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Friday, February 15, 2008

Spread the Love award

Holly awarded this to all her readers and the creator, Mica at Grab-oodle Soup, of this award said: "I have met so many lovely and very talented ladies here in Blogdom, what more can I do or say to express my humbled heart to each, than to give all my Dearest Readers and Friends a special award filled with Love. So, Spread The Love dear ones, Spread The Love to those you love. Accept my award in which I have specially designed and share it with others. Enjoy the day." I would like to keep up her tradition of passing it along to all those readers of my blog! Enjoy it you ALL deserve it! Please take it and post it with pride! {I want to see it on your blogs in the near future!} :)


Emy5 said...

Thanks Carrie. I need this award after all the sickness!

Debra said...

Oh, I am so glad I found this!! I know I am late, but we have been SO sick and I have not been able to read as much as I normally do. I REALLY needed this after the last 6 weeks of stomach flus, bronchitis and diarrhea!

carrie & troy keiser said...

I hope that both of you took it and posted it with pride!