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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Foto Story Friday #32 -- Kohunlich, Mexico cont.

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

For our last excursion foto-story I give you the rest of the ruins ruins at Kohunlich, Mexico. After the Howler monkeys, we looked around at this huge area. Kohunlich is a massive site. We couldn't even see everything because of time restrictions. 4 hours on busses, leaves very limited time at the site for exploring. I could have spent hours wondering around taking pictures.
Last week I left you in the plaza.    Through the plaza there was another temple dating back to BC times.  There were ruins all over but I hurried over to see this temple.
First sight of it..... well, not really, I was trying to get it without a bunch of people.... didn't work though.  I really like the thatched roof.
Shot from the corner looking up.
there are three gods flanking each side of the steps.  You can see two of them in this shot.
Second  face of the left side.
Top face on the left.  Our guide said they were covered and as they pealed back the layers, they found these perfectly intact faces.  He said that they would get tired of say the gold and cover it in jade or the other way around and often if you you are lucky you will find layers of precious stone or metals.
Troy climbed up this temple.  
The rooms at the top of the temple.  There were three small ones.
The view from the top of the temple.
Looking down the steps. I stood up here waiting for the perfect shot, never happened.  The people do give it a perspective though.  There were several others standing up there with me, in the shade listening to our guide and hoping for The Shot. One guy who gave me camera envy and I were talking.  He said that he'd gotten in trouble for taking pictures with his tripod.  He has such a fancy camera and a big 'ole tripod, they assumed he was professional.  I told him that he gave me camera envy and he just laughed! :)
Top face, right side.
Middle face, right side... this one is a double face.
Bottom face right side.  I do wish I could remember all that our guide told us, but I can't.
Looking up the steps.  You can see Shelby our guide and owner of Liahona Guided Tours.  He is full of info.   
Another corner shot, from a little different level.
The back side,just look how tall it is!
The other corner.
I didn't take this one, my friend, Cami did.  We were rushing back to the buses for lunch and the ride back to the ship.
I wanted to go peek around these low wall to see what was back there, but the time was gone. :(
The palace from the back.
The guys working hard to restore this building.  Go ahead and enlarge it, the top guy, he saw I was taking their picture and tried to get his buddy to pose.  He put on his best smile for me.
One last look as we rushed to the bus.
We grabbed our sandwich, chips and drink and set off.  We didn't get far, as the Mexican police had the cars in front stopped.  The let the bus by.
But the cars were a different story.  As we watched from our seats, they got the people out and searched the car.  I guess they were making sure nothing was taken from the site.
I was unable to get a picture of the gals standing on the side of the road peddling their wares.... cut-up fruit, and drinks in water bottles.  Scary!
headed back to the ship. (picture by my father-in-law)  next week I just might show you a bit of the ship fun.....


Are You Serious! said...

♥ I can't believe how huge those ships are!!!

Maggie May said...

That was quite a tour and I enjoyed looking at the photos that seemed to be really unique.
Your family look really interesting people.

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

looks like a fantastic trip

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh wow, What a fantastic trip with shots to match.

Jaina said...

What a lovely vacation. Looks so awesome, I love that you got to see all those ruins and temples.

latree said...

cant wait to see the ship-trip photos!

Susie said...

Wow, very interesting stuff. It's pics and stories like these that make me ache to travel. I would LOVE to get on that big, giant, boat! LOVE THE OCEAN! too bad my checkbook doesn't love it as much.

Oh, thanks for sharing!

Ryanne said...

I am just so glad you documented this trip so well.,m≥ยต,=] It is nice to be there sort of. Now you can always remember that yes you really did go and see all that cool stuff!!