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Monday, June 9, 2008

52 Weeks of Blessings -- Week 23-- Big Kids

Big Kids
When they are little like this:You never think they will ever get to this:
But then, before you realize it, they are big and responsible and you can leave them in charge of these:and this:
This one is in between, not quite old enough to sit on her own but almost too old to be sat, so she is the helper sitter! It is nice to not have to find a sitter, my Big Kids are a blessing!


Are You Serious! said...

♡ I'm anxiously awaiting that age! :)

SuperCoolMom said...

I totally agree! I love having built in sitters, cooks, and drivers! Woohoo for big age gaps!

Cecily R said...

Now THAT is a reason for Isaac to get a little bigger....but maybe the only reason. :)

Emy5 said...

I know what you mean. My oldest babysits too. Thanks for reminding me what a big help our big kids are.

Shellie said...

I would die without my oldest. I just read like the last 10 posts! You go girl! How do you do so much? I love your new header too.

andrea j said...

Great blessing!! I can't image what will happen when I leave my four boys home to fend for themselves. A scary thought! But I do think it will be nice when we can do things like grocery shop without them :)

Ryanne said...

you do have some pretty helpful kids, more responsible than many at their ages. A true blessing!

KATE said...

What a great blessing! My oldest is just getting old enough to leave by herself, but not quite old enough to watch other kids. But, we're close! It certainly helps!!
I love the pictures!!

Keeley said...

Isn't it AWESOME when the older ones are old enough to babysit? =)

And then they get too old and prepare to move out the house...and all of a sudden your easy babysitter days are at an end. *sigh*

Just one more year of easy babysitting, then Bert and I are on our own again. I think I will go insane. =D

ANYWAY, those photos of your children are fantastic! =) What great kids you have. =)

Wendi said...

Big kids are a huge blessing.
I am learning this as my oldest is 12.
He is really a huge help to me now!

Laura said...

As much as I often wish the would just not grow up. I can't wait to go out and have a built in baby sitter. The freedom!

latree said...

my oldest is also a great sitter, even since she was 5 (now 8)