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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy 4th birthday Scott and EmmaLece

A little over 4 years ago, I went in for an ultrasound and it was a good thing I was lying down!  The tech asked, "Why did you come in?"
"To check the date."
After a few more minutes she says, "Are you measuring big?
"I don't know, but I feel big."
"That's cause you're having twins!"

Those were my first glimpses of my twins.  I was justified, I'd been telling Troy that I felt bigger than the last time I was pregnant, he told me I'd had 3 kids already I wasn't going to be as small!  He was cruising for a bruising!  I went to Wendy's house as she was sitting for me and we giggled and hopped around excitedly.  Troy always guesses what we're having and is always right. A fact that makes me a little bit annoyed!  This time he guessed a girl and I guessed a boy.  I called him to tell him I was back from the Dr. and he wanted to know if he was right once again.  I responded with, "Yes and so was I."  He didn't believe me.  He was sure I was pulling his leg.  I told him he could ask Wendy.  He said, "You'd lie and she'd swear by it!"  So I replied with, "I have pictures."  He hung up on me!  He was out delivering oil about 70 miles away and he can't really remember that drive back to town.  He called me when he arrived back at the office, where I went to meet him and show him the ultrasound pictures.  I think the poor man was in shock for a week!  He wasn't too excited about having one more and now it was two!  
The next time we got pictures of the twins they were womb boxing!    
Because we live in a rural area with a small hospital, we were told I would have a C-section and not be given the chance to try a vaginal delivery.  I really wanted to deliver naturally if I could, so my Dr. hooked me up with a specialists in Billings.  We went down for our first visit with him and got these cool pix of the babies.
It was decided that I would stay in Billings at the Ronald McDonald House until delivery because of the long distance.  The Dr. did say he could just send the plane up for me when I went into labor..... I felt better staying across the street.  I stayed 2 weeks there.  Troy stayed the first few days then went back home.  Savanna hitched a ride to Billings with Wendy who was headed to WY to visit her grandma.  Troy came back down on the 7th for our scheduled induction on the 8th.  I had been feeling a lot of contractions all the 7th, but this is normal for me. I have Braxton-Hicks for 6 months!  
So we got all rested and headed to the hospital around 9 am.  I was actually in labor when we arrived and I didn't need to be induced after all.  {I was induced with Shantel and Savanna}.  The rest of the kids came down with Grandma and Grandpa.  Wendy and the girls were also there. 
Ever wonder just how one's tummy looks when two are growing together?

So we did two announcements, couldn't decide which pictures I liked best.
Eight hours after checking in we had two bundles of joy..... screaming babies.  I was so tired after having Scott that I really wanted a nap but the Dr. didn't think that was a good idea!  I think they would have been like 2 mins apart but EmmaLece was determined to be born hand first and the Dr. was determined that she wouldn't be and kept pushing her back in!  In the end, she won and presented her fist first!  I nursed these little monkeys for 15 1/2 months!  
Today they are 4!  What a fast 4 years this has been!


Dancin Queen said...

Hee hee, when I first started reading I thought you were getting an ultrasound and I wondered what I had missed. It took me a minute to figure out it was not a CURRENT ultrasound, and I was getting ready to wish you congratulations on your upcoming twins. Ha ha!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Funny! :)

Are You Serious! said...

♡ Great birth story! Lane was my baby A too and he was the active one and Eliza was always chilling out.

Yay that you got to have both vag! I wasn't happy that Eliza wouldn't turn around...

Great story & pictures! :)

G. Parker said...

Wow...makes me remember ours. It was our first pregnancy, and we were measuring a little big, so the doctor sent us for an ultra sound. Here we were, watching the screen, not knowing ANYTHING about how to read them, and the tech asks us how many kids we want. We say, oh,...about 5 or so. He says, well, you're well on your way! You're having twins! We about died. We had no chance of having them delivered normally. One was breach and the other was sideways. We went to a specialist because our insurance wouldn't let our family doctor deliver alone. He was going on vacation, and she was already on vacation, so he decided to start us at 38 weeks. My water broke that morning, and they were delivered at 6:00 and 6:02. Healthy screaming girls, that we thought were a boy and a girl. We had no second name!! Hubby about lost his breakfast, watching them lay my uterus on my stomach...but he survived.
I can't believe they just turned 21...sigh.

racefan said...

Awesome pictures!! Kaitlyn and I want to wish Scott and EmmaLece a very HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY:) We sure do miss you guys!!!!!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Scott and Em Say thanks and they miss you guys too. Send pix of the kids!

Debra said...

Only another mom with twins can understand the SHOCK of seeing two heads on the screen. I was so speechless, I had to have Michael call my mom!! And I will NEVER forget the size of Michael's eyes wide with shock when we found out. I could not imagine being ALONE!!! And the dr's and nurses gave me that same line of it being my 4th pregnancy, yadda yadda. Come ON - moms know when something is different... but I NEVER expected twins.

Happy 4th birthday!!!!

Egghead said...

Wow! I admire people with multiple births so much...I can't imagine more than one at a time pushing their way into this world. Yikes! Those photos are incredible. Thanks for sharing.

Keeley said...

Oh! Oh! This has to be my most favourite post of yours. What beautiful pictures - and oh ouch, I really feel for you with those pictures of the last couple of months. Oooeee, that looked uncomfortable.

Oh how wonderful. I've wanted twins since I was about six years old...but the Lord in his wisdom decided it's not such a good idea for me. =)

How wonderful that you were able to have a vaginal delivery. That's so great that the doctors supported you in that. =)

Happy Happy Birthday to Scott and Emmalece - a HUGE 4 years old. =) =) I hope they had a truly wonderful day.

idahohubers said...

What a story! They are adorable and WOW for the delivery and nursing them both! They had great weights for twins. I bet you could hardly breathe by the end. I was alone when I found out we were having twins. I was giddy and laughed all the way home from the Doctor. My husband was more shocked, but excited. We had NO idea how crazy life was about to become! Ours are 4 in November. I like your belly shots. I wish I'd taken more belly pictres. Horray for twins!

Leanne said...

Wow. Great story. Thanks for sharing!

Wendi said...

Happy Birthday!!!
What cuties you have.

Cecily R said...

Happiest Birthday kids!!

My sister's twins are 5 today! How crazy is that??

Emy5 said...

Happy Birthday to the twins.

I love that you took a picture of your belly as the babies got bigger and the newborn twinnies are darling. Baby pics are the best!!!

latree said...

happy birthday guys!
hope God will always give you the best in life....

PS: carrie, i have soething for you. check out ;)

Michelle A. said...

Carrie - I had no idea that you had twins?! Where have I been? They are so cute and I love that you shared your story of their birth with us. Now I know we have something more in common!

Shellie said...

I remember so very vividly the twin ultrasound-such a good thing I was lying down too!

Darla said...

Neat post! :)

Brooke said...

Wow! What an experience! It was fun to read your story. And I have to say...I'm feeling a little better right now! Ha! One takes up enough space! I can't even imagine two! You looked great though and you definitely got two little cuties out of the deal! Happy belated birthday!