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Sunday, February 3, 2008

52 Weeks of Blessings --Week 5-- Good Friends

This week I'm thankful for good friends! Good friends are a great blessing and an important part of life. I've had good friends throughout my life {so far} and I've been very thankful for them all. People come and go in our lives, and they leave impressions on us and memories to cherish. I'm very grateful for those people who have stood by me through the years, that I call my friends! {I don't want anyone who might read and is my friend to feel left out, but...} I'd like to highlight a few.....
I have a great friend from Junior High, Pat. We keep in touch, he has a wife and 2 handsome boys. When I'm in town, I give him a call and we get together for dinner or just visiting. He was always there for me throughout our school time. When I moved in our junior year, he would call and we would visit for hours, it was so nice to talk with him. We just talked about anything... his girlfriends, school, missing "home" just anything.
I have many gal - friends from that time too in which I have fond memories with .... dances, sleepovers and a few times of draggin' the "strip". Everywhere I've lived, I've made friends --several that still keep in touch. At times, you all cross my mind and I've been known to do a search for you on line, if I haven't got a current address for you. {If any of you happen to read... email or leave a comment!}
Since living in my current area, I've made many great friends! I will just highlight a few from here: I'm thankful for my bud, Wendy. She moved to this area a few months after we did and we connected quickly and were almost inseparable until she moved all the way across the country. Wendy is coming to visit this summer for a month! I'm SO excited! :)
David and Heather, friends who call us up and invite us to attend the Temple with them or take a weekend trip across the state or just come over for games and dinner. We have such good times with them and feel so blessed to have good friends!
Mike and Vicki who eat dinner with us on a weekly basis and play cars or board games with us weekly! I've NEVER gotten a bad dinner when Vicki is cookin'! :)
I have met many great ladies through this blogging and am thankful for your comments and friendship, here in cyberspace!
{I have no pictures this week, because I have not asked these highlighted friends if they mind my posting them.....}


Are You Serious! said...

Friends are a great blessing! You can never have too many! :)

Jenifer said...

Priceless. I'm also grateful for the friends I've never met! You gotta love the blog!

The Dairy Wife said...

52 weeks of blessings. That is a great idea. Okay to copy it?


KATE said...

Fabulous Post Carrie! Friends are so precious! Thanks for your sweet comments about your friens!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Thanks you guys for coming to read and for bieng my blog friends! :)