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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

New Schedual

My husband has started his new job. He now will have a few days in the week off. I am not sure who will go crazy first! Ya see, I think in my getting to know me post (I've yet to figure out how to link each post ...I'll get it one day!) I said that he worked as a corrections officer... well, in 2001 he started working at the prison/county jail, but they didn't pay well enough to support a family. So he has nearly always had 2 jobs. In 2003 he started working at Cross Petroleum as a driver. So he would go to work at 8 and come home at 2:30, shower and head to work from 4 to midnight. He did this until spring of 06 when he went full time at Cross. This past month has seen quite a bit of drama there culminating in the owner telling his "boss" and best friend being told he would no longer be employed as of Oct. 1st and that he fully expected Troy to leave with him! Rather than wait around and see if he would be the next to get the axe, Troy went and applied at the prison, they were glad to have him back. So yesterday was his first day back at the prison. They now work 12 hr shifts so he will have days in the week off! this may make him and I crazy!


angie said...

Love the spelling of schedual...my husband works 12 hour shifts....it definitely has it's pros and cons, but at least it's work! :)

Sherri said...

I don't do well with change.
I love Jeff home, but during the week it seems to mix up our school schedule a bit. I don't know what it is...just makes it feel too much like the weekend or something!

carrie & troy keiser said...

My new spelling must be a result of the change! We'll figure it out ancd it will work, I'm sure :-)

Andrea said...

You never know... Once you both get into the swing of things, this may be a blessing! :) How long is your Honey-Do list?

I'm a working mom, but when my hubby stays home on a day that I have to go to work, it still throws my day off!

Holly said...

You'll get used to it! And like Andrea said, get your Honey-Do list ready! LOL!

carrie & troy keiser said...

I have plenty of things for him to do... problem is that others have things for him also... his dad, some friends ... one day he'll get to my stuff! :) He did get the light in our room fixed and the drawer in the kitchen so that was good. I'll have to work on that list... thanks Andrea and Holly.