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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weekly photo challenge-- research and re-creations

This week's challenge sure made me work! I took the girls out to re-create some of my favorite pix ... and the camera didn't play fair! I had taken some good pix and when I got home to download them, yup the camera and the card were not on the same page! It decided that the card had to be reformatted! I was nearly in tears, I was so mad! So here are, yet again my attempt to re-create some photos I've seen and loved!

First this one here I loved from the time I first saw it and have wanted to get a similar shot.
We haven't really got a good country tree lined road, but we do have this cool bridge.

Shantel took this one of the two of us.
And when I saw these photos, I also wanted badly to get some like them.

We have a BNSF depot here, but they are all over ya if ya get near the tracks and trains, so we went to a side track a little out of the way for these shots.
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onehm said...

LOVE these!! WOW! That bridge is AWESOME!! Great job!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...


ZB said...

That bridge is awesome. What a fun location. Good job. It IS a really hard Weekly Challenge, but you did an awesome job!

Darla said...

Wow! Great, wonderful pictures!!! Now I want to go get some cute pics of my kids..I've been so lazy lately! You've inspired me. :)

Brooke said...

I love these! You did a great job! I'd love to get some pics of my kids on the train tracks. So fun!