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Saturday, September 15, 2007

See, I do to pratice!

Cody is caught actually pratcing his trumpet! yeah!


Dancin Queen said...

A trumpet player??? How very cool!

smithfam said...

Very impressive! I just now saw your comment. How exciting to meet new people, especially ones with 6 kids! i feel you r pain on the hubby in bishopric. Mine just got released. It was me and 6 kids all alone during sac. meeting. No fun! You will live to tell about it. HEEHEE

carrie & troy keiser said...

DQ -- yep he's pretty good.. but hates to put in the 2hours required pratcie a week. This is his 3rd year.
Smith fam.-- thanks for stoppin by. Yeah everyone says I'll survive, but there are days that I'm not sure :-)

Andrea said...

How do YOU feel about listening to him practice 2 hours a week? My mom made me go outside to practice my trombone so that the whole neighborhood could suffer with her. :)
(Just kidding about the suffering part, but not about having to play outside.)

carrie & troy keiser said...

Well, I don't mind the pratice IF he does it downstairs in his room with the door closed. It's when he decided that he must play it in the frontroom as loudly as possible that bugs me! Thanks for the comment Andrea.