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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Foto Story Friday #108--Cars in the park

Last Friday, we had the annual Cars in the Park car show here in our little town.  The event brings people from all over the state and even from a few different states.  One of these years I'm actually going to know when they are to drive across the old bridge and get a shot of that, but for now you'll have to be happy with a shot of the bridge all decked out in flags. 
They do charge for this event but one can observe from the bridge.  I used my new zoom lens and took a few pictures.

I didn't even notice this until my sister pointed it out..... doesn't it look like the red truck is eating the blue one in front?
I thought this car and trailer were pretty sweet.

The bright yellow of this beautiful truck caught my attention right away.

Parked next to the yellow truck was this Mator look-alike (no tow hook in the back though!)

The park was packed with cars and plenty of people milling around enjoying the sights.  My favorites are always the classic cars, the older the better!  Isn't this one stunning?

This guy has a sense of humor!  :)

Look another character from Cars, Sheriff.  I can hear him saying:"Not in MY town!"
This one looks like it is ready to take flight!

 Seeing all these cool vehicles makes me wish I had the $$ to fix up our 3 door suburban or that my sister could fix up the old International and put it in car shows.
(the next 2 photos are scans from back in the day)
This is the old International I think it's a '49

It has SO much potential.  I remember when it used to work and we would pile the tubes in the back and head to the pond, such a cool truck.

Our 3-door Sub
Needs quite a bit of work
We got this from my sister a few summers ago.  When I was a teenager, it used to run and I would drive it in Salt Lake when I stayed with my sister in the summer.
The only thing we've gotten done is the alternator..... Cody took it to school for his mechanics class and tore it down and replaced the barrings and put it back together..... long process.

PhotoStory Friday

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Foto Story Friday #107--- Check out what I've made

I'm a cheapskate and I really wanted one of those cocoon/snuggle things for baby photos, but I didn't want to have to pay the asking price on one (they are anywhere from $20-40).  I figured I could make one. After scouring the net, I found a pattern that looked like I could handle and set to work.  now the hat I made is not quite the hat listed in the pattern (I was running out of yarn so I improvised)

Not bad.  Then my friend had her baby a little early, so I dropped by the hospital to see him and, ya know, just happened to have it with me!  Guess what, he fit!  I can't wait to take some better ones when he goes home. 
12 hours old and all snuggled up in my cocoon!
Then I saw these hanging cocoon/stork pouches and so wanted one.  I went on another search of the net and, well, I found a lot of them and a few patterns that were for sale. \ I didn't want to pay!   I studied the pictures and tried and tried again until I came up with this.  I wrote down my stitches and have my own pattern now.
Maybe when the above baby comes home, his momma will consent to letting me place him in it!
Now I'm trying to figure out how to make a baby hammock like this or this.  Wish me luck!  I've got an idea in mind now to get a bigger hook and set to trying it out.  If and when I get it figured out I'll post it.

P.S. I finished my version of a baby hammock in the wee hours:

PhotoStory Friday

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Foto Story Friday #106--trip to Billings

We have taken a little mini vacation to Billings.
Thru the window on the way down to Billings.  It was a nice day.
Excuse the bug splats, but this was kinda neat passing several of these windmill blades.
We got to the hotel and Troy had been selected as guest of the day!  We got a free room upgrade.
to the king suite for our whole stay--3 nights!
Goodie bags were part of the deal.
Dinner at the Jade Palace.  It was good and we took the left-overs back to the room for another day.
Next day we went to the movie (saw Robin Hood) and in the middle they stopped it to warn the patrons about the flooding parking lot.  We checked our truck was fine so I took a picture of the waterlogged parking area.
We passed Costco and had to go back to take pictures of the cars and trucks testing themselves against the puddle.
There were a few stranded shopping carts as well.
It was pretty deep water.  Today it is all gone and it has been windy but no rain.  Tomorrow we head home and back to life!

PhotoStory Friday
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Foto Story Friday #105-- Branding 2010

On Memorial day, we went branding and, of course, I wrangled up a bunch of pictures.
Yeah, I'm glad I'm not a calf!
A momma anticipating whatever's coming next......
The kids were practicing their roping skills, while the momma's were separated from their babies.
This gal was so nervous about the pen that she attempted to jump out!  Didn't work out so well as she got her hoof caught and one of the cowboys had to come rescue her.
We had a couple of rowdy cows, who mowed down couple of people.  I missed the first one, but I got this guy in mid-trample.  He was a little sore, but got right back into the fray.
The guys wait anxiously for a run away!  This little one thought it was home free, but was no match for his rope!
This young cowboy was determined to rope in a record number of calves.  He did better this year than last and was pleased with his accomplishments.
Getting ready to show up the boys!
Headed out to round up the second group of cattle.
I just liked the saddle bag set there on the post .... waiting and ready to be thrown on the horse.
I took over 400 pictures and I won't subject you to any more today.

PhotoStory Friday
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Foto Story Friday #104-- life is precious

This past week my community has been dealing with loss and reflecting on how precious life is and how fleeting it can be.  Last Friday was the last day of school and the first evening of summer break.  We had a tragic 4-wheeler accident that took the lives of 2 young women aged 15 years.  They were in Cody's class.  My heart is heavy and goes out to the families of these 2 young ladies.  I cannot even imagine how or what they are feeling. 
Having been reflective all week makes one want to hug their kids and husband a little tighter, say "I love you" a bit more often and not fight with anyone.  Loss makes one want to take back every thing even slightly mean. It makes one want to be a better person. 
So today I offer you my blessings

My husband, my love, my life
my oldest, my experiment child-- poor kid!
my second, my girl surrounded by drama, working and striving to stay strong
my third, she just turned 12!, just starting out on her journey to womanhood  
my fourth, my trial of patience, one with an infectious smile who makes friends easily
my fifth, my silly one my cuddly one
my sixth, my head strong little girl, my animal lover, my little boss.

I cannot imagine losing any of them, excuse my while I hug them and tell them how much they mean to me.

PhotoStory Friday
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