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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We have NO time

My girls, as I've mentioned before, are in Girl Scouts and have been since kindergarten (now 6th and 4th graders). They have always been really gung-ho about cookie sales. We have usually sold between 100 and 250 boxes each. These last 2 years (especially this year) we have not had the time to devote to sales. You must sell only during daylight hours and you must have an adult along for safety. This year our schedule doesn't allow any time to get out there and knock doors. With Troy's new work schedule, we have to be all finished with dinner by 6pm. The kids get home from school at 3:45 and Then it homework and chores and I've got be working on dinner and then there is waiting on Riley's parent(s) to come pick him up anywhere between 4:45 and 5:30.. So when do they have to go sell? Well, one would think they could at least have gone out on the 2 Saturdays they have, but nope..... the first Sat. is General Conference and this past Sat. they spent babysitting. I feel bad because in years past we would be out and selling from the time school let out til it was dark..... now that they are older and we have a new schedule, there just is not the time.
A typical day starts at 6 am when Shantel or Savanna comes upstairs and wakes Robby (who usually needs at least one more wake-up call). Cody or Robby is first in the shower (Robby is still young enough that he showers every other week day). The girls take showers the night before, so they are getting dressed. By 6:30 6:45 the piano practice starts. Teeth get brushed and I finally drag myself out of bed. The kids normally eat breakfast at school. If there is something nasty for breakfast they will ask to eat at home and it goes like this morning :
C: "Can I eat here this morning?"
D: "Why, what are they having at school?"
C: "Gross hard boiled eggs, sausage, juice and milk." Keep in mind this is the same child who will eat Easter eggs like thy are going out of style, but if the school makes them, they are inedible! Go figure!
D: "Mom and I'll talk about it. Go take a shower."
After his shower ... C: "So, can I eat here?"
D: "Yes, you may have toast and Total."
After a long pause... C: "Total is disgusting!"
D: "Then I guess you'll be eating hard boiled eggs at school."
Shoes are put on and we gather for family prayer and out the door they head. They catch the bus at 7:15. The grade school starts about 20 mins before the middle and high schools. That means they also get out 20 mins before them too. The buses start at the grade schools and move on to the middle school and finally to the high school for those few high schoolers not cool enough to drive (or too young to drive). In the afternoon, they are coming in the door at 3:45 and it is busy 'round here til about 9:30 (after we have had dinner, clean-up, finish our chores and homework, have family scripture reading, and family prayer) then we finally get them all to bed ... well, all but the twins who don't normally get to sleep til 11:30 or later. We do send them to bed at the same time as the others, they just don't stay! Now, if it is Wednesday, then Robby has cub scouts from 4:30 to 5:30, 2nd and 4th Wednesdays the girls have achievement day girls at church from 4:30 to 6 and Cody has Young Men's from 7 to 8:30pm. Wednesday is by far the most hectic. This Wednesday we are also squeezing in piano lessons right after school because the teacher is going to be busy (doing what I'm not exactly sure) on Thursday and needs the girls to babysit that day. This Thursday and Friday is when the teachers from the whole state have to go to classes, so the kids haven't got school. The girls will be sitting from 8 am until she is finished with whatever and the boys will be earning $ at Grandpa's pulling roots up and whatever other yard work he has. There is just not enough time to do anything!
I'm hoping to go to Billings to listen to the All State High School Choir because my niece is singing with them. That depends on Grandpa's willingness to watch the kids and if there are still tickets. My sister is suppose to be calling to say whether or not we can get tickets and if so all the details (where and when). Keep your fingers crossed ... I could sure use a little break from the kids!


Melissa said...

I think you need a scrapbook getaway. That's my answer to everything! :) Stressed out need a break from the kids...Scrapbook getaway!!!!!!! It's always a good answer. I'm so glad that's not my schedule although I'm sure things will get crazier as my kids get older. 1 in school is enough for me right now! Good Luck! :)

carrie & troy keiser said...

Thanks! And I think there is something in the air today.... the kids are CRAZY!

Andrea said...

Goodness! Just READING this makes me tired!

crystal said...

Oh bless your (busy) heart. You're SuperMom! And you're making me a wee bit worried for what's in store...

Vonda said...

Oh how I remember the day of gir scout cookie sales, no time and kids, schedules and all. It is worth it in the end though...you are a good mom. I love your blog and am trying to read through it.....lots to read.

carrie & troy keiser said...

Andrea- :-) We're planning a nice quiet movie for this evening.
Crystal- :-) You make me smile I'm SO not supermom! I think I'm just crazy.
Vonda- I went back and read all of the posts by you and your sisters ... you guys crack me up! Thanks for the encouragment! :-)

Sherri said...

It can get crazy. This is what our lives sounded like before we started homeschooling. When I took them out of school, it was like wes stepped off of the fast track..no more rushing around in the mornings or trying to cram an entire day into the evenings.
Nope...not saying it is for everyone, but it was the answer for us.

carrie & troy keiser said...

Sherri- I'm glad it works for you and lots of others, but I know I'd end up in the looney bin if I homeschooled! I can handle one kid at a time teaching and I love to watch them 'get' it but if I tried to do that with 6 ... my family would visit me in Warm Springs! (the looney bin here in MT)
My sister's brother-in-law and wife have 10 kids and she is the super-woman she does it all homeschooling and home births, I don't know how she does it! My hats off to mom's who homeschool! You go Sherri! I love to read all the fun things you do.