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Sunday, May 11, 2008

52 Weeks of Blessings -- week 19-- my camera

Well, as today is Mother's Day, I should pick mothers, but I already chose that one. I could pick motherhood, but again I already did that one. So today, I will choose my new camera.It arrived Friday evening. I would really LOVE to learn how to use ALL the features it has, I have no clue the whys and why-nots of the S, A, P, and M modes. I took the kids to the parks on Saturday and took some pictures:To see more of the pictures I took, go here and look at the slide shows. You'll notice that some of the kids have less pictures, that's because they were more into playing than a photo shoot! I printed up two each of the kids and a "just boys" and a "just girls" one. Then I made some scrapbook type cards for my mother-in-law and for her mother. There were 2 cards for each one just boys and one just girls. On the back I wrote:
"Happy Mother's Day!
We Love you!
Mother. Grandmother. {and/or} Great Grandmother.
I had Scott give them to Grandma and EmmaLece gave them to Nana.They both loved them. I will do something similar for my parents and called it Mother's and Father's Day gift.

A Favor: Now if you would do me a favor and read my previous post about questions and perhaps leave me a comment on that post too with a question you'd like to ask me, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you to those who have already asked! :)

BTW, I've just added the quest book .... scroll down and if you feel so inclined, sign it! Thanks you guys are the best!


latree said...

now, that's a blessing. what if I tell you I got some thing for you, will it give you one more?

Dancin Queen said...

Wow! A grown up camera! I'm jealous! Happy Mothers Day, by the way!

Keeley said...

Super camera...but...

Oh my, Carrie....that picture of Scott has me breathless. Oh my. I got a bit teary-eyed looking at it. Beautiful colours, well set up.

You MUST do something with that picture. At the very *least* send it in to a homeschool magazine to have it put on the cover. It would be perfect for it. I'd see if you can find some competition or other and enter it.

I have to go look at it some more. All your children are beautiful! =) It's just that the set up on that one was incredible.

Anne Bradshaw said...

If you love cameras and photography, you might like the gorgeous free Salt Lake Temple screen saver by photographer, David Terry, on my blog today :-)

Please help yourself, and spread the word! David has amazing skills.

Are You Serious! said...

♡ I love the first picture! So cute!

KATE said...

I love it & I have to say I'm more than alittle envious! What a great camera! Woo Hoo!! Great Pictures too!!

Jenifer said...

awesome camera! Jealous for sure!

andrea j said...

Great blessing! I love that first picture :) I would love to see how the card turned out, but you probably already gave it away. I love picture gifts.

smithfam said...

You took some great pictures. I have some of the same features on my camera that I know nothing about. I guess I need to learn.

I have to agree, I love that first picture. That is priceless.!

Michelle A. said...

Love that camera! I just got one for my birthday/mother's day and am still trying to figure out how to use it! Love all those photos - such beautiful children Carrie! Take care :)