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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Close the door, please!

OK, so yesterday was the first day of school.  The kids got off with out a hitch and they all survived the first day.  Here they are all ready to walk out the door.Of course I still have the twins and the one I babysit running around.  
We have a door in our house that sees frequent use.... it slides open and close more times than I can count in any one 24 hour period.... All summer long I got spoiled and could enter this room and close the door, enjoying a few minutes of peace and quiet.  But when I entered and closed this door yesterday, I was rudely disturbed by 3 sets of smallish feet accompanied by 3 sets of smallish hands and 3 loud voices and 3 sets of prying eyes!  "Get out, and close the door please!" was repeatedly asked only to be followed by:  "I have to go! I have to go!  Me first!"  Um, hello! It's MY turn!  Get out and close the door PLEASE!"  Is it really too much to ask?  That I be afforded the right to enter this room alone?  I guess, we will work on privacy this year!  :)
On another note, with the start of school, the twins and I started pre-school.  We checked out some take home bags from the library:  Music, What Lives in a Shell and Lacing.  First off we read the lacing story about Corduroy and laced the buttons and the spools.  We worked on patterns too.  After that we had gym class, which consisted of me using the Wii Fit and the kids following along.  Then we read the music story called Abiyoyo and played with the maracas, triangle, a recorder and a practice pad. We took a break and had lunch, after which my charge went down for his nap.  The twins and I got out the pre-school workbooks and set to learning.
At first Scott was very careful about staying in the lines, then he just wanted to get on to the next page.  I think he didn't want to color, he wanted to write.  EmmaLece was quick and somewhat careful, but mostly she wanted to be done first.  When they finished their pages they wrote their names.  They are getting good.   We'll just take it one day at a time.  Today we will read the shell book What Comes in a Shell and look at, touch and feel the shells that came in the bag.


KATE said...

I love school! Woo Hoo!

Debra said...

WOOHOO!!! School is GREAT! I am so thankful for school.

WIll the twins be in Kindergarten next year? If you need a great (free) curriculum, try out www.letteroftheweek.com I used this with all my kids so far. I love her journal ideas for the older ones too.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Isn't it just crazy they'll be in kindergarten next year? I'm a little excited for mine to start! :)

Emy5 said...

That's great to get the twins working on school stuff too. I'm gonna start with my youngest this year.

angie said...

I hear you.......just 5 minutes? Alone? It's too much to ask for my kids!

Glad the older crew had a great day. I can't believe how much your oldest daughter looks like you. :)

G. Parker said...

Ours doesn't start till Monday...sigh. I'm glad, but it also means I go back to work...lol. Good job with your kids!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

funny - I have not peed by myself in over 6 years! ha ha - the girls, my son wanting a hug, the dog - always the dog!!!

idahohubers said...

Those library bags sound so cool! I get easily overwhelmed at the thought of doing preshool for my 3 kids. You make it sound fun and I know it's worth the effort. The bathroom story is exactly like my house! No one has to go till I do. My older brother always had to go when we were clearing dinner dishes. Random, but funny. Good luck on that one.

latree said...

school is fun!