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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Some fun shots of the kids... well the little ones

So, I finally got brave enough to get under the bed and ... yup, here is the pin nail polish! I had to do some other cleaning and moved the bed... oh the joy of nail color! sorta wish I had tried earlier and maybe it would have come out......
Em can use the vac too... she is cleaning up the pretzels that she chewed up and then spit on the floor!
More extreme fridge sports: Water pour yes it is an extreme sport if you're only 3!
And the grumpy pirate .. he's mad cause EmmaLece stole the cowboy hat!


Melissa said...

That's so something that my twins would be doing. I finally locked the frige but we have a side by side so it's much easier to lock. Nail polish in carpet I still haven't found ANYTHING that works to get that out. I got so tired of nail polish spills I chunked all of them... My boy twin got into red nail polish and had it spilled all over my bathroom counter. To say the least it's still stained in places!!! Happy mothering... And good luck at church although I think most LDS women will understand the getting down and dirty w/canning! :)

carrie & troy keiser said...

Thanks! :-)

crystal said...

I love reading another mom's account of the funny chaos of kids! Makes me feel normal. Almost.