott "Ok"
He gets down and the conversation continues:
Scott "Do you need toilet paper, Mommy?"
Mom "Yes."
Scott "Let me get it for you."
Mom "No, that's OK I can get it."
At this point Scott takes the toilet paper and rips off the corner of one square and hands it to me with his biggest 'I'm such a good helper" smile.
Mom "I don't think that will do."
He then proceed to get me more paper one square at a time until I finally get it from him!
Tomorrow I'm gonna find 5 mins to take only me to the potty!

ACM Awards re-run on GAC

Last night we were watching a re-run of the ACM's (because the twins took late naps and were just waking up around 8pm!). EmmaLece was SO funny she got her cowboy hats out and for every artist who was wearing a hat, she would hold up either the black hat or the white one depending on the color of their hat. This morning we turned the TV on to country videos... first it was the black hat then the white! Guess she likes cowboy hats whether they are holding water or on a musician! Here's a picture of her waiting for the next performer.