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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My World -- Makoshika State Park

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I'm so slow in getting this post up.  I've been busy with, ya know, the usual: annoying my husband and bugging my kids!
For this My World post I thought I would talk a little about the state park that is honestly just up the road from me, Makoshika {pronounced: ma ko shi ka}. {You really should click on these photos to get a better look at the beauty of the park.}
Robby holding the flat Stanley doll that came to us for a trip around town in 2005.
Looking towards the city of Glendive.
The Cap Rock trail features this natural bridge.  Because of natural erosion, this trail was closed last year.  Part of this bridge has worn away.  It is such a bummer that you can no longer take the trail.  Back in 2003 when I was a Girl Scout leader, we took the girls on this trail and worked on building a shelter if you ever got lost in the area.
My bud, Dezi, looking out over the Cap Rock trail.
This is the Cap Rock.  There are several cap rocks in these badlands.
The views in Makoshika are quite amazing.  This is up near the amphitheater.
This is one of my favorite formations in the park.  It looks like an old western saddle.
Turn the corner and the views change.
Now what the park is famous for is the dino bones that are unearthed here.  There are dinosaurs all around town like the one below.  There is a huge dino sign that I took a photo of and then the sd card went crazy and ate the pictures! 
Shantel with the flat Stanley doll in 2005.
Every summer the park hosts a program for the kids ages 7-12 where they learn about the park, dinosaurs, plants and animals that live there and take hikes.  My kids did this a few summers and really enjoyed learning and having fun with the park rangers.  They took their Gurmpa on a hike when he came to visit, so they could show off their knew found knowledge.  The also have something called Buzzard Day held the second weekend in June.  Events such as Shakespeare  in the Park are held in July.  One of the local churches holds a Sunday service in the amphitheater during the summer months.  Twice a month June-August at the amphitheater is held adult campfire program.  There is plenty going in the summer months, so if you are ever in the area, you really must take a trip through Makoshika.  If you have 4-wheelers, it is a great place to take an easy trail ride.  I took my parents up in the park on ours just last month {November} and they really enjoyed it.
Thanks for visiting my world!  Come on join the craze and show us your world!


Louise said...

Looks like a wonderful place that hopefully we'll get to one day! Thanks for this terrific post!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ That's awesome! Love the pictures! :)

Pearl Maple said...

Cool photos, thanks for sharing a peek in to a part of the world that not a lot of people would get to.

rochelle said...

Sounds like good times. Isn't it great to get your family and go out into nature?

The Good Life in Virginia said...

great shots of the badlands...love the panoramas.
thank you for sharing with us.

crystal said...

I love the new banner!!! (it's probably not that new...I really need to get over here more often)

And the photo of Troy--hilarious. I started singing "Which One of These is Not Like the Other" from retro Sesame Street...remember that song that Bob sang?

So. I just had to speed-scroll down to say that really quick, before even reading the post. I'll be back.