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Saturday, August 9, 2008

My firstborn turns 14!

How did this happen? Where did the time go?  How can my first born child be 14?!  How to tell the story.... Well, lets see, of course we were REALLY excited to be pregnant only a few short months after getting married.  Troy's parents were more than thrilled to be grandparents for the first time.  Mine, on the other hand, were both not quite as excited.  My Dad was happy and excited, but my mom was not happy at all!  You'd have thought that she would have been happy, we'd waited, gotten married in the temple and it was 4 months after marriage that we got pregnant.  We were young, in love and excited to be starting our family!  
I was SO incredibly sick for months, that it was beyond NOT funny!  I had the cutest little tummy, barley showing at 5 months.  I thought it was going to stay cute for the duration and that I was not going to get stretch marks. {After-all, my mom had 8 babies and you can't find a stretch mark!} Boy, was I wrong!  I got HUGE!
We lived in Vegas at the time.  My family {almost all} came down for the event.  It was an exciting time as my older brother and his wife were also expecting.  Our kids were to be 2 weeks apart.  My niece decided to show up early and ours, well he liked baking and basking in the comforts of his womb so much that he stayed in for a little longer.  The 2 weeks apart became 2 months instead {but, I'm getting a head of the story...}  Since Shannon came early we planned to have a double blessing when our son arrived.  He was due July 28th.  
I think this picture was taken July 28th!  We had a baby shower, we walked all sorts of places.  Nothing seemed to help encourage him to meet the world, or at least his family!  I also suffered from high blood pressure. {Let me tell you, that Vegas at the end of July and the first part of Aug is NOT the time to be THAT pregnant!}  I was very good and ate healthy, did my exercised daily, all to no avail!  I was over 200 lbs when he was finally born!  {10 years later I'd be pregnant with twins and not gain as much weight!  I was 120 before my first pregnancy, I have not see 120 since!  YIKES}  
I had Braxton hicks for months, it sucked!  Every time I thought things were going to move along, they would stop.  My parents took me to the hospital, cause I was sure I was really going to do something, and they sent me home!  I was bummed. My dad took this picture:Eventually, it was getting time that family had to get back to real life and get on home.  We had to do the baby blessing with only one baby :(  My dad and the younger kids had to go, my mom called work and told them she would be home after her daughter had her baby. My sister and her family had to get home. My brother stayed a few more days, and I'm so grateful he did.  We took the lamaze classes, ya know -- that you are sure you need.  {and you find out later that the only way to learn, is to do}.  On the morning of the 8th of Aug, nearly 2 weeks late, I woke and was sure things were different, but since we had had a few dry runs, I didn't say much for a few hours.  Finally I got ready and we went to the hospital, only to be turned away.  My brother and family came over to hang out with us as well as my mom.  Soon we made a 2nd trip to the hospital, also to be turned away and told that I could not be admitted until I was to a 4.  We went home.  We made a 3rd trip to the hospital and were met with:  " I don't know why you keep coming in, you're NOT going to have this baby today!"  We went home again!  My brother, having just gone through this with his wife, was my saving grace.  He located a stuffed animal and sat by my side, watching and waiting for the contractions. He would get me to focus my breathing and talk to me and get me to breathe through the pain.  Finally it got pretty intense, so we made yet another trip to the hospital.  Finally, they let me stay!  The first trip to the hospital was around 5 AM and the final trip around 5 PM!  I had done all the HARD work at home!  I was SO tired that I fell asleep when they came to give me an epidural!  My mother said that during labor my blood pressure was so high that she worried for my life.  I was too tired to do anything.  I know that my in-laws were in the hall with my brother and family.  I was very happy to have my mom with me.... after all she'd done this 8 times and she had to know more than anyone!  I slept between each contraction, each push, I would wake because my lips were cold.  Mom had been feeding me ice chips.  Finally our little man greeted the world at 12:05 AM Aug 9th!  He was a pounder at 9 lbs 8 ozs!  When we took him in for his 1 week PKU, he was over 10 lbs!  By 2 months he was 20 lbs.  He was a Moose, in fact, my mother called him that moose, or tank.  Now he is tall and fairly skinny!14! I can hardly believe that I'm old enough for a child this old!  He's a good kid most of the time!  I think I'll keep him!  Happy Birthday, Codeman!


Holly said...

Happy Birthday! I can't believe my oldest is 10 now. It goes so fast.

SuperCoolMom said...

I loved reading your story! I'd have been demanding that my doctor induce me! How frustrating to keep going back and be turned away! He looks like a Keeper!

Debra said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Where does the time go?

Ryanne said...

Have a great and happy birthday Codman. You made it to 14 already? Wow, now I feel old! Love and hugs from us all!
Fripan, Aaron The Flave and Mooky wishing you the best!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday. It's amazing how fast the time goes. Great story!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ What a story! I can't believe they kept sending you home and let him go that long! That is a big first baby too! I was terrified that I'd have a 9 or 10 pounder!

Happy Birthday to Cody! :)

KATE said...

What a great story! Thanks for sharing, I love labor & deliver stories!!
I can't believe you have a 14 year old either! No way! He's a cutie!

Wendi said...

Happy Birthday Cody!!!
*a little late*

Keeley said...

haha! Happy Birthday to Cody. =) What a great picture of him. =)

I can't believe he was over 10lbs at one week, and 20lbs at 2 months! Holy cow!

Brooke said...

Wow what a story! I know how frustrating a late baby can be! My first two were born before their due dates so I expected my third would be, too. My Mom and two of my sisters came a few days early with the intention of being there for the birth and then a few days afterwards to help out. I was so excited to actually have help when I needed it! Well the day came and went...and so did my help. TWO weeks later the baby decided he was ready. Luckily my brother who was living in TX at the time was still here to watch the older boys. He stopped by the hospital to see us on his way out of town. He was moving back to UT that day! Good grief! And the sad part is that I felt like I didn't even get to enjoy my Mom and sisters because I was so busy trying to do ANYTHING to get that baby here! (Probably why it took so long! Ha!) So frustrating! But they're worth it in the end aren't they?

Hope he had a happy birthday!