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Friday, May 28, 2010

Foto Story Friday #103-- bridal shoot

Thursday turned out beautiful and way too muggy for eastern Montana.  Thank goodness the rain chose not to fall!  After a slow start, we had a good time taking photos and making memories today.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Foto Story Friday #102-- Robby's field day

Today was the 4th and 5th grades field day.  Robby was SO excited to finally be old enough for field day.  He worried for a week about packing his lunch and having enough water.  I assured him that I knew how the drill went, I've been to enough that I would make sure he ate and stayed hydrated!  We arrived at 8:50 (ten minutes to spare) and of course all the kids are ready to go and excited to spend the day in the sun.
Robby's first event was the 800m run.  I tried to explain to him how this race should be run, after-all I use to run track and even ran this race, but he is 10 and he knows more than me.  He is the one in the bright green shirt.  He took off fast...

And was leading the pack for most of that first lap....
But as it came round to that last straight stretch he was slowing down and ended up placing 3rd.
Next event was the football throw.  This is such a funny picture, not the best but it makes me smile!  He threw the football 72 feet, but it wasn't far enough to place.
Then he teamed up for the 3-leg race.  They were so funny the next photo I took they were laying on the ground laughing cause they tripped and fell.  Robby and his buddy got up and finally crossed the finish line with big smiles.
They did a Surprise relay... the surprise was the kids didn't know what they would be doing.  In teams of four they made 4 passes doing different activities: 1) each guy crawled under the legs, stood up and then the next guy went- repeat all the way to the finish line, 2) they laid on the ground and the last guy hops over everyone and then lays down and the next guy goes till they reach the start line, 3) they leaped frogged their way down to the line and then sprint back to the start, 4) one at a time they had to run down grab the bat and spin around 6 times run back and tag the next guy in line.  it was fun to watch. Robby's team got 3rd.
After lunch Robby had 2 running events to go.  First up was the 4x100 relay race.  Robby got the first leg and lane 1.
The hand off, they are doing well and in first. His team maintained the lead and took 1st!
They barely finished this race and they called the next one the 400m dash.    He is stretching and waiting for lane assignments. He was totally leading the pack and feeling good when he noticed his buddy coming up on him fast....
The crowd was yelling and cheering him on, he looked over and growled and kicked it in.  these two were battling it out (and I was too busy screaming er cheering him on to take another picture of the battle) they crossed the line only a fraction of a second apart and Robby came in 2nd. (1:18:02 and 1:18:01)  It was the best race of the day!  His face is priceless {you know you want to click on it and see that expression! :) }
He looks a little tired after that run!  All in all it was a great day and I think he really enjoyed his 1st field day!  Who knows, we might have a little track star on our hands!!

PhotoStory Friday
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Foto Story Friday #101--Em and Nana

Em loves her Nana.  Nana is suffering from dementia and often has no idea who people are.  It is sad and hard to watch someone you love go through this disease.  Several years ago, I cared for my grand Uncle who also suffered from dementia.  I attended a seminar with my mom on it hosted by Shelley Fabares who cared for her mother while she suffered with alzheimer's dementia. It was a very informative seminar and of course pretty cool to meet an actress.  Nana displays many of the signs and symptoms of this disease.  For those of us who remember her before, it is tough to see her this way. Tougher for her Daughter, Son-in-law and grandson who can remember how active and very busy with this craft or that one she always was.  The older 2 kids especially remember going to her house and playing while she excitedly told me about some new stamping set she had gotten or the Christmas ornaments she was working on for the grandkids and great grandkids.  When we lived in Vegas, I made it a point to stop by every week for a visit, because I felt it important for my kids to really know their great grandparents.  They would play and I would visit with Nana and Papa. But for the younger kids, this is the only Nana they know.  Scott is scared of her and will only, on occasion, give her a hug or talk to her. Em, on the other hand,  just loves her and often goes up and talks to her.  As was the case a few Sunday's back, when I looked over to see her patiently kneeling next to her turning the pages in a craft magazine.

The sad part is, because EmmaLece is the one who likes to sit and talk with her, she is the only one of the kids that Nana remembers and blames her for everything that she can't find or any noise that she hears.  Nana often says things like:  "that little girl...."  While it drives my mother-in-law batty when she blames Em for anything and everything, I just laugh and think how I hope Em will remember with fondness sitting with her and talking and enjoying her company.  She always runs over and says hi and usually gives her a hug before we leave.  She loves her Nana even if Nana blames her for her missing glasses!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Foto Story Friday #100--- New Wheels

Inspired by Honey Mommy, I got a new bike.  I'm not an avid rider like she is but I do enjoy a ride down the street with my kids or across town.  Recently, as we were shopping, we saw this bike reduced to $50, who could pass up a new bike for $50? 
It has this fun place to strap things on the back.
Bike riding is good exercise and it's way more fun then running or working out.
It's not a mountain bike like I'm use to riding, it has skinny tires, like the old 10-speed my dad used to have.
I'm grateful for gears, after riding with Robby and watching him peddle to beat the band, I'm glad that I can change gears.  I remember when I was a kid and we used to ride our BMX bikes to town -- down the dirt road and onto the frontage road for couple of miles up and down hill. Oh, how much nicer that ride would have been with gears!  I also recall a time when someone gave us a 10-speed and my dad and I went for a ride.  We rode to town together down the frontage road and on our way home on the freeway, it started to rain  By the time we arrived home, we were pretty much soaked.  I hope when my kids get older they will look back on our rides with fondness. I think that my oldest brother will never a forget a ride he and my dad took one summer.  I'm sure I'll never make a ride like that.... they biked from Missoula, MT to Spokane, WA.  (Go ahead and grab the map or Google it, I'll wait....)  There are 3 mountain pass between those 2 cities!  Even in the summer months snow can be found on some of them.  I don't know how long it took them (I'm sure they had to camp out a night or two) because I was rather young when they undertook that adventure, but I do know that experience is forever their minds.
That seat is a killer, so I traded Robby for his old lady seat, (ya know the kind, nice and wide so your bum can actually fit on it) and I think it fits my old lady bike just fine!
So I went riding every evening with one or more of my kids, then it started to rain and rained for days and the wind has been blowing.  It has pretty much rained for a week straight. If it isn't raining then the wind is blowing 40+ mph and so I wait for a nice day to ride again.

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