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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Vacummes and other RANDOM things...

While watching Scott doing the vacuuming yesterday, I got to thinking about him and the vac. It is funny that he really does enjoy that. When he was younger, he was petrified of the vacuum. While we were creating rooms in the basement for the older two, this:was a constant fixture in the house. If the shop vac happened to be between him and the door or him and anywhere he needed to get to, he would simply freak out and refuse to move. You either had to pick him up or move the vac .... it was kinda funny in a frustrating way. As soon as he was old enough to move on his own and you brought out the vacuum, he was gone .... need to find him, follow the screaming! Then all of the sudden, it became his best friend. I think when we first got the new Oreck, is when he started thinking that it wasn't SO bad. Now every time it is pulled out, he HAS to be the one to run it.... and ya know what? He is a good vacummer! Much better than any of the older kids, he looks to be sure he is getting all the stuff off the floor and goes over an area twice to be sure! I would have made a video of him to share, but I didn't think anyone would like to watch my 3 yr old do the cleaning. ... but it was WAY cute {if I do say so myself! :-) }

Some fun things the kids did this day.

Snuck into the kitchen to see what was going on and this is what I found. "We're cooking food!" they said. What they really were doing was unloading the check book and coloring in pink marker all over anything they could find ... like the checks, the counter, any paper within reach!Wish you could have seen her sliding down the rail, it was SO funny! Troy thought that she was going to fall over the edge and that would not have been cool, but she did it several times while I tried to get a good shot. Scott never got it down, he just chased her down the steps instead.Scott said: "We're pirates and bad guys! The bad guy is going to chase the pirate and then tie him up and OK?"

Have any of you got these 'projects' parked around your houses?

This spring, Troy and David came by the house and unloaded this old tractor and parked it in our garage. So far, they have spent all of one afternoon working on it. And in July Troy and I took a little road trip with David and Heather to My sister's house and picked up this new project:This is a 1972 Chevy 3-door Suburban. The guys were SO excited to get it! They have spent about 2 hours checking it out and Troy bought a new gas cap! WooHoo, at this rate it will be a new century before they get either one running! :-) Actually it takes $$ to have fix-it hobbies {or any hobby} and well we're broke! If they ever get them fixed up and running the kids are begging that they do the 4th of July parade. Don't hold your breath kids, you'll be old enough to drive before these are ready for their debut!

Ever listen to people and think, they use one word ALOT? This past weekend Hosanna and I stayed up forever {as I said here} and I decided that RANDOM is her favorite word! I think she used that word nearly every sentence! Here is an example of one of the things Hosanna said when I told her that I was glad we had come to the concert: "Yeah, it's cool when random relatives show up." It cracked me up, and then I wondered what word do I use excessively? Do you have a favorite word?

I'm working on my posture! My grandma use to make us "sit up straight, put your shoulders back" and I use to think she was crazy! As she got older and I noticed things more, I realized that she had developed that hump on her back ... you know, the one lots of older people have... and I thought "if I continue to slouch, I too will have one of these?" My grandma also had broken her back twice I think and this may have contributed to it, but I don't want the Quasimodo hump! From now on I'm going to "sit up straight"! I sat through the whole concert like this, and boy was my back tired but I will persevere! :-)


Cecily R said...

I go in phases when I use one word in particular a lot. It makes me crazy, so I'm sure it makes everyone else INSANE.

As always, your kids are clever, cute and funny!

About your comment on my influx of visitors...it's all about networking! I do wordless wednesday (wordlesswednesday.com) and thursday thirteen (thursdaythirteen.com) and then go around and look at other people's posts on the same subject from the main sites. It's gets people to my blog and me to theirs. It's fun. And even more addicting. Join the cult with me!!!!

Melissa said...

Do you like your Oreck? I haven't found a vaccumn that I like yet! I get words stuck too. Drives me crazy and then I have make a HUGE conscience effort to quit saying them. :)

carrie & troy keiser said...

Cecily- I just may have to join with you ... you're leading me down the path..... :D
Melissa- Yes we do like our Oreck. It is so nice and light weight and not scary that the kids WILL use it! It also does a dang good job on the carpet even nasty sculpted carpets like ours. Happy hunting. :-)

crystal said...

Okay, you really should have posted the cleaning video, b/c ANYTIME a child cleans it is cute. And delightful.

Your kids are so imaginative! (jealous) That's what "living in the middle of nowhere" (i'm quoting you) will do for them!

That suburban is AWESOME!!! Very retro. Get it runnin'!

Keeley said...

You have an Oreck! What do you think of it? Is it worth the mondo spondoolicks?

Hahaha...I've just seen that Melissa has asked the same question. =D

Sooo, was there any tying up? I'm guessing not otherwise you would have captured it on film and posted it. =D I need to put more photies on my blog - yours is incredibly fun and interesting because of your great photography.

Word of the past several months: BIZARRE. =)

Michelle A. said...

Looks like a whole load of projects you guys have to work on. Love the pictures of your children - very cute. Thanks for all you lovely comments on my blog :)

carrie & troy keiser said...

Crystal- just for you I posted the video! The sub is pretty cool it has a wooden floorboard! When I was 16 and 17 I drove that big ol thing around SLC (my sister lived there at the time) with my cousin .. good memories! :-)
Keeley- it's the best vac we've ever bought and it came recommended by several ladies I know. I'm glad that you like my crazy household! :-)
Michelle- Never a dull moment round here! You're welcome I enjoy reading how things are going for you and seeing your pictures. :-)

Anonymous said...

My 3 year old had his run and hide from the vacuum cleaner time today. He is so afraid of it as your son was. Hmm, does this mean he will vaccuum as he gets older?!

My mother was the one who kept on me about my posture. And lately I have tried to be conscious of it.

carrie & troy keiser said...

Cynthia- one never can tell with 3 yr olds! :-)