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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Answers to my 200th post reader questions

Thank you one and all for your questions they have really made me think.
Angie said:
I'm going to ask you a few of the questions that I've been asked.....
I see how ya are, ask me the questions that you've yet to answer! The HARD ones! :)
#1. If you could be any other religion than the one you are, what would it be?
I really don't know.... since I feel that my religion is as complete as it gets, I don't know that I can choose another one. I'm sorry, I don't have a good answer for this one, anyone out there want to field it?
#2 Who is your hero, and why?
My hero is my Saviour because he gave all for me! He sacrificed and suffered for me and you that we could have the chance to return to live with him once again. What better example do we have? Who better to emulate? I fall short, daily, hourly, minutely... but I try and tomorrow I try to do better than the day before.
#3 Do you believe in ghosts?
Most days. Sometimes things happen and how else can you explain it. Sometimes things go missing and there is no reasonable explanation -- then it must have been "bob". Sometimes missing things are back right where you knew they were.... Sometimes there are strange unexplained events, or sounds... "It's got to be bob"! Whether it's ghosts or the Wahootie, I don't know.
Cecily asked:
Do you immediately write down stuff that your kids say...particularly Scottisms?
I wish I had started to write down all the funny things each of them said at a young age, but I didn't. Maybe Scott is the only one to say really fun things, I can't remember. {It's heck to get old!} Yes, I keep a paper and pencil handy and write down the Scottisims or I'll forget and then I'd be sad. {A mind is a terrible thing to loose, if you see mine, would you please return it to me! :D} One day I'm gonna get a video of him telling me his stories so you all can see his great expressive face in serious story mode! :) He just comes up and starts telling me things, his face and hands really getting into it and I'm so interested, trying to figure out where he comes up with this stuff that I can't remember what he just told me. I hope he will read all of these Scottisims and get a good laugh at himself!
If you were given the ability to fly for a day but had to give up your car for a month to do it would you?
Oh, to fly like Peter Pan! It is tempting, yes I think I would. What child didn't want to fly and think they could IF they were high enough up and had a grocery bag on their back? I remember dreaming I could fly. It would be worth it to feel the motion of flying without a plane, I could do without a car for a month to have had that experience.
Does anything REALLY scare you??
I hate to be outside in the dark alone! It freaks me out! I'm sure something or someone is going to get me!
Dancin Queen- Wendi asked:
What is your favorite kind of food, favorite restaurant, favorite beverage, etc.?
I love Mexican food.... I really like Italian too. I love The Olive Garden {it happens to be 3 hours away!}, I love Macayos {it's even farther away... days away... like Vegas or Phoenix!} Oh..... the longing for a good restaurant ..... {sigh}. I love Orange Julius.... but if I need a soda pop it's gotta be either Squirt, Dr. Pepper or Cherry Coke..... sometimes I just want a tall glass of .... milk.
Mom2my6kids *-Laurie asked:
Do you have any phobia's?
Do I have any fears?... I have a fear that my kids will not tell me something really important.... I want them to confide in me, trust me and want to tell me things, but I'm sure they won't and I'll find out some deep dark secret years down the road that will just crush me!
I have a fear of dying young-- and not getting to watch my kids grow into adults , get married and have kids.
What's your favorite childhood memory?
My dad was an owner operator long haul trucker for a good portion of my growing up years. I think my best memories were when we went with him in the summertime. One summer we all {that is the 4 younger kids and my mom} went along and we went to Nauvoo and Carthage. We walked around the sites of Church history. Walked over the Temple grounds, touched the stones that were still there, saw the holes and the blood stains. We attended the pageant, we experienced history. I would love to take my kids there. I would love to attend the Temple there.
This same trip we swam in Lake Michigan, lost a red tennis shoe and were adopted by Canadian geese-- they followed us around.

From one mother of 6 to another, why do you have 6 kids?
Because my husband won't let me have 7 or 8! :) Actually, I felt that we needed to have one more to make Robby feel more like he belonged and wasn't some add-on that we had to keep... I wanted him to be cemented in the family. I know I'm strange. After Savanna was born in '98, I had 1 or 2 rounds of the DePo shot, then we went off so the kids would be abt 2 years apart. We got Robby in 2000. I never got pregnant until Dec 2001, then we had a miscarriage in Feb. '02 In late '03 we got pregnant again it turned out to be twins. My husband was so scared when we'd had the miscarriage that he didn't want me ever to be pregnant again.... he sorta got tricked into that next pregnancy! He is no longer trickable! He's on to me and very date conscience! He reminds me frequently that although he loves and couldn't live without our kids he REALLY doesn't want any more.
Latree said:
having 6 kids sounds so hard for me. did you ever feel it is?
It's often crazy around here, but really 3 is the hardest number because you're now out of hands to hold on to them! Past three, you just have to remember how many kids you're suppose to have and get home with the right number... and right kids! :)
Well, there are days that are harder than others, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Sometimes when we are all in the front room sitting together, I even do a double take/count to make sure we're all here, like someone's missing.... I grew up in a family with 8 kids, but we never all lived in the house at the same time. It was almost like two separate families. There's something like 23 years between the first and the last. So really I don't know what it's like to not be around a lot of craziness!

IdahoHubers asked:
If you could be an expert on any topic what would you choose to know about and why?
Um, .... had to think about this for a few minutes. I have always been fascinated by weather. I would love to know all about it. At one time I really wanted to be a Meteorologist... but, oh the math! If I could be an expert on it, I guess the math would be there too, huh?
The Dairy Wife-- Tanya asked:
Can you teach me how to digital scrapbook like that? You're awesome!
Um, yeah, when can you drop by?! No seriously! OK, here's what I do: first off you need a picture program, I have Microsoft Picture It Publishing. It has a ton of graphics with it { it also takes up a bunch a space on the computer, but I like it}. Now since it is the program I have it is the one I know how to use. {If any of you out there have another program you use, would you please share your ideas with Tanya?} Then I've found some great blogs that offer wonderful Scrapbook kits for free! {Yes FREE that is what I'm talking about!} Next I just start plugging things in... It asks me if I want to use a white background, another picture, or something else. I choose something else and go get it from my stash and then add the pictures, frames, and other elements. I can move them around, change the size without making the pictures look funny, do things my way, I'm not one to pick a template and just add my pictures, I have to be the one who "makes" the page. Add text and save. It can be time consuming but I'm pleased with the results. I sold Creative Memories for a few years and I love Scrapping, but with all the monkeys I can't just run down to my scrappin table and work for hours on pages. This works, as the computer is in the front room and right in the middle of life. I think 3 pictures can tell the story and sometimes 4 so, I'm not much on the one picture masterpieces-- the more pictures I can cram fit on a page and tie together, the better! I now need to get the nice finished pages out of the computer and in an album for all to enjoy! I hope this has helped, Tanya. {I not, tell me and I could try again in an e-mail with step by step pix!}
Keeley had a whole list of questions:
What are your favourite colour socks?
Sadly, all of my socks are boring 'ole white!
Have you ever dyed your hair?
Yes, red, it was a home job that my sister did, it was fun. it turned out good. I currently have highlights also home job. .... OK, so I'm cheap, I'm good with that! :)
What's the nicest thing you've ever thought about yourself?
I'm supposed to think nice things about myself?! :) .... "Oh, I look good today!"
What talents do you think the Lord would like you to develop?
This is a hard one...... um, patience, yes, I think patience is a talent and one I don't possess! I don't know because I can't see me as He see me.... I can't see the hidden jewels that if I don't find I will loose. We don't see ourselves as others do, they might see in us a hidden talent and we would be like, "What? What are you talking about?"
What's your best trait as a mother?
I'm involved.... well, I used to until I discovered blogging! :)
I like to get down on the floor and play with my babies. I like to go outside and enjoy spending time with them... going bike riding, swimming, camping, 4wheelering, playing catch, etc. I like to go to school and help out in their 2nd grade classes {OK so, I've gone to Kindergarten too.} I love to read to them/ with them I want to instill a love of reading in them, so they too, can enjoy a good book, and always have an escape/adventure awaiting them within the pages of a book.

Can you stand on your head?
Yes, but not for long, it hurts!{I can't believe that I put my butt on here!}
If you could drive any car, what would it be?
Something cute, two seater, sporty and fast! Then, of course, I'd need to go to the Autobahn so I could really see what she could do! I'd put this on my plates! {OK why do we refer to cars as 'she'?}
Do you believe in fairies?
I would love to believe in them, as fantasy/science fiction is my favorite genre, but I fear that's not to be .... or is it?
How about dinosaurs?
Yup, where I live you HAVE to believe! I can take a short jaunt from my house and see some fossils. What other explanation is there? I'm not sure how they fit into Creation and all, but my guess is that they were the first attempts at animals-- ya know it took abt a thousand years to complete a "day", so it could be.
Would you rather be rich or famous? =)
What I have to choose?! I'd rather be rich and smart. I wouldn't want all the pressure of famous.
If you could be a character in any movie, who would it be?
Um... I'd have to play opposite some HOT guy......
If you could be a character in any book, who would it be?
I always wanted to be Leetah from Elfquest when I was a kid. She is beautiful, has cool powers and got Cutter in the end. In the story/comic they have twins, a boy and girl... guess I got that part, huh?
If you could have any kind of funky weird talent...not a superhero thing, but something like...I don't know...the ability to roll your eyes back in your head or wiggle your ears or something...what would it be?
Well, let's see now.... I'd like to wiggle my nose like Samantha on Bewitched.
Would you like to be a manatee?
I'm not sure....
How about a bumblebee?
Absolutely not! Someone might mistake me for a wasp or yellow jacket. I'd just be flitting about from flower to flower minding my own business collecting pollen. When I get tired and alight on a nice resting place -say an arm- then smash! they'd get me, I'm not quite ready to meet my maker.
What's your favourite story to read to the kidlets?
Oh gosh, my favorite kids books would have to be: Were the Wild Things Are, anything Dr. Seuss, The Kissing Hand, and Edward the Emu. To read to the older kids it would have to be the Happy Potter series and the Charlie Bone series.
Can you say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?
Yes, and if you give me a minute, I can even spell it! :)
How about backwards? I mean "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" backwards, not the word "backwards".
Nope I'm not cool like Mary Poppins! Suoicodilaipxecitsiligarfilacrepus And come to think of it, Marry Poppins doesn't actually say the word backwards, she says, now listen carefully, the only part of the word she actually says backwards is "super"

How do you say bgsfbh?
HUH?! say what?!
Wendi at Because Wendi Said So had this to say:
If you could change one thing about your life what would it be?
I think it would be... um, no, maybe... I've got it! I'd not have any debts. Life would be less stressful not having to worry about the bills!
I love a sappy love story... tell me yours.
I don't think it's very sappy.... I met my husband while he was on his mission, he was 19 1/2 and I was 16 1/2. He was/is funny and silly {he's a bit more serious now with all the responsibilities of parenthood} and he kissed my foot! Back in the day {17 years ago} the missionaries had only so many miles for a month and if they ran out, they depended on the members to get them around. {For a visual of some of the areas they covered, get a map. Turn to MT. Find Missoula... that is where the missionaries lived. Now find Frenchtown, Evaro, and Superior this was that area that the Sisters covered at the time.} Being as we had Sisters in our ward and I had a license, I got called frequently for rides to appointments. {I sorta served a mini mission at 16!} Occasionally, the Sisters' dinner would just be dropped off at their house and the same would happen to the Elders, so they would all just eat together. On one such occasion, I met Troy or Keiser as he was referred to. We were all sitting around eating dinner when he said something {sorry can't remember what it was!} and I responded with "Kiss my feet!" {that being my smart-alic remark at the time.} Which he did! Another time I was with the sisters, we decided to go play pranks on some of the Elders in the area. We short sheeted the beds and put some Limburger cheese in their P-day shoes. We were just preparing to leave when it seems that 4 Elders also had the same idea, to play pranks, and showed up. It turned into an all out war-- water fight-- inside the unsuspecting absent Elders basement apartment. There was some powdered sugar involved and a hose was drug down the stairs. We left a few inches of water on the floor. Pretty sure I lost that match! {For the record, we actually did do missionary work, and I had some really neat experiences, honest. I even attended a zone conference, it was held in the home of my friend, Mindy Flake. And had doors slammed in my face.} The summer drew nearer and I was headed to SLC to nanny for my sister. I wrote a 2 page letter that included a recent picture of me in exchange for Troy's license plate. He wrote a short note on the back. We spent the summer writing to each other. Shortly after I left for Salt Lake, he was transfered from the area after 10 months! I think we were meant to meet. I had to come home cause school was starting and I was a big upper classman- junior. In Nov. my parents decided to move to another state. We continued to write letters. He also had written his parents about a girl he'd met... {Interesting side note is that he'd swore that he wouldn't get married for 4 years after his mission, and here he was telling his family that he'd met a girl...} So now I was getting letters from his family as well. I didn't miss out on Prom or homecoming, I had a great friend who took me to those all important dances. I did carry around his picture for intimidation factors! Ya know, case some creepy guy tried to ask me out or wouldn't leave me alone, I'd whip out his picture and ask if they'd like to meet him in a dark alley cause he was my boyfriend and he'd come defend me if I needed him to. Another summer, more nannying in SLC. That summer Troy was finished with his mission and would be heading home in Aug. He asked me if I could come down for a week. He had a lay-over in Salt Lake, my cousin , Rochelle, and I went to the airport to visit with him. That evening I boarded a plane and flew to Vegas {My brother-in-law worked for an airline and got me cheep/free tickets.} I spent a week with people I'd never met before in a city I'd never been to and went home unsure of my heart. We had a great time, went to Disneyland, went to his best friend's wedding reception, helped another friend retrieve his truck from the bar, rode the ski lift up the hill and had a wonderful time, until he tried to tell me how to dress! That was where the troubles arose. I knew in my heart that I would marry him, but I also knew he wasn't going to tell me how to dress! Obviously, we worked it out and he no longer feels the urge to address my apparel! The summer ended and I had to go home and finish high school and Troy had to get on with the rest of his life... ya know decide what to be! He went to UTI in Phoenix fro auto/diesel mechanics. We were back to letters and phone calls. By Oct. Troy had purchased a ring, but I didn't know that. I was invited to Vegas for Christmas break, in fact his parents bought me the plane ticket. Weather was bad in WA and my mom was sure the planes wouldn't be flying and I'd just have to stay home. {Think she suspected something?!} They were flying and I arrived safely in Vegas. He had an elaborate plan.....but he was seriously nervous and was just sure I'd say "no", so while stopped at a light in front of the Mirage he haded me two fortunes: "You will take a chance in something in the near future." and another one that mentioned marriage. Then he asked me if I would be his wife. Of course, I said yes. The "plan"? I never learned but I was told that he had hand signs worked out with his parents to either keep the balloon on the table or to ditch it. Funny story here is that Troy called to ask my parents 'for my hand'. My dad was unavailable, probably driving a truck and my mom was working at the gas station, so he had to call her at work. She put him on hold while she flipped the chicken! He just couldn't believe it. Oh yeah, and my parents had never met Troy, not even once. We took engagement pictures, got my ring sized, picked out wedding announcements and the big day all while I was there. The rest of the planning was done on the phone and through the mail. The next time I saw Troy was at Easter when he came up to meet my parents. Then there was my graduation, which I didn't even send announcements out for since I was getting married only a few weeks later, I only sent wedding announcements. Troy came up about a week before we got married so we could get a marriage license. We took a little trip to MT {brought along my baby sister as a chaperone} . Came back drove to Seattle and got married. the rest is history, as they say. The only really sappy thing that I can think of is I kept all the letters we wrote to each other and put them in books.
For more story and pictures from before click here.


angie said...

These were So much FUN to read......you did such an amazing job answering the questions!

Cecily R said...

Holy crud Carrie!! You did a great job!! How long ago did I ask for questions and I STILL haven't answered as many as you did in one post!!!

That was great to read!!

P.S. I'd give up the car to fly.

Are You Serious! said...

♡ Great questions and answers! I used to have dreams about flying around! It seemed like so much fun in my dreams! :)

Crazy courtship!!! My dad avoided Joe for over an hour... Joe was so nervous that finally after the hour he blurted it out... SO funny! When my olders sister got married she was in SLC so her finance called to get permission and my dad had his secretary take messages for like 5 days before he finally talked to him! He went crazy trying to get a hold of him! :)

Emy5 said...

Great job Carrie. Fascinating stuff. Now I am only sorry I could not come up with a question!

Christine said...

Great idea! Love your answers.

latree said...

congrat on your #200 post. I want to ask one more question: how long did you do this post, it's soooooo long. :)
great job!

Debra said...

That was fun to read.

I cannot believe you were married right out of high school! I was 24 when I got married. I am glad HEavenly Father saved Michael for me.

Wendi said...

Whew! I read this last night, but had to come back to leave a comment.
Great answers.
Great details.
How do you remember so much?

Yes. You added the photo of your sappy love notes in books. Wow!
I remembered something!

Mom2My6Kids said...

So is your husband currently in law enforcement then? I loved reading all your answers. Then I had to go back and read the other post you linked to. This was the best because now I like you even more than I did before. Thanks for sharing. I loved all the pictures and I love how happy you are. Fun post!