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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Foto Story Friday #76 -- Desire for greatness

I think we all have a desire for greatness inside us. I look at others and see their greatness, but it is much harder to see the greatness in ourselves.
I desire to make great pictures.
What exactly makes a great picture: Clarity? Beautiful subject matter? Seriousness or humorous? Knowledge of lighting and proper use of equipment?
Photography is a form of art. Beauty in the eye of the composer of each shot. Sometimes we can convey our perception of beauty to others and sometimes it falls flat.
Here are a few examples of the way I see my surroundings, what inspires me and things that contain beauty. (Of course, my kids are beautiful and inspiring!) I love a good showing of colors in the sky but sometimes I try and look elsewhere for the beauty and inspiration that surrounds me.
From the recent construction on my street, which thankfully is complete, I was inspired and humored to find this port-a-pot........... the first I's seen on a single trailer like this. It is truly a portable potty!
Beautiful/ Curiosity:
I like to improve on capturing my human subjects. Robby gave me that mischievous grin and this turned out to be a favorite photo of him taken at a volleyball game.
Beautiful/Growing up:
The fleeting tween years and the ever changing portrait of childhood fades. ANd maybe I need to look with my eye before I look with my camera....... how could I miss the strand of hair?!
Typical kid doing dishes, listening to the iPod and chewing gum..... bigger and bigger until it pops! Which it did all over his face!
Photo night put on by the young men and young women at church. Props can help a person to loosen up. Learning lighting..... need lighting!
Old time photos taken at Kmart........ shooting from the hip. The photographer was not well pleased to see that I had a camera hanging from my neck. She grumpily informed me that I could NOT take pictures of her backdrop they are protected! Well you can see that it is located in a store and they are stetting up and I didn't even try to conceal that is was a photo shoot. Props. Yeah could sure use some cool props.
Beautiful/ Sneaky:
In my ever growing attempts to take good people shots, I do have 6 mostly willing subjects. Everything worked that time!
Mostly this child doesn't stop moving and trying to get and acceptable photo of her proves to very difficult. She was busy looking off into space and I got my chance.
Inspiring/Thought provoking/Beautiful:
Patiently awaiting his turn and wishing his mother would not point that camera at his face, I got lucky to look up and see this glimpse at teen life. What was he thinking? Was he wondering if he could ride the rails on his board? or was he simply wishing the "photo shoot" were over?

So what inspires you? what is beautiful to you?
PhotoStory Friday
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Honey Mommy said...

I love that bubble blowing photo! It is SO cool!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Holy Cow that is a huge bubble!!

Chris said...

Beauty is something we can't really describe, because it's so personal to each of us -- but we know it when we see it, don't we?

You have some great shots here -- my favorites are the Port a Potty (though I'm wondering where it all goes) and the suitcase shot --pensive, and thought provoking.

Well done.

Leah said...

Looks like the bubble picture is the one that stands out! Love it!!

Maggie May said...

I love all those excellent pictures but especially the bubble!

Nuts in May

Jaina said...

What a great PSF Carrie, I really like this. Great pictures as well, I love the variety of things that you shoot, you always have very unique pictures, never gets monotonous. People, places, things all inspire me. I'm fascinated by candles, sunrises and sunsets, I love photographing my little brothers, the ocean is a favorite subject. I like playing with light, especially at night. I like the little intricacies of life.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Mama Zen said...

Beautiful shots!

Aunt Claudia said...

Beautiful shots of beautiful subjects! Love the bubble! Love that you capture the fleeting moments of kids growing so fast!
Oh, and that port-a-potty - kinda makes you wonder...poop-n-go?

Thanks for sharing it all!

Emily said...

I loved all the photos. You do a great job of capturing expression.