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Monday, August 18, 2008

52 Weeks of Blessings- week 33-- grandparents

I'm gonna cheat this week!  Did you read my last post on Grandparents?  Well, I would have to say that Grandparents are a great blessing!  For my week 33 blessing I choose Grandparents!  We spent a lot of time with my mom's parents.  Gramma drove and Grampa didn't.  He would get in a mood and they would hop in the car and come on over.  They lived 3 hours and 2 states away. {back then it was probably more like a 4 hour drive, but then again Gramma did tend to have a lead foot!}Here they are on their 50th wedding anniversary.
We didn't spend as much time with my dad's parents.  I actually never met my Grandpa Flynn here on earth.  He died a few years before I was born.  My Gramma Grace didn't drive.  I do remember spending a few weeks with her.  She had beautiful rose bushes and a back porch swing.Gramma Grace was always the last to eat when it was meal time, because she wanted to make sure everyone was cared for first.  Her house was always neat and tidy.  I think it was a generation thing, they waited hand and foot on their families.  They had 3 sons, of which my dad is the oldest.  Gramma Grace was very quiet and composed.  One summer Gramma took us for a visit to Gramma Grace's.  She dropped us off and came back a few days later.  I am grateful for that visit as it is one of only a few I had there.When Cody was a baby, we went down to visit Gramma Grace.  Pictured here are:  Me, Gramma Grace, Cody and my Dad. .. A 4 generation picture!
My Grandpa Flynn was a mechanic by trade, but a musician at heart.  He played the fiddle.
He was in many contests.  Here is an article about him around the time of his death in a fiddling newsletter for a group he was a member of.
On the few occasions that we went to Gramma Grace's, I remember sneaking into her room to look at the pictures on her dresser.  They were of her and grandpa.  Since we didn't know him, he was a major  curiosity.  I think the older kids spent more time with them than us younger ones.
I never met my great grandparents here on earth either.  I can't wait to know them on the other side.  I love this picture of my Gramma's parents: 
Isn't it just great?  Don't ya want to know what was SO funny?!  I do and one day I'm going to ask them.
My kids are getting the chance to spend time with their Nana {great grandma on dad's side}, since she recently transplanted up here.  I hope that they cherish this time with her.Savanna and Nana.
Scott and EmmaLece with Nana.
And of course, I think my kids have 2 setsof wonderful grandparents.  For more on my in-laws go here.  Troy parents:Grandma and Em.
Grandpa and Scott.
My parentsHere they are in 2000 when they came to see us in Vegas.  Here we are in Dec 07, everyone except Cody who had already left for young mens.
Go here for a post about my dad and here for a post about my parents.


Vidal's Nest said...

My parents are such great grandparents. I too am grateful for that. My own ones were awful so I appreciate them so much more!
Nice tribute to them!

SuperCoolMom said...

What an excellent post! I love that picture of GG laughing! Sooo cute! How nice for your kids to have some time with their GG!

KATE said...

Another great post about Grandparents! I love them! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!!

Ryanne said...

Wow, look at all those wonderful people in those shots...Just love em all! Got a new blog for you to go to. Javin's photos now have a home

Mandy said...

Grandparents are such a wonderful blessing! I am grateful for mine also! Thanks for the beautiful stories!

Casey's trio said...

Grandparents are so special....they bring something so valuable into a child's life!

idahohubers said...

These pictures are awesome! I hardly knew my grandparents growing up and don't live near the one grandma that is still living. You've got me thinking of old memories. Grandparents are a wonderful blessing!

Lori said...

Those pictures are amazing. I especially loved the 4 generations one. That is so neat. What a great blessing!

Shellie said...

Oh, I loved the pictures, especially the laughing one! That generation was pretty good at waiting on family. I wish I could do that better. In Latin American they still do so much of that. I try and try to emulate them but I am a disorganized airhead!!!