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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Foto Story Friday on Tuesday #81-- a little drip

Today we have a guest blogger, Aunt Claudia. She sent me this story she wrote after I posted pictures to Facebook of some recent snow and ice. She writes:
"Hey, Ms Carrie!
Saw your photo and was thinking about busy moms and how the little things get away from us sometimes. Thought about your little drip from a child's view and a hassled mom's view.
Love to all, Aunt Claudia"

It Started With a Little Drip...

by: Aunt Claudia

She noticed it in early spring – nothing too big, really. Just a little drip from the faucet. Not anything to get worried about… Drip-drip.

“Better get that fixed,” she thought. “Shouldn’t let it get out of hand.” And then the phone rang, and a child cried, and something was boiling over on the stove…Drip-drop-drip.

Bright summer and the flowers were growing in the soft, wet spot under the faucet. Birds gathered with the butterflies to enjoy a cool drink. The children laughed as they picked a pretty bouquet for her. “It’s for you, Mommy!”
“Yes, yes, thank you. Now hurry to the car, we’re late for practice”…Drip-drop-drop.

The days grew long and hot and lazy. “Mommy, what’s this pretty soft green stuff?” A little patch of mossy growth, fed by the constant drip. “Oh, don’t get in the mud! Alright, let’s go wash your hands and change your shoes.” “Gotta get that fixed”…Drip-drop-drip-drip.

A little buzzing through the yard. Stop to get a sip under the faucet, then a dab of mud for the new hive. Safe under the eaves of the house. Buzz, buzz, back and forth, busy bees. “Look, Mommy! There’s lots of buzzy bees.” “Don’t get too close or you’ll get stung! Come away, now!”…Drip-drop-drip-drop.

Busy fall days. School work and yard work and football games. The drips go on, unnoticed…Drip-drop-drip-drip-drop.

The wintry winds blow and there’s an icy chill in the air. Overnight a sculpture grows under the faucet. “Oh, look Mommy! It’s a beautiful ice fountain!”
“I should have fixed that long ago! I’ll have Daddy knock it down and fix it right away. Hope it didn’t break the lines”…

So whose eyes do you see it with? Drip-drop-drip-drop….There’s beauty in everything!

Inspired by Carrie Flynn Keiser’s photos “Snow and Ice”
and, by-the-way, she’s a very good Mommy who sees with a child’s eye and a photographer’s heart

PhotoStory Friday
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Ryanne said...

You will have to tell Aunt Claudia that is a wonderful story, and I am glad to say I see it from the child perspective...way more fun that way! We do get caught up, at times in the worries of life, and it is so much better to stop and see it from our kids eyes.

Aaron said...

Now that was a very cool collaboration. Very nicely done both of you, I really enjoyed that.

Cecily R said...

Very, very cool. I think your aunt is right by the way...you are a great mom with a creative and happiness seeking eye. I love that. :)

clydebird said...
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Aunt Claudia said...

Thank you, all. I am honored! Wish I had spent more time looking thru child eyes when mine were little. Guess that's why we get a second chance as grandparents...:)

Emily said...

Very cool!