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Friday, September 5, 2008

Foto-story Friday #14-- girls camp

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Self portrait
Happy Friday We have a guest blogger today for Foto-story Friday!  Shantel is going to tell us about her first girls camp experience!  She must have had a great time, she took over 200 photos and a few videos!
Hey everyone, this was the my first time at Girls Camp and we did our camping in Makoshika State Park. This was the theme for our year and it was so much fun.
Well, we went on many hikes and we walked everywhere.  We had to wake up at 6:30 every morning! Our hike was, at the least 2 miles, some of the girls went on a 4 or 5 mile hike there and back. They were crazy! 
This is one of the leaders from Glendive, Montana. This picture was taken on one of the hikes by me (Shantel) and this one was the short hike. We got some cereal and two bottles of water to take with us. The view was beautiful and green.
This was the coolest of the flags and the leaders were the ones who made it.  At first everyone thought that it said WARNING:LEADERS KICK SHOE-E and I was the only one that got it.... Leaders Kick BOOT-E!  :)
During the time at camp we made flags and hung them all over the campsite. This a flag that the 3rd year girls made. They got the A-frame for their cabin.  That is a nice place to sleep and during the thunder storms you can just lay there and the lightning lights up the whole place!  
Now this sunset was taken right before a thunder storm that was loud but pretty and I will admit I'm afraid of thunder storms (click here for more on my storm stress!). I thought that this looked really cool and the way the clouds shaped the rest of the light was just right. This was the last night that we were at Girls Camp   
Also, the last night that we were there we got to do makeovers and yeah that inclued the bishop, as well! It took a while to convince him to let us put makeup on him and the thing that we had to promise was that we would get married in the temple and invite him to the wedding, so of course, we said yes to him. From there we put on eye liner, maskscara , eyeshadow and lip gloss! It was so much fun and we plan to get him next year too! And he has nothing on Scott --by that I mean we paint Scott's toes and the Bishop is always having talks with him about how real men don't paint their toes!    
While we were there we had to do the flag ceremony,  which included a song and a payer and the rasing of the flag. 
This a girl that was at girls camp and she loves MORMAN BOYS as you can tell. The way that she did that was she used stamps. There were at the least 10 to fourteen flags! That is a lot of flags. 
This is the mirror to the four wheeler that we raced at girls camp. The bishop lost and he was really mad!  {Mom side note -- I SO love this picture!}   
This is the coolest thing that we caught at Girls camp --- it was a giant moth and it had a broken wing...... so that is how we caught the giant moth!! 
Well that is what we did at Girls Camp this year and I hope that you learned what I did here in Girls Camp!!


latree said...

going out camping is so much fun indeed!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Beautiful sunset and that is one huge moth! :)

Chris said...

Glad to see you survived your first Girl's Camp. Your sunset picture is very nice, and the shot in the mirror was very creative. But, I've got to tell you, the moth grosses me out.
Nicely done, and nice to have you aboard this week.

Krystyn said...

Girls camp seems like fun.

Casey's trio said...

Loved Shantel's guest post! I always loved going to camp when I was growing up...awesome memories. So glad she had a great time.

Robyn said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. I always wanted to go to camp. I also like the photo your mom does.

tommie said...

Sounds like an awesome time at camp!

SuperCoolMom said...

Awesome Guest Blogger! Love the flags - what a fun idea!

lisaschaos said...

Wow, you have made me want to go to girl's camp! Looks like a LOT of fun!!

Susie said...

Wow looks like an amazing time-good for you! I love the shot you took in the side-view mirror-very cool!
But, seriously, if the moths here were the size of birds? I would have to officially live INDOORS forever. Moths scare me enough as it is-holy cannoli that thing is scary!!!!!!

Darla said...

Thank you Shantel for the neat post! It sounds like you had a great experience!