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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Foto Story Friday #129-- the week

Last Friday a very special baby and her bran-new parents came over for a little photo shoot.
 Just love baby toes and little shoes!
 Such a precious blessing.....
 given to make this wonderful couple a family.
 Daddy love
Mommy kisses!
Last Saturday, was the girl's choice formal, Co-Ed.  Shantel really REALLY wanted to go and we discussed it and said she could go to the dance but not with a date, as she is too young for dating.  She bought a solo ticket.  I did her hair and her nails, she just stayed home and ate dinner with us, then we took her to the school to meet up with her friends.
 A princess ready for the ball!
 Kicking it before the dance with one of her buds.
 And yet another bud.
At formal dances here, they have a grand march..... right out of a fair tale, like Cinderella.  They announce each girl and her escort.  Shantel was escorted by the neighbor kid.  They march across the stage meeting in the middle and he hands her a flower, takes her arm and they march down the steps.
 It was pretty cool!  I'm fairly sure this was the first of many formal dances we will attend the Grand March for!
 Shantel and her besties!
 This sweet girl has recently had to move to another town and she was able to come back and attend the dance.
This bud came to the grand march but not to the dance.
Of course we had a few pilgrims round here....
Don't ya love these outfits?  Freshly made at school!  Em was worried about having to dress up as a pilgrim, so she wore an Indian dress to school! :)
Tonight, we had the light parade, cold but fun.
 The reason for the season.  A float sponsored by one of the churches.
 A classic Christmas story.
I loved how they covered this old truck in lights.
After the light parade we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  It is time to let Nana know it is OK for her to go home, if it is time.
We gathered together this evening to tell Nana that it is OK with us if she is ready to return to her Father in Heaven.  Before we entered the room, we sat down in the living room where Grandma and Grandpa explained how Nana has not really eaten the last few days, despite their efforts to feed her and that she is unresponsive to touch or talk, and that it just might be time for her to return Home.  Some of the kids were not really hip on going into the room and basically saying good-bye.  I was able to convince them to step into the room for a photo.  (Robby was sleeping over at a friend's house.)
 The big girls quickly left as the "it's OKs" were said.
 Em loves her Nana and she stepped up to the bed and took Nana's old frail hand in her young strong one and just held it for a few minutes.

Scott stepped up next to her, but didn't touch her.  She was breathing and sleeping and we're not sure she knew we were there.  I think this helps us to let her go, when she is ready.
 As I type this I am having to do as Shantel and wipe my tears.  Shantel's friend was there to comfor her and Savanna.
EmmaLece grabbed a tissue and snuggled up.  When Grandpa went in to check on her later, Em was right there to see if her Nana was still breathing.  Life lessons are hard on the young and the old.  Each of us is allotted our time here on earth, we must love and cherish those placed in our timeline.

P.S.  Nana was called home today, 11-27-10.

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Ryanne said...

Well, the tears are flowing here. We all love Nana too and will miss her when she passes, but I am sure Heavenly Father is waiting to welcome her home. Say good bye for Orissa if we don't make it there in time to say it ourselves. Love and hugs to all. Life is precious and death is a gift to Nana, a chance for her to move on and be with those she loves who have gone before her.
Love ya sis

latree@dandelion said...

my tears are flowing for nana...
hope she gets the best way. amin.

Claudia said...

My tears are flowing and my heart is full. I told Mama it was okay to go when we were there this Summer. I pray that it will be soon. Thank you for all the love and care you all give...and that's for posting even the hard things. ♥

James Vernon Lewis said...

What a pleasure, to meet Ms Claudua's family. The Lord must take a special liking to the young ladies of Montana- they are all so lovely. For her sake, perhaps He will call soon for Nanna to go home. Happy Holidays to all. The Roninson's Friend, James Lewis.

Lisa said...

I dont know when ive seen a more loving tribute to a loved one or a more poignant documentation of the necessary but painful process of saying goodbye. Nana most certainly did a good job here on earth to have produced such loving and considerate legacies. And you all have given the youngest members of the family a gift also-helping them to see that there is a season to everything...may your families find peace and comfort during this time and to nana: enjoy your well-deserved walk down streets of gold! Page Lewis, Robinson family friend

Monica said...

Tears. I am so sorry. It must be so tough on Emmalece, after reading the posts where she would walk with her and hold her hand. You are in my prayers.

racefan said...

I am sorry your dear loved Nana passed away. I am so glad you all had a chance to say your goodbye's and tell her it was okay. I pray that you and your family will be comforted in knowing she is in heaven with her loved ones.

Jen said...

I stumbled upon your blog and I as I read this it brought back memories of my Grandma. Your story is very similar to ours. I just wanted to let you know that even though I don't know you, you and your family are in my prayers as you go through this sad time in your lives.

Farmchick said...

Hi~ I just was out blog hopping and found my way here...to your story about your Grandma. It brought tears to my eyes...as we just went through something similar here. My Grandma went home to be with the Lord on Nov 4. I know how hard it is. So sorry for your loss.

Stop by sometime and visit...would love to have you. :)