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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shower saga continues and new glasses!

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If you read this post, then you know about our shower troubles and how we thought they were over! Well, that fix only lasted humm, about 1 week. The water pressure was still great, we were now just having other troubles.... like the hot water would not turn off! {Yeah that's cost effective! :p} So, on Monday, Troy took it apart again and found that it needed new "O" rings. Off to the hardware store we head and, viola it's fixed! Until Wednesday at 6:30 AM when Cody is ready to hop in. He comes in my room to inform me that there is now NO hot water in the shower! Poor kid ended up taking a spit bath in the sink! Then Troy comes home a little after 7 AM, I tell him about the new shower problem, but he's in need of a nap before he can tackle it. Around noon he gets up to watch the kids so I can go to centers in Robby's class. He takes the mixing valve apart yet again. Turns out the new "O" ring slipped off and blocked all the water! {How can something so small block the flow of the water?} Great! easy fix we had hot water! He takes his shower and tells me I might also want to ... just in case, right. OK, works great for me, so when Cody comes home we tell him he might want to jump in while it's still working..... Cody gets in and ...poor kid has the worst luck... again NO hot water! By this point Troy is starting to get a bit irritated. We figure we're going to need to replace the whole thing, so he calls the plumbing company and requests a call this evening. No one calls, of course. By Wednesday night, he's decided with a little help, he should be able to replace the fixtures and soldier the pipes. {I'm not quite as confidant as he's not done much if any soldiering, but OK whatever I just want to be able to take a shower!} Thursday, bright and early he gets to work on it. He ends up having to cut a larger hole in the wall because the one left by the previous owner was not big enough to reach all of the pipes. {There's nothing like lath-n-plaster backed with dry-wall!} His help arrives at 9:30 AM and they really get to work. I went to play group at 10 AM until about 1 PM. The project was finished around 4:30 PM! After one stubborn pipe just refused to soldier finally held on! The bathroom gets all put back together and I get the maiden voyage .. the pressure is wonderful and hot to cold ratio is great! Troy takes his shower and aside of the fact I used all the hot water {how could I have done that I'm sure I only took a 10 min shower....... :)} Kyle's mom comes to get him and asks if we know we have water on the floor! WHAT!? So, guess who calls -- that's right the plumber! Oh well, too late, we got it under control! The big girls and I went to a baby shower after dinner and Troy and Cody checked out things. After they fixed 2 more leaks and changed out the connecting pipe to the faucet, ran a bead of caulk round everything, it appears that we have NO more leaks! Thank the powers that be! A good strong warm shower and NO leaks! :)

On to another note, Savanna has joined the glasses club! She is so excited to be able to see clearly.


crystal said...

Yay! A warm shower! Phew.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ What a pain! My husband would have been rather irritated too! I'm glad it's finally fixed. Yeah Savannah can see! That's always a good thing! :)

Shellie said...

Oh how painful! I hate cold showers. I truly hope for you this is the end of the saga. Your poor husband

carrie & troy keiser said...

SO far so good! I'm -- we're hopeful! :)

SuperCoolMom said...

She looks beautiful with her new glasses! sO CUTE!

carrie & troy keiser said...

She says "thanks!"

Keeley said...

Holy moly, what a saga! You poor things - how frustrating for you. Hooray that it's all working ok now though. REALLY hope there's no more hiccups. =) =)

Egghead said...

Those glasses look so cute on her. What a cutie pie! I always secretly wanted glasses when I was in grade school. Of course now that I have to wear them I wish I was back in the day.