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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Foto Story Friday #118-- flora and fauna

I know you are all tired of my Yellowstone trip so I thought I'd share some of the flowers and berries and even one mushroom that I found camping and a few while we hiked trails in Yellowstone.
I've no idea what kind of berries they are, but they caught my eye because they were bright red.

A delicate purple bloom.

Indian Paint Brush.

Just a cool looking flower explosion.

Huckleberry bush!! Oh how I love me some huckleberries! :)

Pretty in purple~!

Lilly pads have the coolest blooms~!

It is hard to take pix of these without falling into the pond!

This huge shroom was growing out of a tree stump.  It was pretty cool.

not sure what it is but I liked the way it looked.

A delicate blue bell and more of the climbing purple ones.

Some neat little blue flowers that were along the boardwalk.

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Claudia said...

How pretty! Amazing what beauties await if you take the time to notice!

Jenny said...

I love them all, but that mushroom is my favorite...and I don't even like the things! ; )

Kat said...

Beautiful photos! Wow! :)

Krystyn said...

You really found some great ones! Love those red berries.

Elizabeth said...

These are frame-able! I love the "flower explosion" and all the blue ones -they look as if they are glowing, they're so vivid!