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Friday, March 21, 2008

What's in a name?

OK, so, I'm playing copy-cat here.... But I enjoyed reading all about everyone else's names and I just thought It would be fun to do our names.
Troy Ray: My Mother-in-law said that before they were married, they wrote down the names that they liked and wanted to name their kids. They still have the paper they wrote them down on. Troy was just one of the names on the list and Ray is his dad's middle name. nicknames: TroyBoy, Bub, Teddy

Carrie Lucile: My name is a family name all the way round. I had a great grandmother named Carrie and my Grandma's middle name {and the name she went by} was Lucile. Plus my parents wanted all of the kids to have Irish sounding names to go with our Irish last name {I'm not sure how Irish Carrie, is but I like it!}. nicknames: Carrie-my-Lu, CarrieLu, Carebare

Cody Ray: Well, we didn't write the names down, but we did discuss them before we got hitched! Troy said he wanted to name his first son Cody Ray cause it sounded cow-boyish. And obviously Ray is after dad and grandpa. nicknames: Code, Moose, Chief
Shantel Ciera: A friend I've known all my life is named Tisha Shantel and I told her when we were little that I was going to name my daughter after her, so I did! Ciera I just like. When I was a teen we had a cutless ciera and I really liked that spelling of sierra, so there ya have it, that is how we came up with Shantel's names. nicknames: Shantellie, Shan, Tellie, TelliBob

Savanna Grace: I really like the name Savanna, but not with an "H" so I dropped it. My other Grandma's middle name was Grace {and she went by it}. I thought is sounded nice with Savanna, so it was settled. nicknames: Samanna Gase, VannaBananna, Savan

Robert Ray II: If you read this post then you know the story behind Robby. When we decided that we were going to adopt him, we wanted to give him a new name. I was voting for Benjamin, but Troy wanted to give him a family name. In the end we decided to give him Grandpa's name. nicknames: Robby, Hobbit Robbit-the-Hobbit

Scott MacKinzie: Troy has two friends named Scott Anderson and he wanted to name him after them. Troy favored Allen for a middle name but I just couldn't do it. I really wanted to name him after my great Grandpa, MacKinzie Giles, but Troy didn't like it, so we compromised. Nicknames: Scotty, ScottyMac, Mr. Mack, Smackin-McCrackin
EmmaLece RyAnne: I was taking a phone message for my sister while she was living with us. The name was hard {in fact I still can't spell it but it sounds like: em-mil-say}, and what I wrote looked like EmmaLece {it wasn't even close to the right spelling, but it looked and sounded cool}, so I decided IF we ever had another girl, that would be her first name. Troy was less than thrilled, said it was hard to say and hard to spell! So, I told him he could pick the middle name. He was suggesting terrible things like Gertrude, and Helga. Finally he said if my sister didn't care we would use her name. Of course, Ryanne was thrilled we would want to give our daughter her name, she said YES! And that is how we arrived at this name. nicknames: Em, Emma, Emmy, EmmaScreech, Emmers


latree said...

I love stories beind names. Your children's are all great.
I always have to explain people about my name. In Indonesia you can tell where somebody is from , by looking at their names. Mine sounds 'sumatra' while I'm 'java'.

carrie & troy keiser said...

Latree-That is cool. Who would have thought that your name would tell where you're from? Not us here in the states.. at least not me!

KATE said...

Carrie! You're killin me! My sisters name is Kari Lu! My Mom did all the K names with whatever & an i. So I'm Kati my sisters are Kari & Kymi. (Kymi is actually Kymberlie but she's the only one with a full name) Anyhow & my grandmas name is Lucille & they named my sister Lu. KariLu! How funny!!
And our Savannah, I named mine cuz I read the Work & the Glory books while I was pregnant with her. It just stuck out for me. That is why we kept the spelling the same.
I have a stupid cheerleaders name! Kati with an i! Woo Hoo, that's why I've been Kate since forever!
cute stories about your names, we totally stuck with family names too!! I love passing on names!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Kate- that's funny! Thanks for sharing.... now you have to tell why the others are named what they are!

SuperCoolMom said...

It is fun to hear how they all got their names. I love that you recorded their nicknames too!

KATE said...

Well, Scotts name is actually his middle name. He was named after his father Norm. Also his dad, grandpa, greatgrandpa etc all have the initials NSA. His brother named their little boy with the NSA so Sammy is just Samuel Scott, but Samuel was his greatgrandpas name. So, he's still named after his dad & grandpa. AveryLyn was just a name I saw on movie credits when I was on bedrest with her. Lyn is sort of after my sister. I had a dream that I had Brooke (LONG before I actually did) & in my dream that was her name. Her middle name is Elizabeth. Elizabeth is my middle name too, I was named for my Great Aunt. & Savannahs middle name is Elayne after my Grandma who just happened to be my favorite person in this world!
There you have it, those are our names. We're all named for family somehow.

crystal said...

Those are such CUTE pictures of your kids. And I loved reading about everyones' names. :)

Mom2My6Kids said...

Cute names! I like this idea for a post. I like finding out how names are chosen.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I love hearing how people get there names!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Kate- thanks for tellin' the rest of the story! :)
Crystal, Mom2my6 & Serious- thanks! It is fun to find out why people are called what they are called!

Debra said...

That is cool.. I love the stories behind the names!

Amz said...

Oooohh! This was fun. Thanks for sharing these too.

carrie & troy keiser said...

Debra- You should play along...
Amz- I so enjoyed reading yours that I just had to! You're welcome :)

Egghead said...

Great post about names. It was fun to see how you came about them and I also love the nicknames.

carrie & troy keiser said...

Egghead- Thanks!