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Friday, October 30, 2009

Foto Story Friday #73-- The not so perfect perfect shot

While sorting through and converting the format of my recent photos (from Aug to present) I ran across some not so perfect, perfect ones:
First up, I give you this very blurry one of Shantel. But look at the personality that is showing through..... She just grabbed the props and had fun, too bad mom is not so good with the quick shot!
Next, Trunk or Treating 2009. Shantel invited two friends and they were hanging out in the dark. I failed to open the flash so my not so steady hand captured this interesting shot. Probably I'm the only one who can enjoy this shot, and that's OK! The ghosty figures of Shantel and her 2 buddies.
This last one was taken in the hour I spent in Kindergarten helping with Centers on the 23rd of Oct. I was trying to capture Scott in the midst of his learning. So to me this blurry photo is the constant motion of childhood and their eager quest for knowledge.

PhotoStory Friday
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Foto Story Friday # 72---- Construction Equipment Dance

So around the first of September they decided to tear up our street. Wouldn't be the time of year I'd have picked in Eastern Montana, but whatever!
As we watched the progress daily and I snapped a few shots of the big machines making a ruckus out front I began to see it differently.
It started to look like a loud dance performed by huge pieces of equipment. A scoop here..
a lift there carefully directed by the guy on the ground...
a back-fill and compact there.....
A scrape here as the bucket gets empty....
ItalicThis picture reminds me of the book: Are You My Mother? just looks like the Snort is ready to drop off the baby bird right back in his nest.
The sound of the dirt filling the bucket.............
Little tighter action shot of the scooping up of the dirt.
The bucket starts to be in the way, a tiny lift and drop (which totally shook the house), all part of the well choreographed dance.
move the dirt from here to there.....
This thing is made to make it safe for the workers to be in the trenches and position the pipes. It was kinda cool to watch them scoop it out and see the guys head down.
The dance continues, turn, lift, dump.....
A shot through the front screen door...
The other dancers are working on their moves with a little smaller trench retainer.
The smaller trench wall retainer.
I liked watching them pick these up, they were so heavy that it lifted up the back of the excavator..... a bit unnerving when it is only feet from your yard/house.
The sound of the saw as they cut the pipes to fit all parts of the intricate dance of construction/road work.

So it is nearly Nov and the road is still not finished..... the dance has not ended.
PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Kelli

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Foto Story Friday #71-- New look

I have been wanting a new look for awhile now, finally on Tuesday I went and did something about it. I just knew that I wanted it short. I was looking thru the magazines and the stylist came over and asked what I had in mind. I told her I wasn't exactly sure but that I wanted it short. She said that she thought I'd look good with a cut similar to one Lisa Rinna had did I know what hers looked like? I said I think I remember that look.... I trust you go ahead and do it.

Then the stylist said she really wished she could take before and after shots of me. Being me, I almost always have my camera on me, so I opened the bag and handed her the camera. After a short lesson, she took my picture, wet my hair down and got to work with the razor.
It's not styled like Lisa's but I do think the cut is similar, and I like it. Looks better than the long stingy stuff, huh? I do it a little different than the gal who cut it, I like a little more bang on my forehead.
Styled by me.

PhotoStory Friday
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Foto Story Friday #70-- Missoula Children's Theater

A few weeks ago, The Missoula Children's Theater (MCT) was in town. All the local kids that were interested arrived at the high school for try-outs. This year thankfully we had a small number and everyone got a part. It is no fun when you get cut ----- trust me I've been there, done that. When I was in grade school, the MCT came to town every year and I would always try out. I once got the assistant manger part, I was SO excited! When practice was over, my big brother, Brandon, came to pick me up, because my parents were out of town. He was chewing gum and I really REALLY wanted some.... well, if you have a big brother or are a big brother, you can probably guess that he didn't just hand it over. He ran up the wall and placed it on the back of the basketball hoop and said: "If you can reach it, you can have it." Not wanting to let a challenge pass, I tried and tried to get that stick of gum. Brandon eventually had to lift me up to reach it. The trouble started here.... he let go of me thinking..... who knows what... I, of course, was not holding on to anything and came crashing down, landing strangely and broke my ankle. Guess what? If you have a broken ankle, you can't be in the play! That was the one and only time I ever got picked for a part in the play. Robby has also experienced the getting cut, so we were all happy when no one was cut this year. My kids have been much more fortunate and have all gotten the opportunity to be in one or more MCT productions. The girls didn't try out this year because they are in volleyball. Cody is too old now that he is in High School. So that left the 3 youngest to give it a whirl.
The play was Robinson Caruso. After 5 evenings and one day of intense rehearsals, they performed to a near full house.
Robby was a member of the Very Hairy Frownie Face Tribe. They were cute and Robby was SO loud! We had NO problem hearing him.
After many years of having a child in the play, I stayed and watched the try-outs. It was way fun to watch them saying lines and trying to be loud.... which they have no problem with at home! Scott and Em were chameleons and they were too cute up there on stage singing and dancing.
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The little guys are always my favorite, cause they are almost always off step in their dancing or just plain doing their own thing and it makes me smile!

PhotoStory Friday
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Foto Story #69-- Dramatic Sky

Because I love the sky I have to check it out daily... many times daily. I very easily could take sunset pictures every day for each is beautiful and a little different or a lot different depending on the clouds, and the angle of the shotor the direction you're facing.
Forbidding morning clouds. As I stepped into the car to ride to seminary with Cody one morning, I saw these clouds and was sure we were in for rain..... turned out to be a beautiful sunny day~!
The sunsets over the Yellowstone River. The colors reflected so nicely that evening.
Although there is a shopping cart in the corner of this shot, I like the beautiful pink sky and farmstyle house framed by the trees. I took another shot and didn't get the cart, but it cut too much tree off. I'd edit the cart out but currently I have only one bad program and it doesn't allow you to have much control. This shot is facing east. I do love it when the whole sky gets to participate in the setting sun.
This is the same sunset a few minutes later and facing west in another location in town.
Another view of the same sunset facing south. I liked how the sliver moon was surrounded by pink and blue. I stood in the same spot to take this one and the previous shot.
PhotoStory Friday
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