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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This that and some other things! .. Scottisims and more!

Well, in case any one wonders why I'm so slow about getting around to visiting {I know, it's just me hoping people actually LIKE to read what I've got to say...} and why my posts are so few lately..... it's because my computer is a dinosaur! It take so long to get anything done! Now, I'm grateful to have it, I am... but some days I spend seeing way to many of these: "We're sorry but Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to shut down." or "Internet Explorer is not responding, would you like to end now or cancel?" I'm about batty over it! AARRGH! So for, those of you {maybe one or two} who miss me like I'm missing you, I'll get there when I win this war! I'll scroll down and read then comment once more! It takes me all week to get to all of you my friends! :)
Here's a few days worth of Scottisms:
He's sitting at the desk drawing I hear this:
"I'm berry mad at papers that move by themselves!"
He held down the papers and scribbled hard in one spot then:
"There, I got it! I don't like papers that move!"
Later that day we went out to lunch at CC's Cafe. The cashier gave the twins suckers. In the Suburban on the way home I hear this conversation:
EmmaLece: "Did you open your sucker? Where did you put your wrapper?"
Scott: "Yes. I put the wrapper on the floor. I hate wrappers, because I do!"
A little later...
EmmaLece: "Are you done? Did you eat it all? What did you do with the stick?"
Scott: "I hate wrappers and I hate sticks. I only like suckers. I don't like to bite them, just eat them."
They took a nap... I know you're thinking that's a good thing, right? Well, wrong! it is way easier to get them down at night with out a nap. So they were up late trying to get tired enough to go to bed. I was surfing through the channels looking for something, anything, that they would settle in to and zone out on. Scott informed me:
"This is a creepy channel. I don't want to watch it I hate this channel!" It was Disney, come on! Every channel was creepy.
"Yeah, I don't like those creepy channels and I don't want to watch them! I like to watch Super-man and Spider-man and ..... basketball. Those are not creepy!"
EmmaLece threw a royal fit when we hit a basketball channel. Finally he gave up on the channels and we went back to Disney which lulled EmmaLece to sleep. Scott, on the other hand, was still going, so he told me a story:
"On Saturday I was a baby. Yeah, um, six years ago I was a baby. Yeah, now I'm 3 and I'm big {insert here, him standing on tip-toe with hands stretched up tall}. I was in my bed and I was crying, 'Waaaa Waaaa'. Cause that's what babies say. And because I don't like to be in there and I shouldn't be in there."
Then out of nowhere, just before he decided it was time to retire he says:
"The cookies are really tasty good!"
"I don't know ALL songs, I just know the 'Funky Junky Hat' song."
Scott: "I can't whisper and I also can't speak."
Mom: "You can speak."
Scott: "No, see...." {insert, him sitting on the edge of the bench lips perched out and blowing spit across the room}
Mom: "Oh, you can't whistle!"
Scott: "Nope!"
We were getting ready to read scriptures and EmmaLece opened hers to the front cover and "read" E M M A L E C E! I was so excited, I had her spell her name again for her dad to hear! It was way cool!
Scott was asked to get some clothes on so we could go visit Grandma. He was having a bit of attitude {if you can imagine}
"I don't want people to talk to me! I just want to talk to people!"
He did finally get dressed and we set out to visit Grandma. Ya see, they had just returned from a trip to Arizona and she was feeling really yucky so she went to the hospital and, well, she had to stay for a few days. {She home now.} She has bacterial Pneumonia. The nurse said the kids could come visit, but they had to wear a mask. EmmaLece was all over the mask thing, Scott refused to even try one on. He stood outside the door and talked to Grandma! {The little bugger!} To top it all off, when we got home, he put on the mask! He said:
"It smells bad, yeah it does."
Later that night when they were suppose to be heading up to bed, but instead, were laying on the table. I heard this:
EmmaLece: "You know what? You're the best! And I love you the best!"
I turned just in time to see a big hug. But with my camera troubles, I didn't get the picture :( It was sure sweet! It made me think how they can be at each other all day, but in the end they have that twin bond thing going on and they just love each other... will defend one another to the end. {This does happen with the other kids but I notice it more often with these two.}
And a few pictures of life here in Keiserville.....Savanna loves to try different hair styles. Thought this one was kinda cool looking.So are you into Spiderwick? I bought these books for Shantel {the first 5} when she was in 2nd grade. And for Christmas I got her the 1st of 3 in the Beyond Spiderwick series. On Saturday, I took the three oldest to the movie. We enjoyed it, but as usually happens, it didn't quite follow the books.Enjoying a good book!
These three pictures are a science experiment ... I mean ... a batch of cookies that went awry! Savanna and Robby mixed up a batch of cookies and learned just when to ask for help! Turns out if you put in a tablespoon of baking soda rather than a teaspoon it will make a mess and taste bad! I only got to see the after math, Shantel said it looked like it exploded! One things for sure, it did have a reaction! :) Poor Cody was stuck with dishes that night! Look he CAN do his chores! :pTesting the batter! Cody made Cookies then next night and everyone had to try.

The above pictures are of FHE {family home evening} Shantel was challenged to make sure we had FHE for a whole month and to document the events. So she came up with her own version of Cranium. We had a good time. It is pretty funny to watch two 3 yr olds sculpt and act out different things.

And last but certainly not least .... go check out Reflection of Christ and the Utubes of it. If you happen to be in the Mesa, AZ area, you really should go check it out. I don't happen to be in the area, but for what I've seen and heard it is remarkable. These amazing pictures are on display in the visitors center of the Mesa Arizona Temple. Like giving water to a parched man in the desert! They refresh and revitalize the soul!


Are You Serious! said...

♥ Scott is hilarious! Eliza is the one in our family that says stuff like that all the time.

The cookies... I'm sure the clean up wasn't fun. I remember us kids making blunders in the kitchen growning up too. :)

SuperCoolMom said...

Funny Scott! I bet twins are twice the fun because they interact on their own level - so cute. We should have a blogger blind date and meet up at the Easter Pageant some night.

Cool braids - is it a regular braid and a fish tail just twisted together? Very cute!

Dancin Queen said...

Of course we love hearing what you have to say!

That is a very cool hair do!

Dancin Queen said...

Of course we love hearing what you have to say!

That is a very cool hair do!

Emy5 said...

I loved how Scott is trying to whislte, and the cookie explosion!

Life is fun at your house, and you have a gift for seeing the funny side of things!

Way cool hair do and twin hugs too!

G. Parker said...

Hey! You won! come read about your award, you cool mom you. ;)

carrie & troy keiser said...

Thanks guys for dropping by and commenting!
The braids are regular and fish tail twisted... nothing hard, but cool looking.
Twins never cese to amaze me.
We were cleaning up after the cookies for days and airing out the house every time we turned the oven on.... learing experience :)

crystal said...

It's so important to write down the funny things they say when they're little...I need to be more diligent. You're so good at documenting Scott-isms!

The FHE cranium is genius. (and so is challenging one of the kids to be in charge...)

Tristi Pinkston said...

Those are some awesome looking braids!

Hey, my book is ready. If you've decided you'd like one, pop me a note at Tristi AT tristipinkston.com -- no pressure, though! Totally up to you!

Darla said...

I read this post already a different day but just realized that, although I had a comment in my head, I never did leave it here! :) I love your postings! Your household (I think I've said this before a long time ago) reminds me of mine when I was growing up. You really know how to keep it real and you seem never to try glam it up for your blog! Your household seems so genuine...keep writing! It's really fun to read. :)

carrie & troy keiser said...

Thanks Darla! I just write it like I see it! I've had that experience when I was sure I'd commented and find out that I didn't!
Supercool- I would SO love to have a blogger blind date.... but, alas, I don't think I'll be able to get down to the area :(
G.Parker - Thanks I'll be over to see!
DQ- :) Thanks
Emy5- Scott just cracks me up! I feel bad that EmmaLece doesn't get the blog exposure since this is like my journal -- but she's just not as funny!
Tristi- Thanks for the update on your new book! How exciting, I'll stop by and let ya know.
Crystal- I keep a paper and writing stick near the computer to jot down the Scottisims. Some day he's gonna roll his eyes at me and tell me how he can't believe I wrote all that down! :)

Keeley said...

Savannah's hair style is gorgeous! =)

Your twins are sooo cute - and that experiment looked....wow, experimenty. =) =)

Shellie said...

Love Scott, and how cool you remember to write it all down. The cookie thing, live and learn! The game looked fun and I really liked the hair. My twins have that bond thing tight too.