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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Weekly photo challenge-- Autos

This weeks challenge was easy -- Automobiles. Last weeks challenge was a challenge and I weenie -ed out! :P

Technically, I didn't take these above photos as I was driving, but I did get us into position so my niece, Hosanna, could. I don't know what the make or models are, but we thought they were cool as we headed to a family-get-together last year driving through the Idaho panhandle. I think these people thought we were nutty taking their picture!
In Deer Lodge, MT there is a car museum. I thought this one was really cool, it's a 1928 Privateer motor home. There are many other autos in the museum, but I think this was one of my favorites.
1972 Chevy 3 door suburban-- project car. Unloading from it's trip across the state.


onehm said...

AWESOME!! Thanks for playing!

ZB said...

Way to go. You are such a faithful player! You rock.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I still want to do the chaos one from last week .... we'll see.

G. Parker said...

Those car shots were fun! I think some of the old cars are way cool. We have a car show at a hamburger joint every month during the summer. The only thing is it blocks the road of main traffic...grin. Fun blog. Don't worry about keeping up...you're doing great.

latree said...

i love the last one :D

KATE said...

those are cool lookin cars! How fun!

Cecily R said...

Great shots!!! I really need to Weekly Challenge again...soon.

Hey, are your kids better?