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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My World -- Places of Worship-- churches and bars

Visit the my world blog for more tours.
I haven't done a My World post in a few weeks.  As I was considering what I wanted to share about my world, I thought that it would be interesting to take a trip around town and see just how many places of worship our little map dot offers.  I mentioned this to Troy and he thought I should combine it with how many bars/pubs/lounges/taverns we had as well.  I attempted to capture each church with the name visible so that all would see the different denominations. When possible I will provide little insights in to the buildings.  
The First Baptist Church  In the next lot is an education center also run by this church.
While this is an eating establishment, it is also a pub.
The Glendive Alliance Church
The Elks, a bar/rental hall.  Parties and wedding receptions are held here.
The West Side Baptist Church I wish I could have taken this one from the overpass, but it is not necessarily wise to stop on the overpass to snap a photo. 
Southside Tavern    I like the bit of art on this building.
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses   The only church I saw that was without windows. 
The Wagon Wheel Bar and Cafe 
White Chapel Mennonite Church
The Moose Lodge bar and rental hall.  Parties, weddings, and sometimes AAU wresting practices are held here.
The Sacred Heart Catholic Church   This is a very large building that I had trouble getting a good shot of, so I settled on this with the front doors and a stained glass window seen through the leafless tree.
The Beer Jug  While a bar at heart, it is also a good place to get a sandwich.  We love to get a Swiss Brat on rye here!
St. Matthew's Episcopal Church  This cute little church sits on the corner across from a bank, dentist and the quilt shop.
The Twilite lounge sits on the corner of the two main roads through town.  It no longer serves food.
United Methodist Church  Recently added the new entrance seen on the far left of the photo.
American Legion bar
The New Life Ministries UPCI
The Oasis Bar
Glendive Evangelical Church of North America
The V.F.W. Bar Lounge
The First Congregational Church United Church of Christ  The girl scouts meet in this church twice a month.
Doc & Eddies has an enclosed  "casino" area and is also an eating establishment. 
Zion Lutheran Church  This is an enormous building and there was no way I could get a good shot of the whole thing and the sign.  As is was, the lighting was not good for this shot either.  They have a donation room off in the back left of the building called the furniture room.  A good place to donate your gently used furniture/household items.
The sign is nearly hidden by the shrubbery, but I zoomed in and captured it.
This building is also hard to capture all of in a good shot on the slippery roads of my town.  This building like most LDS buildings has a full-size basketball court.  In the past, the middle school has held girls basketball practices here when all the school gyms were busy.
The Seventh Day Adventist Church
The Breakforth Bible Church  This church meets in an old store.  They recently bought another building across the drive also previously owned by a grocery store.
Our Savior Lutheran Church Missouri SYNOD  This church is located on the same block as the Catholic church.
The Glendive Assembly of God Church
The Church of Christ

As you can see much to the surprise of us, we offer more churches than bars.  18 churches to 11 bars, not bad for a little hick town in Eastern Montana!  Places of Worship, it is all a perspective....  I do believe that some worship in a sense the drink while other worship is a whole other sense in these houses of the Lord.


Are You Serious! said...

♥ That is a lot of churches for one small town! :)

lmerie said...

Love the church/bar tour - very cute! And many churches AND bars for a small town!

chrome3d said...

Photo of that SYNOD church was my favourite.

Larry Jordan said...

Hi Carrie, That's quite the family you have there. Very cute. I figure that must be Troy sleeping on the couch, eh?

I love your church/bar tour. Cool idea for a nice winter tour.

I must say I like the United Methodist Church the best. And a church without windows? What's up with that?

antigoni said...

I haven't seen something like that before. Awesome post and photos.

racefan said...

Great post, Carrie!! I had forgotten about some of the churches there. It is very impressive that Glendive has so many churches and almost as many bars:) Makes me miss Glendive even more! Especially my ward family and friends:) Tell everyone HI for me!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Fun tour, thanks!

And then there's the church I go to, which actually started *in* a bar before there was much of the town built!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh holy tour! This was a fun view!

Ryanne said...

MamaGeek is so funnY. I think it would take weeks to photo all the churches and bars here...and the post would be way too long.

Aunt Claudia said...

So you're saying that some go to drink in the Lord's Word - and some go just to drink in...hmmm
Love and miss you all!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Aunt Claudia- Yes! those are the perfect words! We miss you too!