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Monday, March 9, 2009

inspiration and education

Last week I got an email from Aunt Claudia:

"Hey, Ms Carrie!

Byron and I have been watching a show on PBS called:
Every time we watch it, we think about you and Byron says, "You need to tell Carrie about this show!" Art travels the world with his camera and captures all these awesome shots. He explains how he sets up the shot he wants and why it caught his attention. He talks about light and horizons and dust and people. Then he shares his pictures with the people he's shooting. Its very interesting!
Someone like you who does such a great job with your camera would get so inspired by him! Just thinking about you and sending love your way.
Hugs to all,
Aunt Claudia"

Today, when we arrived home from a drive around town, this box was in between the 2 doors. Inside the box was:
On the card it reads:
"Just for you and your photographer's heart.
Love Aunt Claudia"

I just want to say a big Thank you to Aunt Claudia and Uncle Byron!
I have nearly read the whole of: The Art of Photographing Nature. Amazing pictures! All the advice on how to achieve the perfect shots. And I have glanced through: Photography Outdoors. I have not found the show yet on PBS, so I'm really excited about these books ...... Now, Ry, come over so we can use your cameras and lenses! :)


Aaron said...

Very cool to have someone cheering you on that way. We'll definitely have to make sure Ryanne goes well stocked when she heads that way.

Aunt Claudia said...

So glad the books got there...and it was a surprise! Now, you know, we will be looking to see new and inventive shots. Share with your sister and know that you are SO loved! Enjoy!

Ryanne said...

You rock Claudia and Byron. I think sometimes Carrie just doesn't realize how cool she is! I am so looking forward to coming and sharing what I have with you for as long as the visit lasts! It'll be a BLAST.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ What a great surprise! :)

Latree said...

I'm glad, for you.

you have to show us more beautiful pictures after this ;)