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Friday, December 10, 2010

Foto Story Friday #131-- Trip to Vegas

If you're a regular reader, you know that Nana returned to her heavenly home 2 days after Thanksgiving.  Nana lived most of her life in North Las Vegas, Nevada and so back to Vegas she went to be laid to rest next to her husband.  I greatly desired to accompany Troy and his parents to Vegas for the services, as I was unable to attend Papa's services a few years before.  Anyone with kids will agree that finding a sitter for your kids is stressful work and to find one willing to spend a week with your children is near impossible.  I fretted for a couple of days and talked it over with Troy about who we could ask to take on such a daunting task, finally we came up with the perfect person to ask.  Right after we settled on her, another friend called to say that she would be willing to help us out (after-all her husband did volunteer her).  I told her I thought I had another friend who could stay the night with the kids and I'd call her to work out the details after I chatted with the other friend.  I called the lady we had settled on at work and she said she would love to help us out and could stay with them for the week!  I had a third lady who stayed the first night with them and made sure they got to church on Sunday.  Yay!  I could go!  I set to the task of figuring out my life and the kids' lives for the next week..... I kid you not, I had a stress headache for 2 days and was pretty sure I couldn't ask so much of these ladies!  They assured me they were up for the challenge.
So bright and early Saturday the 4th of December, we set out for Vegas, a mere 1,276 mile trip - by car.
 One never knows what one will see driving down the freeway~  this train was hauling 3 planes.
 Off to the other side the road, we saw these guys discussing the problem of a stuck truck.
Getting closer to Idaho we saw less snow.  I loved the old barn up on the rolling hills and quick snapped a photo.
We only got as far as Pocatello the first day.  The worst roads we had were within 2 hours of home.  There were a couple of patchy ice spots in Idaho.  Troy was razzing his mom the whole way down, we will laugh for a while because of those "icy" spots in ID and UT! :)
 The next morning we got up had breakfast and headed out for the second leg of our journey.  We had to make a pit stop somewhere south of Salt Lake.  As we walked back to the car I saw how the flag hung with the mountains in the background and composed this shot.
 The farther south we went the nicer it became.  We met Troy's uncle for lunch in Beaver, UT.  He was headed home from his trucking run.

I wished we could have come in to Vegas in the dark, it is such a dramatic sight to come around the bend and see the lights of Vegas, but we hit town at about 4. 
There was a haze hanging over the valley :(  This is the view most people are expecting to see when in Vegas,
but if you've lived there, this is a better more appreciated one!  I do love the rugged mountains that surround Vegas.  There's a certain tug on me for the desert...... especially when I know how cold it is at home in Montana!
After a wonderful dinner with Aunt Claudia, Uncle Byron and Troy's parents, we settled in for the night at our gracious host's house.  (Thanks again for everything Aunt Claudia and Unc!)
The following morning after breakfast, showers and visiting, we went shopping with the fam and then set out to see if we could remember how to get around in this town!  So much has changed in 10 years!!
The first place we checked out was the home Troy grew up in.  Not quite how he remembered it...... the grass was always green and boy have those trees grown!  They were planted for our wedding reception 17 1/2 years ago!  It is kinda sad, the house is being foreclosed as the current owners haven't been paying the mortgage.
 Next we had to go check out our old place.  We bought this place in 1998 and watched it go from a desert lot into our home.  The tree in the front yard and the evergreen next to the garage we planted and they were tiny!  My, what 10 years will do for the trees!!
 A favorite place of ours is the temple.  You used to have a pretty awesome view from the temple grounds of the city, but the vegetation has grown so much that this is the best you get!  It is still kind of a neat view.
As we wandered around the grounds and I took photos, 4 missionaries were also there doing the same.  One of them asked if I would take a few photos of them all as transfers were coming up, of course I did.
 They have a nice nativity out front.  Helps me remember that it is December and that Christmas is right around the corner.  I had the hardest time with that when we resided in the desert, it didn't "feel" like Christmas because there wasn't snow nor super cold!
 Just loved the way the sun peaked around the temple spire and flared for me.
 A herald to the nations.
 We drove through the "good hood" and found these two cowboys on the corner!
 The jets were out flying which is normal, there is an Air Force base -Nellis.
On a whim we drove by an old buddy of Troy's and he happened to be home so we stopped by for a visit.  It was nice catching up with them.
After we left his house we headed to meet Troy's parents, cousins and his uncle for dinner at Macyos.  We had a nice dinner and visit.
I know this shot is like seeing double, but I liked it anyhow!  For a few reasons I kept it and am sharing it: 1) Vegas to most is about the downtown entertainment (gambling and so forth) and 2) when you've spent too much time in that environment, you are probably seeing double! :)
After dinner, we went home and visited a bit with Aunt C and Unc before retiring for the evening.
 The next morning, we met up with a friend from Indian Springs at McDonalds so her son could play.  It was nice to see them and to catch up with what's been happening.  Facebooking is nice, but there's nothing like an in your face visit!
Tuesday evening was the viewing.
 Nana with her children: Mary, Denny and Claudia.
 Nana's brother and sister
 The group attending the viewing.
Troy's cousins and his mom visit while viewing Nana.
It was a nice gathering and I met some of the extended family for the first time.  There were some who were apprehensive at first to go in and have a peek, but eventually all paid their respects.  Troy offered a nice family prayer and afterwards I covered her face with her veil and everyone stepped out for a little more visiting.
The following morning was the graveside service.
 Grandkids, great grandkids, nephews and such were the pall bearers.  I was asked to help but felt I would be better as a documenter!  Someone HAS to take the pictures!
 Family and friends gather to pay respects and say goodbye to a wonderful lady, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and friend.
 A member of Nana's N. Las Vegas ward read the eulogy and afterwards invited any to share their thoughts and stories of her with those gathered.
 There were some very nice heartfelt words shared to celebrate the life and love of our dear Nana.  Afterwards there was a luncheon at Aunt Claudia's.
 Family gathered for photos.  Good food was had as well as great company!
These three are silly!  Troy with cousins (Aunt Claudia's two daughters).  We had a wonderful time with all the family and friends who came.  Had a nice time just chatting with cousins and Aunt C and Unc.
After another good night's sleep we planned our last day in Vegas.  Tried to visit with as many friends and family as we could cram into the week!
 Went over and visited Troy's cousins's on his dad's side for a few hours.  Isn't their grand daughter darling?
 We had a lovely visit with them. After leaving their house, we headed to our old neighborhood to have dinner with our friends at their house.  We had to make a pit stop for orange julius ingredients. yum yum!  We have had a fantastic visit to the City of Sin and never stepped a foot on The Strip!
 Their daughter did her best with my camera and captured the moment for us.
These 2 are silly!  Snap in mid hug, followed by a "don't post that on Facebook"!  And I ended it with: "Actually I was thinking of using it on my blog."
Life is about the legacy you leave behind with those you love and who love you, so live life with love in your heart and on your face.  Serve others with a smile and do what's right, because it's right.

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DaBudges said...

Sorry for your loss. Thank goodness we know she's in a better place. We go to Vegasevery year around our anniversary to see shows and walk the strip. this year we went to the temple and it really is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

Claudia said...

We have so loved having you here with us! Always sad to have reunions around passings, but isn't that what it's about? Life goes on for those of us here and we reaffirm our family connections, share our laughter and tears, and look forward to the day we will be reunited for good! So glad we have been able to host this! Love you guys a lot!

Ryanne said...

So long you could have made a couple of post out of this one ;D Really though, I am so glad you got to go and send Nana off, visit with Aunt Claudia and Uncle Byron, and see old friends! Makes me wish I could go find my friends from there too!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

So sorry about the reason for your trip, but you did get some beautiful photos. I really love the 3rd one!

latree said...

rest in peace, Nana...

I love the pictures along the trip, Carrie. as usual :)