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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Foto Story Friday #26 --Belize continued

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Ok there are a lot of pictures, I can never just choose one and when you've taken over 500 pictures, how do you choose just a few to tell your story?  
After our hour fast boat ride we arrived at Lamani {la man i}.
The river that we travelled on is populated by crocs, so maybe that is why they named it this.
There are some little shops, picnic area, and bathrooms when you first get out of the boat.  I saw this cool tree, it's a rubber tree.
After a short walk up a little hill, we saw our first temple.  It is called the Jaguar Temple. Do you see the jag?
Front shot
The step depth is from my foot to my knee.
Looking down from the top.
Looking up from the bottom.
The Mayan played a game with a rubber ball similar to basketball here.
This temple was HUGE!  The second set of steps has a yellow rope running down it for climbing purposes.  I climbed every step, all the way to the top!  Coming down, I sat on every one of those steep steps,and they were HOT!  I was afraid that I would loose my balance.
Looking at the temple from the side.
Looking down from the top.  I stood at the top of this temple and talked in a normal voice to Troy who is down there in this shot and he could hear me clear as if I were standing next to me.
Standing at the top of the temple looking out over the jungle.  It looks like you could walk right across the tree tops.
What I found interesting about these ruins is that they only excavate the front side.  This shot is looking down the back side of the temple.
Howler monkeys.  They cam in to check us out.  They were very quiet observers.
This temple dates to BC times.  We climbed to the top of the big temple and then the group left to go see this one.  I was totally bummed that they left us mountain goats behind!  After I checked out the monkeys, another guide said he would take us to see this temple.
Huge face off to the right.  This was the only temple we were not allowed to climb.
Troy was waiting for me to scarf down my yummy lunch, so we could catch the boat.
Our traditional Belizian fare. It was delish!
Our local guide and his wife, the cook.
Cactus that grows out of the river and up the trees.
Termites nest.  They build their nests in live trees, but only eat the dead ones.

Our river boat captain and river tour guide.  He tried to find us a croc, but they were all hiding.


lmerie said...

ooooh, fun! I think a trip to Belize would be fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

rochelle said...


Those shots were so cool! It would be amazing to see in person, but you did a great job walking us through your tour.

Sherri said...

I do regret not going to see some temples when we were in Progresso...I knew I would. It just always seems so hot to do much sight seeing, other than shopping.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ That was great to see! Love all the pictures! THe temples are awesome! You guys saw a ton of stuff in week!!

I think I'd be gald that the croc's where hiding! :)

latree said...

wow that looks like a great trip. we have sooooo many temple here in central java.

type 'borobudur temple' in google search, and what you'll find :D

Jaina said...

That is too cool! I am SO jealous of your amazing trip! I'm loving all the photos and stories.

KATE said...

Great pictures holy cow, how fun!! loved hearing about each one too!