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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Foto Story Friday #115--- Family Gathering/Trip to Yellowstone, 2nd half of day 2

Day 2 continued..... Our next stop was Lower Geyser Basin.
As you head over to the basin you must cross over this river. It has two big runoff areas and they are amazing beautiful.  The sun was high and harsh, things were getting blown out until My sister and I conferred on how to fix the problem and I learned a little more, changed some settings and played until I was pleased with the outcome.

Across the bridge you get a little closer to the run-off and you can really see the bright colors.

Loved this green.

Ryanne did some teaching and Savanna got the chance to play with her camera and the Lensbaby.

These guys stopped for a photo op.  It's Uncle Cary, and cousins: Maja, Scott and Javin.

I just Loved the bright orange with the blue of the water.

Little Photographers, we start them off young round here!  Javin was kind enough to share his camera with his cousins.

Such a cool rippled effect nature has created.  I so wanted to run my fingers along the ridges, but I resisted and left things as should be.

The wind has made victims of several hats. This one looked like a recent acquisition.

This cool formation is located in the middle of this huge pond like area (I was way too busy taking pictures to remember what it is called) that is so deep and very wide.  The last time the geysers got working and shot out of it must have been spectacular.  Wish my brother-in-law were here to give me the details, he read the signs and watch me lay down on the walkways and contort myself in order to get the "perfect" photo.  The steam was so thick that getting a good shot of the many bubbling spouts was difficult.
This area was not a favorite of Scott's he told me it was WAY too hot and kinda stinky too, poor kid.  All the younger kids were tired and some of the adults also had had it, so those who were done went back to camp and the others kept on seeing the sights.

Back at camp Grandpa got some Orissa time.  She likes her Grandpas and they are pretty fond of her as well.

A bunch of us went in search of huckleberries..... and we found some too! :)

These three were thick as thieves and enjoying every moment of their time together.  Javin is sporting Em's hat that I made her.

Huckleberry yumminess!

ummmmmmmmm dinner!  It was fabulous!  We had two kinds of chicken:  Panda Express orange sauce chicken and Sweet Baby Ray's bbq chicken.  They were both super nummy!

THe twins really enjoyed spending time with Grumpa and Grammie.

There's nothing like a campfire!
Stay tuned for next weeks installment-- day 3.1!

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Kat said...

Wow! The colors are amazing! Great photos!

Raise Them Up said...

I so enjoyed this! I always like it when people chronicle their trips. And your pictures were beautiful!

One of my favorites was the little lake with the bright orange banks. But a close runner up was the one with the little boys hanging their feet off the decking. So cute and such a beautiful backdrop!

Elizabeth said...

Very nice - and what an amazing sky in so many of those photos. Great colors.

Betty Jo said...

Awesome photos and your making wonderful family memories. Thanks so much for stopping by my new photo blog and leaving a comment.

Mrs.Mayhem said...

Your photos are great. Yellowstone looks like an awesome place to visit.

I also enjoyed reading a lot of the information on your sidebars. Your dad's poetry sounds very interesting and I love the quote about mothers writing on the hearts of their children. Did you make that up or hear/read it somewhere?

Krystyn said...

How awesome and what a great family trip..full of learning, family and yummy food.

Allison @ Alli 'n Son said...

Your pics are amazing! Looks like a fantastic trip.

Lolli said...

I just blogged about Yellowstone this week, but it's been years since I've been there! I'm jealous!

Marla said...

That looks like an awesome trip. And great fun. :)

Marla @ www.asthefarmturns.wordpress.com

Sierra said...

Oh my! I've never been to Yellowstone. This trip looks amazing and what a great place to meet with family.