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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Clean Hands

I had just finished up reading some of the blogs I visit (Mom to the Fey and Manic Mom-- I'm not as savvy as you two and have yet to figure out how to a make a link out of your names .. so ya have to refer to my side bar) and then headed to the shower, as I looked down at my hands I had two thoughts 1) I really need to get these clean before tomorrow or the people at church will think I NEVER shower and 2) I should get a picture of these 'clean' hands for my blog. (Since my kids were all home and downstairs, I didn't want to traumatize them for life by running down the stairs in my birthday suit after the camera) I decided if they were still acceptable (make a good picture) I would just get the picture after, So here ya have it my clean freshly scrubbed hands! This is what happens when you make 2 batches of applesauce without wearing protective hand coverings! and if you have really liny dry hands that absorb anything except soap:
When I stepped into the bathroom, and it was nice and quiet, they were all watching a Zak & Cody marathon on Disney..... When I stepped out of the shower, it sounded as though they had invited a herd of elephants over for play! Oh the sounds of motherhood!


Dancin Queen said...

To link to other sites, when you are writing your post, highlight the name or word you want, then click on the little green thing that looks like a globe (a few to the left of the one you use to post photos) and it will give you the place to enter in the site.

Okay I just reread that and it was totally confusing. Sorry!

carrie & troy keiser said...

DQ- no, I think I understand Thanks I'll give it a try next time.