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Monday, July 21, 2008

52 Weeks of Blessings- week 29-- Computers

My blessing this week is........My computer!  
Seems silly, but the computer can be a great blessing..... instant results.  You can search for anything and anyone.  Find old friends, keep in touch with family and friends who live far away or find new friends who live all over the world.  You can keep track of your life or just have fun making digital scrapbook pages.  You can watch movies, listen to music and do family history.  
{not the best picture of me, Cody took it! It was bright n early and I HAD to check my email and my blog.....ya never know there might have been a new comment!}  Thank you Ryanne for this great gift!  and we have {finally} gone wireless!  It is nice to sit on the couch or where ever I feel like sitting and blog, index, or surf.  Or maybe win something:  
I couldn't bring myself to cut this material.  I looked up Batik on line and discovered how it is worn-- as a wrap-around skirt held up by a belt with the edge down the front.  When Batik is Worn

Batik dresses are worn for several purposes, such as ;

Informal Dresses
It is a free choice, usually for daily casual wear.
Formal Occasions
In some parties, as a state banquets, receptions, etc, the invitees are requested to wear batik. Long sleeves shirts for the men and 'kain batik' (long batik to cover the lower body) for the women.
Traditional Occasions
It is worn to present the traditional wedding ceremonies, special ceremonies for the Royal families, etc.
In a wedding ceremony the bride and the bridegroom wear the same motif of batik Sidomukti, symbolizing a happiness and prosperous life. Using the same motif symbolizing the togetherness. The parents of the bride and the bridegroom wear batik with motif of Truntum, symbolizing the advice of the parents to the newly weds to enter the new life with full of love and confidence.
Traditional Dress

Women's traditional dress, especially in Yogya and Solo court families, consisting of :

Jarit or Tapih or Sinjang
A 'kain panjang' (long cloth of batik) measuring around 2 m x 1 m to cover the lower body, tightened with stagen (large waist band)
It is a traditional long sleeved shirt (the material used is not from batik, usually from silk and other fine materials).
It is used as attractive piece of clothing to compliment the traditional dress. The 2 m x 0,5 m selendang cloth hung over one shoulder.
Kemben or Semekan
It is special for ceremonies in Karaton (palace) or Royal family ceremonies. Instead of wearing Kebaya, to cover the upper body, a kemben is worn.
Men's Traditional Dresses
Jarit or Bebed
Men kain panjang, tightened with stagen.
Men traditional long sleeved shirt (only for Yogya style) and the material is not batik.
Instead of wearing surjan, the men wear a coat (beskap of Solo style or Atila of Yogya style), the materials is not batik.
It is a headgear made from batik.
The dagger is worn at backside of the waist, as a compliment to the dress. there are many sites that provide information about batik.   I tie it off making sure the edge is right down the middle.  I've gotten many the compliment on it too, thanks Latree
You could even get a free {not yet published for sale} book:
The book Farworld book 1 Water Keep by J. Scott Savage is being published by Shadow Mountain where you can read about it in the coming soon tab.  I'm halfway through and I got it on Saturday afternoon.  I've already got a line of interested readers waiting for me to finish!  The web site will soon be up.


Emy5 said...

Love the info you can find on the computer, like all your batik facts. That's great news that you have gone wireless and are really into that book. Happy reading!

Are You Serious! said...

♡ HUGE blessing! YAY for wireless! It's so wonderful!

Good N Crazy said...

Well now I've learned that. I thought Batik was a way to dye fabric! I've made a quilt out of very bright Batiks...LOVE them!

That "Guy" said...

You got your copy already? Cool! :)

G. Parker said...

sorry...'that guy' is my hubby, but I didn't realize it was having him signed in instead of me...lol

Wendi said...

Love the computer!
Seething with jealousy over the laptop and wireless internet.
One day.
Happy Reading!

Mandy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Your right... computers are a huge blessing! They are truely a great resource for ANYTHING!

latree said...

you are definitely right, that batik was worn as some kind of skirt, in former. that was the one you won. the kind to put around as scarf should be half its width.
but time has changed and fashion moves on, and now you can see batik has become anything you want to be. shirt, blouses, sandals, purse, bags...
good n crazy was right, batik is so goood for quilting. you don't need to worry to cut it out .
i guesss I need to post something about batik some day. i will.

latree said...

and oh, the blessing. it sure is. how would I know you if there wasn't any?