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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Scott: "Emily Rose, Little MissE, Orissa... I don't knw WHAT the baby's name is!" Said with the most exasperated 'what have you people done to me' look you could ever imagine.
Needing help to snap and zip calls for me from the bathroom. When I get there, his eyes are shut tight and he's got a huge Kool-aid grin. "I don't want to to show you my eyes, cause I'm hiding from Emmy!" All the while Em is downstairs watching TV and has no clue She's supposed to be looking for him!
Today we took the 4wheelers to the dealership an hour away for their first oil change/tune up. We took this opportunity to get a little shopping done and had lunch. We went back to the dealership figuring they would be nearly done, but they weren't. After purchasing riding gloves, a new visor for Troy's helmet and a kids helmet, we wandered around the shop checking out the other machines ... 4wheelers and motor cycles. Scott found a 4wheeler just his size. It is a cute little white 50cc. He hopped right on and rocked it back and forth. He turned to me and said, "I need to try this one outside!" He really tried hard to convince his dad that he NEEDED it. EmmaLece went straight for the dirt bikes. She jumped on a cute blue 50cc dirt bike and also tried her charm on her dad with this statement: "I REALLY need that little blue one, Dad!" Alas, they were both disappointed and had to come home without new toys.
Scott to EmmaLece: "You and me stick together!"
I overheard Scott talking to Emmy while I was making lunch. He was standing in front of the fridge looking at something he had just hung there. "This is when Grandpa was a huge turtle." Huh?! What?! So,I look and see that he is looking at this:
Grandma and Grandpa sent this post card from Hawaii Aug 27, 2007. Grandma has written on the back that Grandpa went swimming with the big turtles in the ocean, and I guess that Scott figured that to swim with Sea Turtles, you must be one! The conversation that followed was:
Em: "Where is Grandpa? In the tummy?"
Scott: "No, Grandpa IS the turtle!"
I was dieing! When I got control of my laughter and could once again compose a coherent sentence, I did my best to explain that Grandpa has NEVER been a turtle, but he has gone swimming with them in the ocean. I'm not sure I convinced him of this fact, I'm pretty positive that he is certain that his Grandpa used to be a turtle! Silly boy!
Scott: "I was playing with those mean girls. Yeah cause they kicked Emmy"


latree said...

grandpa IS the turtle! tell him about it and I want to know what he thinks, this is so funny!

do you enjoy tags? I have one for you...

Are You Serious! said...

♡ Very cute! I love them all!

Cecily R said...

Lurrrrve me some Scottisms!!! He is just well, Scott!! I love that!!

Mom2My6Kids said...

I love the turtle story. Where do they come up with this stuff? Sometimes I wish my thoughts were so innocent and happy. Hopefully he will never grow out of his cute Scottisims.