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Friday, October 12, 2007

Oh no NOW I really am running an illegal day care!

Ok so my friend called last night to see if the girls could babysit for her this afternoon. Now since this is how they pay for piano lessons, I said, "yeah sure". She said she wasn't sure of the time, but would call. No problem, right? Well, she called at 11 and said she be here in like 20-30 min! Ok so now I'm watching 4 extra kids all 3 and under the youngest being about 5 months~! So now I will know what life would be like if I had 6 kids all under 3! Pretty sure I may need help after today! :-) I guess I really am running an illegal day care! See my Sept post for further detail... one day I'll learn to link posts. (at least until 3:45 when the girls get home and can take over the extra 2! Life is fun, huh? Well I figure we are all from the same ward (geographical area church congregation) and so we are all family, right? And you can't babysit more than 2 that aren't related... so since we are a ward family, we ARE related, right?! Works for me. Now, I'm busy! :-)


Andrea said...

I don't know how the laws vary from state-to-state, you would still be within the legal limits in Tennessee.

Though you may want to check the laws on running a circus as well, just in case... :)

(I amuse myself way too easily!)

Sherri said...

It makes me tired just reading it! But then again, I'm tired today anyway. I really should finish up with the kids in time to have a little nap since Jeff is taking me on a DATE tonight :). His mom is keeping the kids while we go out. It'll be nice to have some time alone to really talk..away from other things that distract us (not just the kids but all the other things in the house that we get distracted by).
Wow, I wrote a book....I might need this one on one adult night more than I thought :).

carrie & troy keiser said...

Andrea- Hahahhehehheehehe! Thanks! laws in MT state 2 non-related children!
Sherri- Have fun on your date you deserve it!

crystal said...

Oh, wow. You are a Super-Friend. And a ward family is TOTALLY like a family. :)

Anonymous said...

Family is family and there are many different types of families. The laws are so different state to state it truly baffles me!

You have the most beautiful family and I just love the pictures on your wall.

carrie & troy keiser said...

Thanks Crystal and Cynthia.
I've made some edits to my poor abilities to add the letter "w" to the word now ... I did that twice... We survived the day and actually everyone was good... had two that took naps for 3 1/2 hours! so it was easy. :-)

Dancin Queen said...

You are such a good friend!

To link to previous posts, you click on the time at the bottom of the post, then copy the url/http up at the top of the page, then paste it in you little link spot!

carrie & troy keiser said...

DQ- Thanks I'll try that next time!
The day was not too bad actually.

Anonymous said...

cute, yep, we are all really related.

adorable how you said we all are really in the same ward.

happy saturday, kathleen :)

carrie & troy keiser said...

:-) happy weekend to you too.

Cecily R said...

Oh Carrie, you and I share a common problem...does the I'm-a-ready-and-willing-babysitter stamp on your forehead sometimes itch like mine does?

carrie & troy keiser said...

Cecily- yup I think so! :-)