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from Leven Thumps and the Wrath of Ezra by Obert Skye

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Anne Bradshaw is hosting another give-away for this on CD. It is a mystery suspense and sounds like a good one.
Story info:
A Celtic scholar is murdered when she finds a clue to a priceless fifth-century manuscript that could prove the identity of King Arthur. Determined to find the ancient relic and avenge her sister's death, Maren Southcott begins a quest that immediately puts her own life in danger.

In the tradition of Mary Higgins Clark, The Arthurian Omen weaves a tale of mystery and suspense as pursuit of the manuscript winds through the medieval castles and monasteries of Wales. Stalked by a psychopath with delusions of a Welsh revolution, Maren is shaken to the core when a new crisis threatens to destroy the one person she loves most. Can she find the manuscript before the murderer strikes again? Or is the manuscript — and the legend — better left buried in the past?

If you want to enter drop by Anne's blog.


Brooke said...

Ooooh! Looks good! I'll have to enter! Thanks for the info.

Screaming Meme said...

Oh my! I love that! It looks like fun! :) I love the lobster towel...:) Hi, My name is Meme from Screaming Meme...I want to personally invite you to both of my blogs...SM and my new blog...Project: {Create A Home}...I created this blog to bring inspiring and creative women together to inspire, uplift, and share our ideas on creating a happier life...it is a mix of topics...decorating, organizing, cooking, gardening, relationships, spirituality, blogging...just to name a few......I hope to see you over there and at SM...(SM is a decorating blog)...Meme

Jaina said...

Wow, that sounds like a great book!