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"Standing tall is a very admirable thing. There are very few stories in history of heroes who slouched to the rescue. Likewise, most individuals don't look up to people who are drooped over."
from Leven Thumps and the Wrath of Ezra by Obert Skye

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Check your reading level!

blog readability test

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Keeley said...

College!!! Wow! Congrats. =)

Mine's gone up - used to be Junior High but now it's High school. Woo hoo! =D =D

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Mine is Lamentry (elementary) School! :) That must mean that I don't use big enough words! :)

SuperCoolMom said...

Fun Blog Thing! I'll be posting mine!

Cecily R said...

First of all, I am a DORK and just noticed your quote of the month...Carrie, you are so sweet!!

And secondly, my reading level? Elementary my dear Carrie!! :)

latree said...

I think it's just a joke. I've done this before, and they said mine was 'genius'. And it means need a genius to understand my blog. Is that good or bad?

andrea j said...

How does that thing work? Mine is Elementary Level!!

angie said...

This time it said post grad. Last time I was offended when it said it was high school. ha ha.

Emy5 said...

I did this a couple of times and actually got Genius. Then it went down to High School! Too bad!