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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Foto Story Friday #120-- Navy Band Country Current

On Monday, the United States Navy band, Country Current, came to Little 'ole Glendive to perform.    They were outstanding!  They played todays country hits as well as a few from back in the day.  They really kicked it up in their blue grass songs as well.  Most of those songs were written by the band members.
(all these pictures were taken w/o flash)
We had good seats in the high school auditorium and I attempted to take photos from my seat without the use of the flash.  In order to do that one must have a steady hand and bump up the ISO. (you could have a tripod and that would be easier.... but I didn't bring any of the 3 I own....)
My kids left the flyer behind at Grandpa's thus I don't know anyone's names..... Went to Grandpa's and got the flyer!  MU1 Kenny Horton emcee-ed sang lead and played the guitar.
Now, MU1 Joseph Friedman, he really got into the music.
MUC Patrick White plays a pretty mean fiddle.
About half way thru the concert, I couldn't sit still any longer, but the problem was that I happened to be in the middle of the row.  My feet were antsy and I really wanted to get up front and take pictures from there.
After stepping on some poor little old lady's foot, I got out of the row and down front.  He posed for me, and as luck would have it, the photo actually turned out!!  A few years ago another military band came and performed, but you weren't allowed to take photos, so I was excited to be able to take pictures at this one.
It was very difficult to take a good photo of the drummer as, MU1 Christina Catalanotto, was behind this partition.  She is the only female member of the band.  The rose among thorns as she was introduced.
They were fun to watch and listen to.
This one is a bit too grainy, but I still like it.
A mandolin played by the guy who also plays the fiddle.  I liked it but again it's a bit grainy.    My Grandpa played both of these instruments.  He passed away before I ever met him but my parents had a recording of him playing the fiddle, he was good.
Lead Vocal
Multi tasking!
As well as playing the electric  bass guitar, MU1 Jeremy Middleton, plays the biggest cello like thing.  When they were playing the blue grass music, he traded his guitar for this cello thing which is actually called a string bass.  I so wanted to be closer at that time to get some shot of the string bass, but he was towards the back of the stage and I couldn't get any good ones. :(
MUCS Keith Arneson was always so serious while he was playing either the guitar or the banjo.  When he was introduced, they said he is the comedian of the group!  He was kinda funny when he took a few mins to chat with us.  They played all the songs for each branch of the service and had those who have served, are serving or had family members who are or had been in each branch stand when they played their song.  It was very cool.    I took pictures of the crowd, but they were very VERY grainy so I'm not posting them.  Afterwards they came down and visited with any who wanted to visit.    I got a few decent shots of the kids shaking hands.
All in all, it was a good evening and I would recommend you attend a concert if  they come close to you.
MU1- Musician First Class
MUC- Chief Musician
MUCS- Senior Chief Musician

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Claudia said...

I love it, and wish we could have been there, too! Amazing shots without flash! They do such a good job as ambassadors for the armed services! Thanks for sharing.

Krystyn said...

You got some great shots...especially without a flash! Looks like a great time.

Ashley Sisk said...

Considering you had no flash...I'm quite impressed. Love the pictures. Have a great weekend!

Jac said...

What an awesome experience!! I love all the photos you got from it :) (I love the banjos!)

Jaina said...

That sounds like an amazing concert! You definitely got some great shots :)

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful shots and tell a great story. Thanks for sharing. have a great weekend.

latree said...

over all the story, I like the words 'rose among thorns'
here, we call it 'gadis di sarang penyamun' :D

maybe said...

I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

Honey Mommy said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I have to say you did terrific taking pictures without using a flash! That can be quite a challenge.