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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekly photo challenge--love

join the fun of weekly photo challenge at hope and believe.

It is possible that I didn't actually take this shot, but I did set it up. There were a few of us snapping photos that night and I call it 'Young Love'. They are such a cute couple. They have been married for years, probably pushing 50 years together. He is SO devoted to her. She has recently gotten bad with her altzheimers.

This is my brother-in-law and son on the day they were sealed in the Spokane Temple. I call this one 'Father's Love'.


Are You Serious! said...

♥ I love seeing old couples together. Especially when they're holding hands and just caring for each other in general! So sweet! :)

rochelle said...

Me too. There's just something about that deep, unabiding love that just gets you right there! Nice pic. Hey, if you look in my comments from that last post, you'll see I added two more OCDisms. Thanks for your comment!

Aunt Claudia said...

A couple had been together as long as these two and were having a few issues so they went to see a counselor. Husband said "When I used to get home in the evening, I would settle into my favorite chair, the wife would bring my slippers and the dog would be so happy to see me he would run through the house barking." "Now," he told the counselor, "everything has changed!" "How so?" he was asked. "Now,the dang dog brings my slippers and the wife goes through the house barking!" The counselor said, "I see no problem. After all these years you're still getting the same service!"
Ha-ha-ha...Hope love stays strong for us all!

Deedles said...

Oh the Greens! What a great man he is! He takes such great care of her! :) What a darling photo of them! I miss everyone! I need to come and visit!

Wendi said...

What a sweet photo.
And an even sweeter title.
Thanks for sharing.

Valerie said...

Love pictures of older couples. They have a lifetime of memories and are still making them. How sweet.

racefan said...

I love your choice for this post! I think very highly of Brother and Sister Green---they are so cute together. He was our home teacher (with Troy, I think) for awhile---what an AWESOME man! I often wonder how they are doing along with other ward friends/families that we miss!!! Hope you have a GREAT week:)

Ryanne said...

Well, the older couple are adorable, but I sure have a soft spot in my heart for those two boys in the last picture! They along with Orissa are my heart! Thanks for putting them in there...there is a lot of fathers love in that husband of mine!

ZB said...

These are sweet. Thanks for always playing along with us. We hope to get our next challenge up soon.