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Monday, September 17, 2007

things abt me

So, I've seen these on other blogs and decided that I would do it... 10 random things about me:
1) I'm #5 in a line of 8 children 4 boys and 4 girls
2) I have 6 kids 3 boys and 3 girls and somedays I'd have another one, just cause I love babies
3) I love to read about others' lives and see their pictures on their blogs
4) I HATE to fold laundry!
5) I LOVE to read and would spend the whole day reading if I didn't have a house full of children to care for
6) From the 2nd grade I let my hair grow until I my second child was 5 months old
7) I love to scrapbook with my friends and share ideas and a few kid-free moments
8) I've been married for 14 years to a wonderful man (there are days that he drives me batty and I'm sure I do the same to him)
9)I've lived in 3 states in 7 different locations in my life... only moved once as a kid the rest has been since I have been married. The longest time I have lived since getting married is 6 years and it is our current location.
10) I hate trying to get the chores done... but I'm not gonna do them... I did my share before the kids were old enough to do them, it's their turn!


Melissa said...

I was reading some of your earlier postings and the butt swirlies were pretty funny! We had a toilet issue also with my twins and my son was flushing "STUFF" down the toilet. I found a toy that was sort of like keys but they're 4 inches long and 1 inch round and they had flushed those. It took a good 10 minutes for me to get those out and then it still wasn't flushing right. So finally a month later my husband has decided that he beyond annoyed with the toilet not working right and her snaked it and we found a full length pencil that was jammed in there. And you could tell that it had been in there for the whole month because the wood was expanded larger than a normal pencil ought to be!!! The joy's of TWINS... 2 brains make 3 times the mess...

carrie & troy keiser said...

That is too funny... expanded pencil! I agree with you on the two brains, three times the mess! Thanks for stopping by! I'll find my way back to yours :)

Dancin Queen said...

I think you are a wonder woman! See my blog for details!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Thanks DQ!

Darla said...

You've got quite the crew there yourself! I'm catching up to you in number soon! Isn't it just indescribable, being a mom to so many? It is so hard but yet so fulfilling and enriching in ways impossible to reach without having a larger brood. And I'm with you on having more because I just LOVE babies...I also find that the more I have, the more relaxed I get about baby issues (that's the treat stage in their life) but also the more I learn to relax about the bigger kid issues too! My motto, "This too shall pass!" because every phase passes so quickly...they all really do! So no matter how miserable the new phase that especially the oldest child goes through (because it's a new phase never experienced yet for us as parents), I just try remind myself that it will probably be gone in a matter of months and then we'll have another "calm"....until the NEXT phase!!! :)

Darla said...

P.S. I just posted pics of the rest of our crew last night...I think it was after you commented on my blog. I noticed that you like looking at other people's pics on their blogs so I thought I would let you know there are pics on there now!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Darla- thanks for stopping by, I'll check out your new pix.