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Friday, December 12, 2008

Foto Story Friday #27 -- Guatemala

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

After a day at sea, the next port of call for us was Santo Tomas de Castilla, Guatemala. The exchange rate here is: 1 US dollar = 7.55 quetzal.
We arrived rather early in the morning. The skies were, as you can see, a bit cloudy.  The port is a working port as well as a tourist stop.  We were the only cruise ship in port that day.
Look how beautiful this country is!
There were also a few cargo ships in port being loaded with these containers.  {pix of these in a few or so}
This huge balloon welcomed us.
My father-in-law standing near the ship looking back on the bay.  It is a very beautiful place.  

You know it is difficult to get good shots through the windows of a fast moving bus. But I did get a nice reflection shot of my cool nail polish!
It was humbling to see the state that this people live in.  We saw women doing their dished outside in concrete wash basins and clothes hanging out on the line.  
The land is SO green.
Can you see the cattle in the back ground?  They were everywhere.
Know what these are?  Banana trees.  We passed a banana plantation that stretched for miles on both sides of the road.  The blue coverings are the banana bunches.  Each tree only grows one bunch at a time.
Finally after an hour bus ride that could put you on edge if you watched out the windshield, we arrived at the Quirigua {kit-e-gwa} ruins.  Here I will leave you and next week I'll show you the amazing ruins.


scrappysue said...

another fantastic instalment from your awesome trip!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Great pictures! :)

CC said...

what an adventure! Love the welcome balloon.

Jenners said...

thanks for stopping by my blog...wanted to check yours out too! Love that this is a family project...dont' they say "the family that blogs together, stays together." HAHA.

Anyway, was particularly interested in this post as we love going cruising. Haven't been to Guatamala yet. I'm going to show these to my husband...he loves cruise stuff!

Ryanne said...

Sure get us all the way to the ruins and make us wait, what are you a tv editor who sends us to an add just when it is getting good? I did really like the shot of your nails int he window reflection!

Gina said...

Awesome pictures. What a trip. I love the hand-reflecting-in-the-window shot. That's pretty cool. Wow, there's a lot of people in that header...looks like fun!

Aly @ Lip Zip said...

Those are great! Can't wait to see the ruins next week.

rochelle said...

Hey Carrie, I agree with Ryanne. I was hoping for shots of the ruins, too. Now I hope the week goes quickly so we can all see them. I'm glad you are sharing your cruise time with us...some of us may never get to go on a cruise, so we get to live vicariously. lol! Good times.

Indrani said...

Thanks for this wonderful virtual tour. Enjoyed seeing the shots very much.