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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Foto Story Friday #64 -- Camping-- Virgina City, MT

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

The next day we tried to visit ghost towns in the area. We found that things have changed since I was younger and that the 2 ghost towns near the Caverns have become very touristy.
We visited Virgina City, MT which was once considered for the state capital, but Helena won out and Virgina City died out. Today there are shops and several old places in different stages of restoration.
A pair of long undies hang behind the glass at an old shop. It was difficult to get good pictures through the glass, but I gave it a go!
This is the door to the print shop/ newspaper.
As we were heading off to see more of the town, I noticed that the glass was broken in one of the windows at the print shop. So this is my attempt at a creative shot.
There is a museum/store that was quite interesting. This baby buggy was on display there.
In the basement was a wagon, when I looked for a good angle on the wagon, I saw this comb chained to the undercarriage. Guess it is hard to loose when It's chained down, huh?!
Farther down the boardwalk was a candy shop. We all enjoyed a stick of the sweet stuff while watching the taffy being pulled.
This old prospector came over and visited with us for awhile. Robby was handed his walking stick to hold while he chatted. Em walked up and petted his burros.
We made a stop at the court house which is still in operation.
Inside the front doors we found this beautiful grand staircase.
Kids will be kids --- Hosanna, my niece, and Cody HAD to slide down the rail! Cody was very quick and kept running into Hosanna! (Technically, Hosanna is NOT a kid!)
As we walked down the other side of the street, we happened upon this old Ford.
The side of this building caught my eye.
Don't you just want ice cream now?
Outside of a shop was this sign..... I like the colors and the old look it has.
A glassed off old general store. Many of the building looked like the people had just walked away.... they are windows to the past.
Cans of food still stacked on the shelves..... They have added plastic fruit to complete the picture.

I just loved this display of the Easy Walking boot.... I don't think that would have been 'easy walking' though, I would love to have a pair!
A little boy's outfit.
An old barn in need of much repair housed a buggy, wagon and this sleigh.
Standing at the train depot/ snack shop we turned in time to see this couple ride by in period clothing. There is a shop here that sells period clothing...... too expensive to just buy for dressing up though! The train will take you a short distance to Nevada City the other ghost town. We opted to drive, had a quick lunch under the trees and went to the music hall.
This thing was LOUD! Many of the music machines are coin operated
Cody dropped a few and Em danced her heart out!
We didn't go through the open-air museum in Nevada City since we had spent quite a chunk of change to see the caverns.
We had a nice time camping and checking out the area.
Join me next week for the first day of school!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Foto Story Friday #63 -- Camping --Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

So we went camping last Wednesday to Saturday. We met my sister and her family in the middle of Montana at the Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park.
We arrived first and picked out two spaces right next to each other, got our tents up and then it rained.
The color has been boosted as the rainbow was fading fast. It was very cool though because it went in two directions and met right there on that hilltop!
Sun rays after the quick downpour.It's not camping with out a fire!
The sun sets over the mountains! It is a very pretty area. The campground has a nice playset that the kids spent several hours on.
Cooking dogs, what else do you eat while camping?!
Then next morning after a hearty breakfast, we set off hiking up to the visitor center. The map said a 1.9 mile strenuous hike so the twins hitched a ride in the car with Troy. Somewhere along the way we made a turn..... map said there was a shortcut. Turned out to be a long cut, but it was a pretty hike.
Finally we arrived about 20 mins after Cody and Hosanna who were ahead of us and didn't make the turn.
Waiting for our turn to tour the caverns. After a 3/4 mile hike uphill we finally arrived and got to check out the cavern. I took SO many pictures.... i tried to narrow it down to my favorites:
My niece and I think this looks like a melting ice cream cone.
Troy and Scott pause for a quick "Iwas here" photo.
It was amazing. It had been many years since I was here and I had forgotten so much.
There are a ton of steps and many places where it would help if you were 4 foot tall! But we all made it through!
Around every corner and past every low ceiling was an amazing sight.
some looked so smooth you had the urge to reach out and run you fingers over it..... but to do that, would stop all growth of the formation where your fingers touched.

found on the steps.
Thought this was a cool formation.

At one point in the tour our guide asked for questions and Em raised her hand politely and asked: "Do you have any potties? Cause I NEED to go potty." He told her she was going to have to hold it. Everyone laughed, I was as usual bringing up the rear and missed most of it. Since we had the youngest kids in the group I figured it was her. She did fine and made it back to the potty no problem.
Turned around and saw this.
As we were heading to the exit, I looked down at the steps and saw that they are being taken back by the caverns. This is a place you must see if you come to Montana.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Foto Story Friday #62 --- Short term pet

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

A while back we went branding.... like June. Scott was given a freshly caught horny toad lizard and well after creating a home/cage for him out of a cut-down water bottle and some grass, he was set on the back of the truck for safe keeping. When he went back to check on him, he's fallen off the truck and gotten free. Scott was SO sad because he was sure the oldest son of the people we were branding with had eaten him. Yeah the teen had been teasing Scott, and poor Scott thought he was serious.! Well, his dad felt bad about the teasing and promised he's catch him..... true to his word, he stopped by with a present for Scotty:
I was ever so thankful to him for keeping his promise..... NOT! This lizard was much larger and Scott wasn't quite as sure about it.
It is very difficult to keep a lizard warm without a heat lamp or heat rodck, so we improvised for the night and put him in the room with the water heater for the house heat system. He must have stayed warm enough, cause he was still kicking in the morning. We could not keep him.... I didn't even know what he should eat! So we wrapped him gently in a towel and set off for Makoshika State Park on a walk.
I kept telling both Scoot and EmmaLece that we couldn't keep him and he would be much happier in the park with the other lizards.
I thought they understood, but they didn't! We set him down and said good-bye and they both CRIED! I was a bit surprised, we'd had him for less than a day! But ya know Scott did name him: Leafy.
We then set him up on the side of the hill said good-bye again and
Walked home to a chorus of sniffles and whimpers! Who could have thoughtthey would become attached in such a short time span?! Just today EmmaLece was telling me how she missed Leafy!