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Friday, December 3, 2010

Foto Story Friday #130--- honor choir

The one event of last week that I failed to post about was honors choir.  Last Tuesday we had the District Eleven Gala Honors Concert. Two weeks before the concert, Shantel came home from school and said, "I gotta tell ya something."
Thinking it might be grade related, I said, "You can tell me after the others head to bed if you want to."
She looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Mrs. S called me into her office during choir and I thought I was in trouble.  She closed the door and said, 'If I had an opening in honors choir would you like to fill it?' I told her I didn't try out, but she said, 'I have an opening and I need a strong alto.' So I said yes I want to be in honors choir!"
I thought that was pretty cool.  On last Monday the schools in district 11 descended upon Dawson High and practiced  all through two school days, and then performed a fantastic concert!
 This is the Treble Honor Choir, which is an all girl choir.
 Shantel kept giving me dirty looks while I was taking pictures!
 They sang 5 songs:  To Sing, Abendlied, I Am the River, Things that never Die and Cedar swamp.
They were fantastic.
There was also a Mixed Honor Choir and they sang 6 songs:  Gloria in Excelsis, Ave Verum Corpus, We Rise Again, Loch Lomond, Nigra Sum and Walk in Jerusalem.
They were also impressive.
The last the perform was the Honor Band.  I didn't take an photos of the band, I find it rather difficult to capture a band in that auditorium.  The played 3 pieces:  The King Across the Water, Lux Arumque and Black Horse Troop.  The first was very cool because half the band were playing "drums"  The woodwinds all had a bucket and drum sticks, it was an outstanding way to get them going and it sounded fantastic!  Of course, I am a drummer and really do enjoy a good beat!

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Kat said...

That's awesome! Way to go, Shantel! Very exciting! :)

laboratory coats said...

Being a member of a choir was my all time dream, but music doesn't seems to like me LOL.